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Where are the limits of Alexandria?



By Professor Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis (Μουχάμαντ Σαμσαντίν Μεγαλομμάτης)
Written on 27 1 2006 Fish Market Restaurant after 00:00 / Office after 14:00

Video presentation (21/9/2011): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8rZ4ux1iaQ

For many long years, Alexandria absorbed our imagination and tears;
Was it still a Capital for philosophers, merchants, and old-time seers?

With its desires, passions, wreckages, and edges….
All with antiquities, mosques, synagogues and churches….

Its fortuitous rains, sea storms, waves, and humid summers,
Iskenderiyah was the undisputed capital of all new comers.

As the Ultimate Pilgrimage, Epitome of Humanity and Dramas…..

Alexandria — An Armistice for Peace?
Or Lunar Wars as Subliminal Solstice?

But as we crossed its frontiers and reached as far as Abuqir,
We became mad, having no sense, no feeling, and no deer!

Some were speaking Arabic, Greek and Turkish, sans rien dire!
Whereas others expected disasters, catastrophes, vraiment le pire!

How many Alexandrias have therefore existed?
Our hidden path, where shall it be twisted?