Online Resources of Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

Online Resources

As of September 2017

Main Site

(Archives of online publications 2004-2017 with ca. 250 uploaded texts; ongoing project scheduled to comprise of more than 2500 existing publications)


Blogs – Main

(New articles are uploaded every now and then)

Blogs – Books & Scholarly Articles (Greek, Turkish, Albanian)

(Each blog contains an independent printed publication scanned and uploaded as jpeg documents; with the exception of one lengthy scholarly article, all the other blogs are books published in Greece or Turkey.)

Blogs – in different languages (Greek, Russian, English, Arabic)*

(under preparation – geared to feature all my articles about Sudan, Abyssinia, Somalia, Kenya & Tanzania)

(under preparation)

(under preparation)

* Other blogs being scheduled

(Each blog contains articles about a different thematic unit.)

Social Media

(involving comments on world news in different languages, announcements of publications, videos about my articles and books, selected articles in  Word docs, various notes, and pictorial documentation)


The present list of links is herewith available in attachment.

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