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Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) – A tyranny over subjugated nations deprived of Internet connection

Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) – An excruciating tyranny over subjugated nations deliberately deprived of Internet connection

Without Internet

By Prof. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

As per the details of a 120-page long study recently published study ( / see: http://www.mckinsey.com/client_service/high_tech/latest_thinking / download: http://www.mckinsey.com/~/media/McKinsey/dotcom/client_service/High%20Tech/PDFs/Offline_and_falling_behind_Barriers_to_Internet_adoption.ashx), around 4.4 billion people do not have any access to Internet. According to the World Bank (http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.POP.TOTL), today’s population amounts to 7.1 billion people. This means that approximately 60% of the world’s population are deprived of Internet connectivity.

The Washington Post put this data on a quite interesting map (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/10/02/4-4-billion-people-around-the-world-still-dont-have-internet-heres-where-they-live/) that gives another perspective over today’s world and its realities. The news spread and many portals popularized the subject in different languages (example: http://www.slate.fr/story/92879/carte-44-milliards-personnes-sans-internet#xtor=RSS-2).

The problem is highlighted by the fact that of the aforementioned total of 4. billion people 3.2 billion people live in only 20 countries; as the numbers given are in millions/billions of people, the most important dimension of this problematic issue remains obscure, namely the percentage of the unconnected people out of the total number of each country’s inhabitants.

Example: there are 50 million people in the United States that remain offline. In Turkey, there are only 40 million people that are unconnected. This does not mean that Turkey leads the States in terms of Internet penetration, because the US population amounts to 318 million people whereas Turkey’s population is ca. 82 million people.

However, as per the above study, the unconnected heavyweights are:

India – with 1,063 billion people unconnected (out of a total population of 1,236 billion people). This means that India has more than 80% of its total population unconnected.

China – with 736 million people unconnected (out of a total population of 1,356 billion people). This means that ca. 60% of China’s total population is unconnected, which places this country at a significantly more advanced level, compared to India.

Indonesia – comes third with 210 million people unconnected (out of a total population of 253 million people). This means that more than 80% of Indonesia’s total population is unconnected, so Indonesia is at approximately at the same level as India.

Pakistan – ranks fourth with 162 million people unconnected (out of a total population of 196 million people). This means that more than 80% of Pakistan’s total population is unconnected, so Pakistan is at approximately the same level as India and Indonesia.

Bangladesh – is the fifth unconnected country in the world with 146 million people unconnected (out of a total population of 166 million people). This means that more than 85% of Bangladesh’s total population is unconnected, and consequently Bangladesh is found at a slightly worse level than India, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

Nigeria – is the last country with more than 100 million people offline. It therefore ranks sixth, with 108 million people unconnected (out of a total population of 177 million people). This means that only ca. 60% of Nigeria’s total population is unconnected, so this country is at approximately the same level as China and definitely at an advanced level as regards Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Brazil – comes next with 97 million people unconnected (out of a total population of 203 million people). It therefore ranks seventh. But proportionally viewed, Brazil is at a far better shape than all the aforementioned countries, because less than 50% of the country’s total population is unconnected.

Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) ranks 8th in absolute figures with 92 million people unconnected (out of a total population of 96 million people). This is an extremely unfortunate case, as this failed country represents the world’s bottom with more than 96% of the its total population remaining offline.

Why Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) is the world’s bottom in terms of Internet connectivity and only ca. 3% of its population has access to Internet connectivity?

The answer is simple.

If Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) achieves a mere 20% Internet connectivity (still with 80% of its total population unconnected), this monstrously tyrannical country will explode, and all the subjugated African nations will form independent states, because they all terribly revile the bestial and genocidal state in which they have been held captive and subjugated for many decades by the ruling racist Amhara and Tigray Abyssinian tribes.

The English, French, and American governments are the supreme malefactor and the ultimate responsible for the captivity of the Oromos, the Ogadenis, the Sidamas, the Afars, the Kaffas, the Shekachos, the Gedeos, the Kambaatas, the Hadiyas, the Wolayitas, the Agaws, the Nuers, the Anyuaks, and the Bertas within the colonial anti-African state of the Abyssinian tribes.

France, England and America have repeatedly supported with a wide range of criminal acts and military-diplomatic options the Amhara and the Tigray gangsters who have performed over the past 160 years a multifaceted genocide of unprecedented dimensions, unsurpassed barbarism, and unmatched duration. The alliance formed between those two barbaric tribes and the colonial capitals has lasted down to our days, and this is the reason the average Westerner has never heard anything about the excruciating monstrosity that has been incessantly performed against the aforementioned subjugated nations.

Being under full control of the cruel accomplices of the two Abyssinian tribes, the global mass media do not report appalling events that would shock the world public opinion and force the UN to set up immediately a multinational force to intervene and dissolve the world’s most disreputable and most inhuman tyranny that has ever existed.

In addition, by bribing the leaders of the resistance and liberation movements of the Oromos and the Ogadenis (the two largest nations among Abyssinia’s 15 subjugated nations), notably the fake fighters of liberation organizations like the OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) and the ONLF (Ogaden National Liberation Front), the Western secret services ensure that these tyrannized nations are continuously cheated by their own leaders and, instead of achieving independence, are indiscriminately tortured, imprisoned and massacred, while corrupt gangsters and filthy criminals like the ONLF leader Mohamed Omar Osman, former admiral of the Somali navy, spend their life’s last years safely in London and lavishly enough to make all oppressed Ogadenis have tears in their eyes because the betrayal.

It is to be expected that Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) will explode and the Neo-Nazi Amhara and Tigray gangsters will have the fate of Serbians in the former Yugoslavia, keeping control of their own territories only.

Internet penetration will thrive in Independent Oromia, Ogaden, Sidama Land, Afar Land and the other independent countries that will undoubtedly emerge in the years ahead.

To complete the list of countries with more than 40 million people offline, I herewith add the rest:

Mexico – 69 million people unconnected

Congo – 64 million people unconnected

Philippines – 62 million people unconnected

Russia – 55 million people unconnected

Myanmar – 53 million people unconnected

Iran – 53 million people unconnected

Vietnam – 50 million people unconnected

Thailand – 48 million people unconnected

Tanzania – 47 million people unconnected

Egypt – 41 million people unconnected

Turkey – 40 million people unconnected

Data concerning the population of different countries were retrieved from the CIA World Facfbook as of today: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2119rank.html?countryname=Kenya&countrycode=ke&regionCode=afr&rank=31#ke