1 – About Prof. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis – Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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About Prof. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis



Outstanding professionalism based on 10-year graduate and postgraduate studies (in 4 countries) and 6-year doctoral research and spanning over 33 years, with great exposure to more than 15 countries and to diverse fields including Academic Education, Academic Research, Authorship & Publications (History, History of Religions, Ancient Languages & Literatures, Archaeology, Art History, and Political Science), Mass Media (Journalism), Translation, Knowledge Management, Technical Writing, Business Development, Marketing, and Sales; consummate experience in several educational, political and economic sectors, remarkable managerial and interpersonal skills, proven ability to motivate teams while working under pressure to meet deadlines; adaptability to different regional and local environments. and to varying natural conditions


2017 March – now: Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought & Civilization – (based in) Aswan, Egypt – Technical Editor, Freelance Translator


  1. Supervising publication activities, editing texts of translations, translating

  2. General consultancy for future plans of expansion

2014 October – 2017 February: EGICAT / IntelliCities (http://intellicities.earth/) – Cairo, Egypt – Editor-in Chief, Knowledge Management Officer, Restructuring Consultant


  1. General management of all activities related to the preparation of IntelliCities magazine, involving editorial, Marketing, advertising sales, distribution, and publication

  2. Preparation of basic company documentation, involving HR, Marketing, quality assurance, sales & administration

  3. Delivering advice as regards the company restructuring

2013 July – 2014 August: Somali International University (SIU) – Mogadishu, Somalia – Professor


  1. Conducting academic courses

  2. Organizing seminars for specialized audiences

  3. Preparing academic documentation for the department

  4. Academic planning for new departments & syllabuses

  5. Establishing the university library

2012 February – 2013 June: Media & I (Publications – Media) – Dubai Media City, UAE – Production Manager


  1. Supervising a team of 15 editors and senior editors, full-timers and freelancers in view of the preparation of a trilingual portal in the sector of Education

  2. Across-the-board management, involving HR, PR, Marketing, and sales

2006 September – 2011 October: HitekNOFAL (www.hiteknofal.com – an Egyptian Interconnect and Networking company of the private sector) – Cairo, Egypt – Technical Writing Manager and Knowledge Management Officer


  1. Editing all sorts of technical documents and tender submittals

  2. Writing and updating the company profile, the brochures, the flyers and the white papers of the company

  3. Managing all the publication procedure

  4. Supervising the company website (plus Intranet), and

  5. Implementing Marketing policy across all the Marketing collaterals and the website

  6. Technical Writing courses for selected employees

2005 December – 2006 August: http://www.alex4all.com (the official website of the Governorate of Alexandria – Egypt) – CEO & Editor-in Chief


  1. Re-launching the bilingual (Arabic / English) website with completely new concept, design and code

  2. Ensuring rich contents, photographical documentation, acknowledged contributors

  3. Introducing advertising policy and managing the Advertising Sales department, and

  4. Launching progressively French, German, and Italian editions

  5. Day-to-day management of a group of 25 employees (website developers, art design director and specialists, website administrators, senior editors, editors, translators, art photography director, PR manager, advertising sales manager and executives, plus secretary, data entry staff members and auxiliary personnel)

2005 August – December: AIRSS – Cairo, Egypt (www.airss.net / an international institute based in Qatar, outsourcing activities in Amman and Cairo) – Business Development Manager & Director of the Translation Department


  1. Establishment of a long term strategy

  2. Marketing and positioning the institute

  3. Launching partnerships

  4. Raising funds

  5. Day-to-day management of the English and the Arabic Translation depts.

  6. Launching French and German Translation depts.

  7. Re-launching the Institute’s website,

  8. Planning for the launching of Russian, Spanish and Italian depts.

2005 March – August: Promoters – Cairo, Egypt (www.promoters-eg.com – a leading Egyptian full-service agency) – Multilingual Editor and Knowledge Management Officer


  1. Writing / editing various types of texts, namely press releases, brochures, flyers, slogans, advertisements, scripts, editorials, newsletters, texts for websites, etc.

  2. Searching, collecting, distributing and leveraging properly knowledge required by various account and project managers, and

  3. Supervision of the production of publications

2003 January – 2005 March: Giza Systems – Cairo, Egypt (www.gizasystems.com / an Egyptian Software Development company of the private sector) – Technical Writing & Publications Manager


  1. Writing and editing all sorts of technical documents, technical descriptions, white papers, application notes, brochures, flyers, press releases, announcements, etc.

  2. Managing the entire publication process

  3. Launching, writing, issuing the Newsletter (“Nozzom”) every 3 months

  4. Writing, enriching / updating contents for the company website (plus Intranet), and

  5. Implementing Marketing policy across all Mktg. collaterals and the company website

2002 August – December: ARTOC Group / CLEO Monthly Magazine – Cairo, Egypt – Deputy Managing Editor


Day-to-day management of all the departments (editorial, PR – advertising sales, distribution, production, accountancy)

2001 July – 2002 August: FAB / CIT BUSINESS Magazine – Cairo, Egypt – Senior Editor and Board Member   


Day-to-day management of all the editorial activities

1998 March – 2001 June: Allianz Asset Management – Athens, Greece – Sales Manager


Sales of Asset Management products, namely Unit Linked and Mutual Funds

Up-sales, Cross-sales, Customer Support

1994 February – 1998 February: Kibris Vakfi (Cyprus Foundation) – Istanbul, Turkey – Research Fellow and Board Member


  1. Establishing the program of publications

  2. Supervising the publication – production process

  3. Organizing conferences and open lectures

1996 August – 1997 February: Fatih University – Istanbul, Turkey – Ass. Professor


  1. General planning of the university and more specifically of the Faculty of Humanities (involving creation of syllabuses, hiring of personnel, formation of departments and library)

1994 September – 1996 August: Eastern Mediterranean University (Famagusta – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkey – Lecturer


  1. Courses on Ancient History, Archaeology, Languages, Literatures and Religions of the Middle East

  2. Librarian’s activities at the early stage of the University Library

  3. Planning for expansion of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

1990 September – 1994 January: Stohastis Publishing House – Athens, Greece – Scientific Advisor and Board Member – Business Development Manager


  1. Launching new circles & series of publications

  2. Marketing and positioning the company and the publications

  3. Supervising the publication – production process

1990 October – 1991 May: Nea Acropolis Foundation, Athens, Greece – Visiting Lecturer


  1. Lectures on Ancient History, Languages, Literatures and Religions of the Middle East

  2. Seminar on Egyptian Hieroglyphics

1989 February – June: Goulandris – Horn Foundation, Athens, Greece – Visiting Lecturer


Lectures on Ancient History, Languages, Literatures and Religions of the Middle East

1985 September – 1990 August: Ekdotike Athenon SA – Athens, Greece – Academic Advisor and Author


  1. Establishing lists of entries to be included in the encyclopedia for all subjects related to the Middle East, Central Asia, India and Africa

  2. Supervising the publication – production process

  3. Writing entries for the encyclopedia

1985 April – 1994 January: Scientific Advisor, Editorial Board Member and/or Contributing Editor freelancing with numerous Greek, Turkish and Iranian newspapers, weekly reviews and monthly magazines, namely

  1. Evdomi, Politika Themata, Epopteia, Ena, Eikones, Tetarto, Anexigito, Reader’s Digest (Greek edition), Nea Oikologia, Dipli Eikona, Apodimos Ellinismos, Synkhroni Ekpaideusi, Tekhni kai Logos, Archaeologia, Eleftherotypia, Exormisi, Trito Mati, Anikheuseis, Vorras kai Notos, Diavazo, Photographos – in Greece

  2. Middle East Business and Banking – in Turkey

  3. Soroush – in Iran

Covering a great variety of subjects from economic analysis to historical insights, from war front (Iran – Iraq) reportage to environmental features, interviews and special issues (Kurdistan, Afghanistan, etc), itineraries, subjects related to History of Religion. Area of coverage: Middle East, North- Eastern Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and India.

Academic Courses Offered

Eastern Mediterranean University (1994 – 1996)

Fatih Universitesi (1996 – 1997)

Somali International University (2013 2014)

(See attachment 2 or https://megalommatiscomments.wordpress.com/about-prof-muhammad-shamsaddin-megalommatis-courses-and-seminars/)


A. Books

1. The Periplus of Hanno, King of Carthaginians

2. The Adventures of Wenamun

3. The Ship of Suleyman

4. The Periplus of the Red Sea

5. The Book of the Travels (Sefer Ha’masaoth) of Benjamin of Tudela

6. The Six Stars of the Orient

7. The Greek – Turkish relationship and the Balkans

8. Turk – Yunan Iliskileri ve Balkanlar. Bir Tarihci Gozu ile Bugunun Sorunlari

9. Mardheniet Turko – Greke dhe Ballkani. Nje Vleresim Historik i problemeve te sotme (Fondacioni Qipriot)

10. Pre-Christian Egypt and its contribution to the World History (Masr qabl al Islam – in Arabic)

11. Meluhha, Gerrha and the Emirates

12. Egypt 2011 – 2013: from Mubarak to Morsi

(See attachment 3 or https://megalommatiscomments.wordpress.com/about-prof-muhammad-shamsaddin-megalommatis-books/)

B. Scholarly Articles, Review Articles, Book Reviews, Book Notes, Chronicles, Obituaries

55 scholarly articles published in academic periodicals

(See attachment 4 or https://megalommatiscomments.wordpress.com/about-prof-muhammad-shamsaddin-megalommatis-scholarly-articles/)

C. Entries to Encyclopedias (1985 -1992, Greece)

1. Great General Encyclopedia Hydria (published by Etaireia Ellinikon Ekdoseon / Greek Publications Co)

176 entries that total ca. 240000 words

2. Greek Pedagogical Encyclopedia, Ekdotike Athenon S.A. / World Biographical Lexicon

50 entries that total 87 columns (4 columns per page / pictures not taken into account)

3. Greek Pedagogical Encyclopedia, Ekdotike Athenon S.A. / World Mythology

260 entries that total 159 columns (4 columns per page / pictures not taken into account)

4. Greek Pedagogical Encyclopedia, Ekdotike Athenon S.A. / World History

38 entries that total ca. 146000 word

5. Greek Pedagogical Encyclopedia, Ekdotike Athenon S.A. / World Religions

1 entry of ca. 6000 words

(See attachment 5 or https://megalommatiscomments.wordpress.com/about-prof-muhammad-shamsaddin-megalommatis-entries-of-encyclopedias/)

D. Articles in Reviews, Magazines, Newspapers

1. Period 1985 – 1994: Greece – Turkey – Iran

161 articles

(See attachment 6 or https://megalommatiscomments.wordpress.com/about-prof-muhammad-shamsaddin-megalommatis-articles-in-reviews-magazines-newspapers/)

2. Period 1994 – 2004: Turkey – Greece – Egypt – Yemen

ca. 50 articles


E. Online Publications

Period 2004 – 2011: Egypt

1781 articles

(See attachments 7, 8 and 9 or https://megalommatiscomments.wordpress.com/about-prof-muhammad-shamsaddin-megalommatis-online-publications-2004-2011/ and https://megalommatiscomments.wordpress.com/standpoints-defended-by-muhammad-shamsaddin-megalommatis-across-his-publications-2004-2016-titles-links-videos/ and https://megalommatiscomments.wordpress.com/online-interview-with-professor-muhammad-shamsaddin-megalommatis-voice-finfinne-fall-2004/)



1968 – 1974 Secondary Education: Lycee Leonin d’ Athenes (French medium) High School Certificate – Very Well

1974 –1978 Athens University, Faculty of Letters Graduation Very Well (Classical Studies, Ancient Greek and Latin, Greek and Roman History, Art History, Archaeology, Religion, Mythology, Literature and Philosophy)

1975 –1978 Institut Francais d’ Athenes Language and Literature Degrees (in French Literature): Sorbonne I, Sorbonne II, Sorbonne III

1978 – 1980 Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO) (1st and 2nd year of Russian Literature, 1st year of Arabic Language)

1978 – 1979 Universite de Paris Sorbonne, Maitrise, Tres Bien (Egyptology)

1978 – 1980 Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes IVeme Section, Eleve Titulaire (courses in Egyptology, Assyriology, North-Western Semitic Studies, Gueze and Abyssinian)

1980 – 1981 Institut d’ Etudes Politiques de Paris, DEA, Bien Political Sciences, Eastern European, Slavic and Soviet Studies, requiring high level knowledge of at least one Slavic language for acceptance)

1978 – 1981 Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes Veme Section (courses in Ancient Egyptian Religion, Assyrian – Babylonian Religion, Hittite Religion, Canaanite – Phoenician Religion, Gnosis – Gnosticisms, Manichaeism, Oriental Christianity – Nestorianism and Monophysitism)

1978 – 1981 College de France (courses in Egyptology, Assyriology, North – Western Semitic Studies, Nestorian and Monophysitic Christianity)

1981 – 1982 School of Oriental and African Studies, London, M.Phil.

1983 – 1984 University of Damascus (Phoenician – Aramaean Archaeology and Assyriology)

1984 – 1985 Mount Scopus University – Jerusalem (Egyptology and Assyriology)

1985 – 1986 Al Mustansiriyah University – Baghdad (Assyriology)

1987 (spring semester) Medresa Al Shuhada, Tehran (Islamic Theology)


1983 – 1989 Wilhelms Westfaelische Universitaet Muenster,

Title of the dissertation (1990):

The Northern and Eastern Borders of the Sargonid Empire (722 – 609 BCE) and the End of Assyria (in German – unpublished)

5. Professors in my Postgraduate & Doctoral Studies

France (J. Leclant – Permanent Secretary of the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, J. Yoyotte, J. de Cenival, Chr. Desroches – Noblecourt, P. Vernus, E. Laroche, J. Bottero, P. Garelli, P. Amiet, Fl. Malbran – Labat, D. Charpin, A. Caquot, M. Sznycer, J.-G. Heintz, M. Rodinson, M. Tardieu, A. Guillaumont, Helene Carrere d’ Encausse – Permanent Secretary Institut de France, Serie Immortels)

England (D.J. Wiseman)

Germany (R. Mayer – Opificius, J. von Beckerath)

Syria (M. Harb Farzat)

Israel (H. Tadmor, S. Israelit – Groll)

Iraq (Dr. Muayyad Said Damirji, Director General of Antiquities & Prof. Natiq Salih Matloob)

Iran (Ayatullah Alameh Yahya Noori)

Archaeological / Historical Training – Research

Archaeological excavations, surface studies, & explorations

1977 – 1978 (in parallel with my graduate studies) – Training in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Collection of Oriental Antiquities, under the supervision of Prof. N. Yalouris, Director General of Antiquities

1978 – 1979 (in parallel with my graduate studies) – Training in the Louvre Museum of Paris, Dept. of Egyptian Antiquities

1983 – 1984 (spring semester) Participation in two excavations, namely Terqa and Tell es-Sweyhat; participation in epigraphic research for the National Museum of Damascus under the supervision of Dr. A. Bouni, Director General of Antiquities and Museums in Damascus; Surface study of major archaeological sites in Syria

1984 – 1985 (fall semester) Surface study of major archaeological sites in Iraq

1985 – 1986 (spring semester) Surface study of major archaeological sites in Turkey; participation in epigraphic research for the Antakya Archaeological Museum

1986 – 1987 (spring semester) Surface study of major archaeological sites in Iran

1987 – 1988 (spring semester) Surface study of major archaeological sites in Turkey; epigraphic research for the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Collection of Oriental Antiquities, under the supervision of Mr. P. Courahanis

1988 – 1989 (spring semester) Surface study of major archaeological sites in Pakistan

1992 – 1993 (fall semester) Surface study of major archaeological sites in Egypt and Sudan

1993 – 1994 (fall semester) Surface study of major archaeological sites in Sudan

Training in Translation / Interpretation   

1982 –1983 Commission of the European Communities, Brussels Translation and Interpretation Services, Division Traduction Francaise




a) Spanish Government, b) College d’ Europe – Bruges, c) Bulgarian Government (via UNESCO), d) Danish Government, e) Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, f) A. Onassis Foundation, g) Egyptian Government, h) Israeli Government, i) Iraqi Government (obtained, not all used)


Award in Journalism

Abdi Ipekci 2nd Prize of Journalism 1986

Linguistic background

Mother tongue: Greek – Father tongue: Turkish

Foreign languages: English, French (near native level)

German, Russian, Spanish, Italian (good level)

Arabic, Farsi, Somali, Oromo (average level)

Ancient or Religious Languages: Ancient & Medieval Greek, Latin, Classical Egyptian (Hieroglyphic with focus on New Kingdom), Assyrian – Babylonian (Cuneiform, with focus on Neo-Assyrian), Coptic, Syriac

Personal Details

Nationality: Greek

Origin: Turkish

Date of Birth: 21 November 1956

Place of Birth: Athens – Greece

Military service: completed

Marital status: single

Interests and Hobbies:
Spirituality – spiritual exercises, meditation, contemplative practice

Antiquities – archaeological surveys – archaeological sites

Travels – explorations – mountaineering

Equestrian sports

Martial arts

Water sports – navigation


Classical, traditional, folk and ethnic music

German – Russian – Italian opera

Mobile: (+2011) 42207577

Email: megalommatis@inbox.ru

Also: mshamsaddin@inbox.ru – msvmeg@gmail.com

Online resources

(See attachment 9)


The present Curriculum Vitae is herewith available in attachment.

1 Curriculum August 2017

Attachments mentioned in the present Curriculum Vitae are available here:

2 University Courses Offered

3 Books

4 Scholarly Articles

5 Entries to Encyclopedias

6 Articles in Reviews, Magazines & Newspapers

7 Online Publications 2004-2011


8 Standpoints defended & links

9 Online Interview

10 Online resources


Public speech in Turkey 1996

SEPT 2016 2

ICT 2016 2








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