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Brussels Terror Attack: Due to Western Misperceptions – Part I

Brussels Terror Attack: Due to Western Misperceptions – Part I


By Prof. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis


I realize quite well the troublesome situation in which people in the West are. Their trouble is basically due to ignorance, and the ignorance of the people in the West is multi-leveled.

People in the West don’t know what happened in the 14-century long history of the Muslim nations – which can be understood to some extent, because not all the people will become historians in their daily life. Yet, people in the West had to have got a brief diagram and the diagram had to be correct. This is about the past; and it is the first point. The second point is even worse.



At the same time, people in the West don’t know what truly happens now in the Muslim World, and this cannot be understood because there are many correspondents, journalists, analysts, writers, specialized experts, etc. People in the West get only a wrong picture, a very partly and absolutely superficial picture of what truly happens in the Muslim World now. Then, the wrong picture is that of a calm realm – an image that duly plunges the Western people into anything from indifference to apathy; the consequence is that all of the people in the West feel calm and they thus ignore the reality, which – put in exact terms – is that an enormous tsunami is coming against them. In fact, the earthquake that triggered the tsunami already happened.

This is not a fresh understanding for me; I already knew it long before I wrote my articles in favor of Pope Benedict XVI and against the false Muslims who angrily attacked him in 2006.


For reference, I herewith mention several titles:

Benedictus XVI may not be right, but today’s Muslims are islamically wrong!


Lord Carey, Benedictus XVI, and today’s decayed Islam


What Benedict XVI should say, admonishing Muslim Ambassadors?


Can Benedict XVI bring Peace and Concord?



But now, it is 2016, and the entire West seems to be engulfed in the same false representation of the Muslim World which is quite dangerous for global peace and safety.


There is a top issue that must be clear beforehand; for every problem, for every subject there is a dual reality. The basic and therefore lower level of reality is the problem itself, the subject in question. The most important and therefore upper level of reality is your perception of the problem.


Whatever the problem may be, if your perception of it is true, accurate and exact, you have the intellect to eliminate the problem.


However, even if the problem is minor, but your perception of it is false, confused and misplaced, your own calamitous perception of the minor problem will certainly deteriorate it, aggravate your condition, and trigger a very dangerous development altogether.


Quite unfortunately, the Western World’s perception of today’s Islamic (Muslim) World is totally erroneous. Even worse, it is not based on the true data.
To my eyes, it is as if one mysterious and unseen force, an invisible hand, tries to prevent the Western World’s accurate and comprehensive information on the subject. 
The very few intellectuals and academics, who happen to write about the reality, get either defamed or discredited or marginalized or concealed. This is the case for instance of Kamel Daoud (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamel_Daoud) who focused on the sexual behavior as attested in several Muslim societies of today, i.e. a small but still essential part of today’s Muslims’ behavioral system.
Those few, who write about the abysmal reality of today’s Muslim World, get systematically attacked by the “guardians of the system” (e.g. academics, intellectuals, politicians and statesmen) who seem to have an interest in keeping the Western World (and the outright majority of the people in the rest of the world) in mysteries. To impose their fake, vicious and catastrophic legitimacy, the “guardians of the system” impose the myth of political correctness, a most repugnant idiocy geared to besot many. Kamel Daoud happened to write an insightful about the reasons that caused the numerous and terrible cases of sexual harassment in the streets and the squares of Cologne, Germany during New Year’s Eve (an absurd situation with more than 600 cases in just one … night). Then, a group of academics (all Western and seemingly Christian) specializing in Islam and the Orient in general wrote against him in a provocative manner in order to discredit him and keep the people in darkness about what truly exists in most of the Muslim World.


These cruel masters of falsehood are the Western World’s worst enemies, and their actions must be placed under surveillance. Any wrong approach to the reality of today’s Islamic World has a direct impact on the perception of this world in the West, and therefore affects the Western World’s decision making process with respect to the system from where the real, evident and grave danger originates. These criminal and false doctors and academics should not therefore be held responsible for mere academic mistakes but for causing existential threats against their own countries; it is therefore a matter of high treason in their case.


Part of the prevailing in the West misperception of the Muslim World has a lot to do with sociopolitical confusion. The use of maps plays here a certain role; people in the West know that there are different countries like Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc.; and this is correct. People also know that the Saudi daily reality consists in an abominable barbarism, involving butchery, systematic rape, bestial mistreatment of the women (i.e. half of the population), extensive pedophilia that goes always unpunished, slavery, multifaceted discrimination, and unprecedented persecution, systematized disinformation, imposed ignorance, and overwhelming darkness.


But people in the West do not know that there are many other countries where most of the local population definitely share the same Saudi practice and (fake Islamic) belief, mindset, attitude and behavior, not at the political but at the social level.

This is the trouble: in many Muslim countries that appear to the rest of the world as having a political system (saying ‘more liberal’ would be sarcastic) more human than Saudi Arabia’s (example: Egypt, Algeria, Pakistan, Indonesia), there is an outright majority of the population (much above 3/4 of the country’s Muslims if we refer to Egypt, which means more than 70% of the country’s total population) that accept the daily life in Saudi Arabia as normal, correct, human, and Islamic; and consequently, they live accordingly in their own country by using all possible tricks of social oppression to which the supposedly more liberal state does not express any opposition. This means that all the aforementioned intolerable conditions of miserable life prevail among hundreds of millions of Muslims. This has nothing to do with politics (i.e. being pro-Muslim Brotherhood or pro-army in Egypt); the majority of those supporting the army regime in Egypt share absolutely the same way of backward thought, intolerable world view, and miserable lifestyle with the Saudis.

This leads to total misrepresentation of those countries at the international level, which is a form of direct cheating of the West. Before 5-6 years, as I lived in Egypt, I used to say that the fact that Mubarak’s wife did not wear the Islamic veil (hijab) was -in and by itself- a serious act of political deception addressed against the West.


Why was Suzanne Mubarak’s attitude a vicious cheating cycle against the West?


Because more than 3/4 of Muslims in Egypt would call any unveiled / uncovered woman a “prostitute”, which in turn automatically means that they believe that stoning must apply to her because of her ‘act’ not to wear a veil. So, instead of Suzanne Mubarak giving the West the false impression of an emancipated woman (which was – among Westerners – subconsciously extended from the person to the country’s overall female population), she should have taken initiatives to oppose and outmaneuver all those who imposed the wearing of hijab on all the Muslim women by means of social terrorism at the very cell of the society, namely the localities, the districts, the villages, the hamlets and the families.
(to be continued)






The Idiotic Sheikhs of Islam – Islam, Christianity, Freemasonry and Homosexual Marriages

In numerous circumstances on daily basis, the pathetic religious authorities of Islam prove to be worthless and shameful. They want to be involved in the social affairs of their collapsed societies that they even have no mental ability to study. And they want to have a say on the political decision-making of their trashy countries that are, despite their involvement, used as tools by the colonial powers – which in and by itself proves how idiotic, silly and disreputable these religious authorities are.

The basic characteristic of all – indiscriminately – religious authorities of all Muslim societies and countries from Makkah and Medina to Al Azhar to Jerusalem is their immense ignorance. Engulfed in useless studies of unimportant issues, the students of all Islamic religious universities and high schools do not study a wide range of subjects that are far more important than what they worthlessly learn. These students after the completion of their fake studies are appointed in different mosques, waqfs and other related positions whereby they disastrously propagate their valueless knowledge which at the same time entails full ignorance of very important topic, subjects, fields.

This calamitous reality will bring a dead end to the Islamic World. What is even worse is that it brings also disaster to many other faithful people, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Confucians and followers of diverse traditional African religions (like Waaqeffannaa, the venerated monotheistic religion of the Oromo Nation), who – sticking to their tradition and principles, values and virtues – reject today’s world deviations and perversions.

In what sense does the ignorance of the pathetic religious authorities, fake religious universities, and false scholars of Islam afflict faithful people of other religions worldwide?

Today’s world is marked by the vicious Freemasonic – Zionist attack against all values, virtues, principles and concepts of all the religious systems in the world. The long evangelized Global Economy and Global State (where hypothetically all will have ‘peace’) is going to be a militant atheist state whereby all perversions, sins and crimes will be depenalized, legitimized and even institutionalized in order to turn the Human Being into a worthless beast proscribed to disappear.

The reality of our world that the Fremasonry-Zionism-controlled mass media do their best to conceal is not that of a fight against the fake Islamic Caliphate or against the theatrical Islamic Terrorism; it is not even a clash of civilizations – which is actually impossible to happen and consists in a ludicrous, pseudo-scholarly aberration. And there has never been a polarization between East and West as so persistently the global mass media of falsehood claim.

The real divide of our times is between Faith and Lawlessness.

Faith may have very diverse narratives that academics categorize as monotheistic, polytheistic, idolatrous, aniconic, etc., but in reality all faiths and religious are paths leading to God, to the supranatural, spiritual world, to the union of the mind with the soul of every human, to the morality, to the concern for the Hereafter, and to the acceptance of the natural order of the Creation. In this regard, little matters whether Muhammad is or is not a Prophet, whether Jesus is or is not the Messiah, and whether the reincarnation applies to all or not. All these are just narrative diversities.

Lawlessness stands in full opposition to Faith; lawlessness takes many various forms and rejects not the diverse narratives of the different religions of the world but the quintessence of all faiths, i.e. the core morality that makes all followers of different religions respect practically speaking the same rules. Theft is a sin, either you are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, Taoist or follower of an African traditional religion.

One form of lawlessness is Homosexuality.

Another form of lawlessness is the propagation of Homosexuality.

A different form of lawlessness is the depenalization of Homosexuality.

Legitimation of Homosexuality takes us to an even higher degree of lawlessness.

By now, all aforementioned stages belong to the past.

We are living at the times of the enforced institutionalization of Homosexuality, and one of the most hideous aspects of the phenomenon is what is profanely called ‘Homosexual Marriages’. I will not discuss here the mistaken connotation attributed to the word ‘marriage’. In fact, it is a serious error in semantics; there cannot be ‘homosexual marriages’ under any circumstances whatsoever, because the ‘marriage’ is a sacred union and as such it pertains to the domain of the ‘sacred’ and the religious, and there has never been (neither will there be) any religion to consecrate a homosexual union – something that is abnormal, inhuman, criminal and Satanic.

To fight against the tyrannically imposed institutionalization of Homosexuality, Christians in the West started (with some delay) a great effort; they know that the process involves the total elimination of all the religions of the world, and they rightfully feel that their end will be the first, because they happen to inhabit and live in the focus of evil: the Freemasonry / Zionism-controlled countries of the West, notably England, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand (where all this filthy story of homosexual marriages started).

If the religious authorities of Islam were not as pathetic as they are, they would have urgently come to help and support the Christian religious authorities that undertake a disproportionate, frontal, heroic battle against Satan himself. The help that the religious authorities of the Islamic World and the political establishments of the Muslim countries can offer to Christian bishops, priests, pastors, theoreticians, theologians and activists is great because Islam represents almost two (2) billion people who, in their overwhelming majority, reject Homosexuality as an Abomination.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Even this truthful motto seems to be unknown to the useless sheikhs of Al Azhar, Makkah, Madina, and Jerusalem, and to all the central muftis of the Islamic World. Otherwise, they would have joined forces and coordinated the effort with the Latin American Catholic authorities who represent the strongest nucleus of today’s Christianity.

Except, the English, American and French ambassadors threatened these sheikhs and muftis that, if they joined forces with the Catholic bishops against the contamination of France, England and America (F-UK-US), the Satanic governments of these Western countries would denounce them as terrorists…..

In a global world, interconnectedness is of the foremost importance.

It is essential for all Muslims to know that José María de la Torre, the famous Mexican bishop of Aquascalientes, undertakes a great effort to keep Mexico clean of the contamination of the so-called ‘homosexual marriages’. In this regard, he uses the much needed sharp terms to define what means for the Mankind the currently imposed institutionalization of Homosexuality.

I merely reproduce an article published in the Latin American portal Contra Injerencia. For those who do not understand Spanish, I add a rough translation by Google.


Obispo: Si se avalan bodas gay, después habrá matrimonios con perritos


PROCESO.COM.MX – (apro).- El obispo de la Diócesis mexicano de Aguascalientes, José María de la Torre, refrendó su oposición a la aprobación de los matrimonios gay en la entidad.

En conferencia de prensa, dijo que en caso de que eso suceda se abriría la puerta a “un experimento social peligrosísimo”, como casarse con animales.

Mientras en el Congreso local se debate una iniciativa para legislar el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo y la comunidad gay promueve amparos para que se legalicen las uniones civiles entre sus integrantes, el líder católico advirtió:

“El día de mañana cualquier cosa va a ser familia. Pero ya no va a ser familia ¿verdad? Y si por ahí vamos, el día de mañana se podrá casar un señor con un perrito o con una perrita y van a poder adoptar perritos, dar herencia a los perritos y así, o sea que se abre la puerta a un experimento social peligrosísimo”, dijo De la Torre en conferencia.

Y para justificar su declaración, agregó que en defensa de la familia tradicional, la Iglesia trata de hacer entender la ley natural.

En mayo pasado, el obispo de la Diócesis de Aguascalientes dijo que los homosexuales “no tienen derecho” al matrimonio, y legislar a favor de ellos “es injusto y antinatural”.

El pasado 16 de septiembre, llamó “invertidos” a los homosexuales. En declaraciones a la prensa, aseguró: “Mañana voy a leer los periódicos y voy a estar atento para ver qué escriben y para ver de qué parte están; si están de parte de la razón o están de parte precisamente de los invertidos. Ese es el problema: invertir valores. Hay una filosofía perversa abajo de destruir y volver a construir, pero al revés”.

Y de paso, criticó a los legisladores: “Mejor deberían erradicar la pobreza y no con iniciativas guajiras, electorales, temporales, voluntarias”.

Ante estas declaraciones, representantes de 15 organizaciones no gubernamentales (ONG), defensoras de los derechos de los homosexuales, entregaron un documento al obispado la semana pasada en rechazo a las declaraciones del religioso. También interpusieron una queja ante el Consejo Nacional para Prevenir la Discriminación (Conapred).

Este lunes, De la Torre aseguró que no conoce ese documento y negó sus declaraciones: “Yo no les dije invertidos, yo estaba hablando de la inversión de valores, que si la legislatura pronuncia una ley que denigra a la familia, pues eso invierte los valores”.

Luego, destacó su compromiso para apoyar a las personas a “que retomen el camino del bien” e invitó a los legisladores a pensar en su familia y en la población que no olvida a quienes atentan o destruyen la institución de la familia.


Bishop: If gay weddings are endorsed, then there will be families with puppies

PROCESO.COM.MX – (approved) .- The bishop of the Diocese of Aguascalientes Mexico, José María de la Torre, reiterated his opposition to the approval of gay marriage in the state.

At a press conference, said that if that happens the door to “a dangerous social experiment,” as marrying animals would open.

While in the local Congress a debate to legislate marriage between same sex and gay community promotes protections for civil unions legalized its members, the Catholic leader said:

Tomorrow everything will be family. But it will no longer be family right? And if there we go, tomorrow may marry a man with a puppy or a dog and be able to adopt puppies, give inheritance to the dogs and so, meaning that the door opens to a dangerous social experiment said De la Torre conference.

And to justify his statement, he said in defense of the traditional family, the Church tries to understand the natural law.

Last May, the Bishop of the Diocese of Aguascalientes said that homosexuals have no right” to marriage, and legislate for them “is unjust and unnatural.”

On 16 September, called “inverted” homosexuals. Speaking to reporters, he said: Tomorrow I will read the papers and I’ll be watching to see what they write and to see what part they are; if they are part of the reason or are just part of the invested. That’s the problem: investing values. There is a perverse philosophy down to destroy and rebuild, but in reverse. “

And incidentally, he criticized lawmakers: “Best eradicate poverty and should not guajiras initiatives, election, temporary, voluntary”.

Given these statements, representatives of 15 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), advocates for gay rights, delivered a document to the diocese last week to reject the religious statements. They also filed a complaint with the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred).

On Monday, De la Torre said he did not know that paper and shook his statements: “I do not say invested, I was talking about stock investing, that if the legislature pronounce a law which denigrates the family, because that reverses the values. “

Then he stressed his commitment to supporting people to “return to the path of good” and invited legislators to think about his family and the population not forget to undermine or destroy the institution of the family.