Turkey, China and the Diverse Forms of Colonial Forgery of History: Fake Muslims and the Fake States of Greece, Russia, Iran, India, Israel, and Ethiopia

Turkey and China: an Alliance to Conquer the World – Part III

There are no prosperous countries, successful states and victorious armies, but forceful societies; this means creative, expanding cultures and triumphant faiths. In Modern Times and among the developed countries, cultures have been mostly supplanted by state-controlled education, which is geared in order to apply preconceived ideas and fabricated dogmas on a degraded society with abandoned moral values, mutating cultures, highly politicized faith, and therefore ailing structures. When a religion is turned to mere political ideology, the faith is dead and the culture is putrefied. The society that lives this tragedy is a passive corpse unable for action, let alone continuity or survival. Then, the nation in question has gradually become a tool for the materialization of the political targets of secluded elites that have full consciousness of their criminality.

This has long been the situation of fake states created here and there by the colonial powers; Egypt, Greece, Pahlavi ‘Persia’, Syria, Pakistan, India, Algeria, ‘Ethiopia’, Tunisia, Sudan, and a great number of similar pseudo-nations have been the carrions with which the colonial powers carried out their different policies and implemented their plans only to spread bloodbaths, discord, evilness and chaos. In striking contrast with the aforementioned, Kemal Ataturk created a state that would not follow the decadent path of silly indoctrination about a dead religion that has nothing to do with the historical faith that it evokes, being merely a sketchy political ideology of the most inferior nature.

To avert Turkey’s colonization (i.e. pseudo-Islamization), Kemal Ataturk linked the Education to the Anatolian Culture of Turkey and imposed as central task of the nascent educational system the best assessment of the country’s historical heritage. Few countries have achieved this in today’s world. For the rest, the prevailing disastrous downgrading spiral can be described in the following ominous terms: without a truthful and comprehensive representation of a nation’s past, the local society is left without solidified identity and assertive sovereignty.

One can understand this situation by means of a comparison between Ataturk’s enlightened Turkey and the backward, ignorant and obscurantist country of the pseudo-Egyptian kings and generals (the latter being always masqueraded as ‘rais’, i.e. bogus-presidents). Egypt needed to wait an entire century until a local native was finally allowed to learn the original national writing, i.e. the Kemetian (Egyptian) hieroglyphics (and the derivative forms, namely the Hieratic and the Demotic). But in Kemal Ataturk’s Turkey, the first specialist in Hittite Cuneiform (the official language and writing of one of the 2nd millennium BCE major empires, which consists in the supreme ancestral heritage for today’s Turks) was able to teach the topic only 20 years after Hrozny deciphered the first lines of Ancient Anatolia’s first imperial language and writing system.

Kemal Ataturk realized that the complete and adequate interconnection between Education and Culture would help upkeep the Anatolian Turkish Nation against all colonial plots and anti-Turkish plans, i.e. filthy Islamization schemes and vicious Westernization plans. Why this is so we can understand, if we make proper comparisons between Turkey and two opposite groups of states that differ both, from Turkey and from one another.

I- The difference between Turkey and the colonial states of the West

First, in the colonial countries of the West (France, England, Holland, Belgium, America), as well as in other European countries, the local Christian cultures have been systematically destroyed over a long period of time. Then, through the local educational system, a false historical dogma was locally imposed; it was geared to make the Western nations feel as rightful heirs of ancient empires (to which they were totally unrelated), notably the short-lived state of Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire, and ‘consequently’, as ‘lawful’ masters of almost the entire world. Following this situation, these nations conquered most of the world via typical, colonial methods. The main opposition to them did not come from their targeted victims, which –in some cases- were major empires (namely the Ottoman Empire, Safavid / Afsharid / Qajar Iran, and the Mughal Empire of South Asia), but from their European neighbors, notably Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy and Russia.



Apollonio di Giovanni di Tommaso; The Assassination and Funeral of Julius Caesar; The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/the-assassination-and-funeral-of-julius-caesar-141640

Renaissance generated the Western European colonialism because, by claiming to be the heirs of the Roman Empire, the Western Europeans found it ‘reasonable’ to eliminate the Ottomans who -viewed either as Turanians or as Muslims- were considered as alien invaders. That is why the colonial powers fabricated all doctrines of Modern Islamism: to disinherit the Turks and all the other targeted nations from their cultural-historical heritage and to permanently colonize them.

Kemal Ataturk understood that, above all, the Ottoman Empire was the historically sole legitimate heir of the Roman Empire, since Eastern Roman religious authorities recognized Mehmet II as Roman Emperor ( قیصر روم‎ ) Kaysar-i Rûm. That is why Turkey can exist only as a secular state.

More than 60 years before Napoleon disembarked in Alexandria, Placido Costanzi evoked the Foundation of Alexandria (1736) by Alexander the Great. This means that an Italian, who had nothing in common with the Ancient Macedonians and did not know the History of Ancient Egypt (because no original sources were deciphered and read), found it ‘reasonable’ to think that there was ‘nothing’ before Alexander in that site. This assumption was wrong, because before the Macedonians built Alexandria in Egypt, there was an ancient Egyptian city named Rakuta (Rhacotis in Greek), and in fact, Alexandria was merely an extension of Rhacotis. However, this assumption followed all colonials, French, English, Americans, in their interference in the Orient.

Sullivan, William Holmes; ‘Julius Caesar’, Act III, Scene 1, the Assassination; Royal Shakespeare Company Collection; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/julius-caesar-act-iii-scene-1-the-assassination-54988

England, a marginal province of the Roman Empire, thought it ‘reasonable’ to posture as the heir of the Roman Empire and thus ‘legitimize’ its presence in Egypt and its attempt to drive the Turks and the Muslims out of the ‘Roman’ lands. As late as the 2nd half of the 19th c., English painters bothered to represent once more the assassination of Caesar whose idea about the peripheral island of the English was extremely contemptuous.

Rafaello’s School of Athens (1510) demonstrates the perverse nature, the unrealistic quest, and the fallacious conclusions of the Renaissance thinkers, intellectuals, academics and artists. This fake painting represents a forgery because there was never any ‘philosophical school’ in Ancient Athens in the way modern historians describe. Even worse, the delusive and deceptive painting includes many other Ancient Greek philosophers, who never lived in Athens, and even several non-Greeks, like Zoroaster, some Evangelists, and eventually the Macedonian king Alexander the Great! The surreal fallacy became later -for the Western European pseudo-criteria- an artistic ‘value’ only to subsequently justify all racist and inhuman, barbarian crimes perpetrated by the Western European colonial gangsters worldwide. Judged on the basis of Oriental Arts’ standards, this painting is a horrendous outcome of the utmost wickedness. The projection of such a paranoia onto the rest of the world put an end to major empires, genuine cultures, and ancient civilizations, progressively leading the contaminated Mankind close to its irreversible end after 500 years


II- The difference between Turkey and the colonized states

A. Colonially-imposed minimization of the local historical heritage: Instrumentalization of today’s fake Muslims

Second, in the fake neocolonial states that the colonial powers fabricated in Asia, Africa and parts of Europe through lawless foreign intervention, the local Islamic, Christian or other cultures started being destroyed since the initial moment of the colonial arrival and occupation. The presence of colonial supremacists generated a scrupulously and methodically machinated mass psychological reaction among the indigenous colonized populations; this reaction was predestined to doom, as the local populations were mechanically guided by the colonials into an impasse where

a) an extreme, self-disastrous hatred of the colonial masters was continually recycled, further engulfing future generations into abject impotence,

b) an immense complex of inferiority produced frustration and incapacitated the local masses, thus making them unable for major sacrifices that would undoubtedly exterminate all colonial gangsters from their lands, despite the colonial superiority in terms of arms and ammunitions, and

c) an extensive self-destruction in terms of identity, integrity and cultural heritage.

The latter (c) was only worsened because of the colonially-imposed, local educational system, which involved also a false historical dogma typified by

i) the minimization, distortion or concealment of the true local historical heritage, and

ii) the maximization of the historical past of the colonial powers.

This meant that the colonized nations were deceitfully, treacherously and tyrannically forced to accept the paranoid idea that, in order to potentially catch up with their colonial masters’ socioeconomic, military, technological and educational-academic advance, they had to first, never learn their own historical heritage in its true dimensions and second, accept to permanently be the ignorant and pathetic slaves of the colonial West. This was so, because in the local educational system, as per the colonial orders, only a distorted version and a miserable caricature of the local historical past were presented to the natives.

This situation triggered permanent internal conflicts, ignorance, self-hatred, hatred of the other, and hatred of the truth, thus further and more deeply engulfing these colonized nations into the aforementioned impasse, which took -many times and in many places- explosive dimensions. To add insult to injury, the colonial gangsters of France, England and America took good care to locally generate an enormous divide of the most catastrophic impact: they instigated odium against the local antiquities, which were being excavated by foreign archaeologists, among the local sheikhs, who were intellectually and educationally unable to duly and comprehensively interpret the ancient civilizations of their ancestors.

So, these local religious leaders further spread this form of self-odium among the local populations that started hating their own historical and cultural heritage, idiotically viewing it as ‘disbelief’ and as ‘abnegation’ of their own faith, which was not anymore the historically known, true and genuine, Islamic religion, but a pseudo-Islamic indoctrination of rather political character and a sketchy ideological-theological fallacy that the colonially appointed local muftis, cadis and imams were instructed to keep propagating. This extreme and suicidal disdain of their own ancient civilizations caused to numerous colonized Muslim nations further distance from their identity, dissolution of their integrity, and real loss of their historical and cultural heritage.

What do I mean by saying this?

That’s simple to answer: an average Egyptian does not feel about Thutmose III’s campaigns in Syria as proudly and as patriotically as an average Italian feels about Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul, Macedonia and Egypt.

Even worse, an average Egyptian does not study selected excerpts from the Annals of Thutmose III and does not pass an exam on this topic during his years in the Secondary Education, whereas an Italian studies selected excerpts from Caesar’s De Bello Gallico and passes exam on this topic.

– Why is Egypt’s Secondary Education so much inferior to Italy’s?

Because in the Egyptian Secondary Education, ignorant, useless and barbarian pseudo-teachers, wasting their students’ time, repeat in class the nonsensical pseudo-Islamic theological indoctrination of the terrorist pseudo-university Al Azhar, which must be abolished.

– And why are the Egyptians so unaware of their own historical heritage?

Because in the Egyptian Secondary Education, pathetic, idiotic and heinous pseudo-teachers, wasting their students’ time, ‘teach’ about the Battle of Badr and the Battle of Uhud that are as useless topics for an Egyptian native as the Battle of Carrhae between the Parthians and the Romans (53 BCE) is for a Peruvian!

This troublesome colonial condition interrupted the historical continuity of these nations and reduced the Muslim descendants of many great ancient nations into useless and ignorant masses without any originality and real purpose of life. That’s why in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia and many other places the local populations easily sell local antiquities to foreigners and illegally excavate under their homes to find any part of their own heritage and, by selling it, disinherit themselves.  



After the decipherment of Ancient Oriental writings, the study of Ancient Oriental literatures, mythologies, cults, and religions, the discovery of Ancient Oriental Spirituality and Mysticism, the representation of several thousands of years of Human History on the basis of original historical sources, and the reconstitution of the historical-spiritual evolution for 4000 years before Prophet Muhammad, Muslims by definition cannot understand their religion without direct access to Ancient Oriental historical sources.

Today, muftis, sheikhs, imams, ayatollahs, ulamas and Muslim theologians fail to understand that the Islamic Sciences ceased to exist in the late 16th c., the Islamic Caliphate ended in the early 20th c., and the doctrine that they still routinely but uselessly teach has nothing in common with the true, historical Islam. Even worse, their ignorance of the Ancient Oriental religions, which antedated for several thousands of years but documented and even heralded Islam, exposes them to straightforward exploitation and direct manipulation by the Orientalist colonial academia.

Muhammad Abduh (above) and Sayyid Qutb failed to understand what was happening in the world in which their were living. Western colonialists were discovering the antiquities of their nation for which they and their compatriots had no idea, and they were talking at a nonsensical level, totally ignoring the enormous treasures unearthed and their meaning for Islam.

Muhammad Iqbal (above) and Muhammad Ali Jinnah studied in metropolises of the colonial world and thoughtlessly accepted colonial terms, concepts and tricks, thus failing to understand that the only normal termination of the criminal and genocidal presence of English colonials on the Mughal territories would be the imperative return of the Mughal dynasty and Empire.

Ayatollah Khomeini (above, young) and Ayatollah Montazeri (below, right) failed to grasp that one mistake (their theory of Wilayat-e Faqih) cannot rectify another fault (the fake Pahlavi dynasty). To destroy the colonial schemes in Iran, one has to reinstate the Qajar dynasty, reinstall the imperial Turanian-Iranian unity, and re-launch Iranology (as part of a new, Oriental Orientalism) totally deprived of all the colonial falsifications.

Shaykh Abdul Aziz ibn Baz Grand Mufti Saudi Arabia became known for his geo-centric positions, until the Saudi gangsters threatened his life (as per orders issued by the US and UK ambassadors) and he was forced to compromise. However, it would be extremely different for him, if he studied Assyrian-Babylonian Cuneiform, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and Ancient Greek to duly document his initial position with extensive references to the Ancient Egyptian (not Greek) scholar Ptolemy the Geographer and his opuses. Even worse for him, if he was not the victim of colonial schemes that forced “Sunnis” to hate “Shia” and vice versa, he would study Nasir el din al Tusi’s and Ulugh Beg’s masterpieces to provide the full rejection of the Copernican fallacy.

Metwalli al-Sha’rawi (above) and Mohamed Sayyid Tantawi represent the worst stage of Islamic Theology’s politicization. Today’s sheikhs will have to understand that to properly perceive and represent Islam and to adequately oppose the fallacies diffused by the West, Muslim societies and countries need to change totally their educational system, learn their pre-Islamic past, incorporate it into their daily life, and focus on the true, historical Islam – not the indoctrination of their useless, obsolete and disastrous theology that is based only on the Quran and the Hadith.

Tabari is more important than the Quran, Ferdowsi is more important than Bukhari, and Mohyieldin Ibn Arabi is more important than Sahih Muslim.

The division of Muslims into ‘moderate’ and ‘extremist’ is a Western fallacy that must be rejected in the most rigorous manner. Newspapers, social media, TV channels and embassies must be closed, diplomats expelled, and foreigners blocked at the borders.

On the other hand, Muslims must reject the false dilemma “Secular societies or Shariah” that colonial agitators, diplomats and agents put in front of them. This is not a difference between the Islamic World and the Western societies. The Islamic World did not wait Kemal Ataturk to introduce a secular society in a Muslim country. Throughout the History of the Islamic World, there were many states and many periods that were organized as de facto secular societies. The peak of Islamic Civilization, i.e. the Golden Era of Islamic Spirituality, Sciences, Wisdom, Art and Architecture occurred in Muslim secular societies like Abbasid Baghdad of Harun al-Rashid, Umayyad Andalusia, Timurid Samarqand, and Safavid Ispahan.


B. Colonially-imposed maximization of the local historical heritage

In this regard, it is noteworthy to state at this point that there have also been several exceptions in the aforementioned conditions and circumstances of worldwide colonial environment; and for a very good reason! In the cases of the colonially fabricated, fake states of Greece, Russia, Pahlavi (and Ayatollahs’) Iran, India, Israel and Ethiopia, the false historical dogma, produced by the colonial academia of France and England and projected onto the said states did not involve minimization but maximization (or extreme over-evaluation) of the local historical heritage. Of course, this was also the result of systematic misinterpretation and concealment of historical sources, which evidently refute and overwhelmingly reject the pseudo-historical colonial dogma and its fallacious points.

This exceptional situation is due to the fact that the colonial powers needed to magnify the historical importance or the transfigured identity of these countries for different purposes related to their political agenda, which was locally implemented following directives of the type ‘inflate this’ and ‘deflate that’ or ‘boost this’ and ‘drop that’. Every locally applied colonial agenda was actually part of the systematic materialization of their schemes providing for worldwide predominance that Paris and London shamelessly used to even announce in various manners (ex. “Make the world England”: https://www.vcanada2.com/section_3/3.0can_and_am_rev.htm).

We do indeed attest several cases of colonially-imposed maximization of the local historical heritage in the following lands and for the specific purposes that are stated, namely to

1- heighten and exaggerate the importance of Ancient Greece

2- portray Russia as an ‘Indo-European’ nation whereas Russians are Turanians in their outright majority

3- broaden the significance of the ‘Indo-European nations’ by presenting Iran as ‘Persia’, whereas Iran is a distinguished Turanian land

4- widen the fallacy of Indo-Europeanism by ascribing to it the southern part of Asia and by faking the well-diversified local past as supposedly ‘Indian’

5- over-magnify the role of the Ancient Hebrews (Israelites) and of the Jews in World History, and   

6- masquerade Abyssinia as ‘Ethiopia’ and project -onto that tyrannical and genocidal state- the mythical European concept of the Prester John’s kingdom that was mythologized in the 12th c.

III. Colonial falsification of History and the fake state of Greece

This exception is due to the fact that this monstrous exaggeration and fallacious fabrication was badly needed for the subsequent magnification and exultation of their own supposedly civilized past and ‘heritage’, as the Western European academies, intelligentsias, diplomacies and administrations deceptively postured as heirs of the Roman Empire and of the otherwise nonexistent forgery ‘Ancient Greece’. More about the topic: https://www.academia.edu/44758297/The_Fabrication_of_the_Fake_Greek_History_the_Nonexistent_Fallacy_of_Hellenism_the_19th_c_ailing_Ottoman_Empire_and_todays_Turkey



The simplest truth that any reasonable human can find very easily is revealed in the following questions:

– If the Ancient Greek civilization was so important, why all the Fathers of the Christian Church, all the Christian Times’ Emperors and theologians, wise elders, and erudite monks did not find anything significant in that past?

– Why was the name of Greek ‘Hellen’ an execrable insult even in the Eastern Roman Empire where the official language since the time of Heraclius (7th c.) was a mixture of Late Antiquity Koine (Alexandrian Greek) and Latin?

Whatever is today said about the Ancient Greek civilization is purely repetitive Marketing of the colonial gangsters, who have employed in the case the methods of Goebbels for centuries before this criminal was born.

Alexander facing Darius III of Achaemenid Iran at Issos – Roman floor mosaic from the House of the Faun in Pompeii (ca. 100 BCE); legendary for Modern European colonials, Alexander the Great’s conquests were not really magnificent. In fact, the Macedonian king subdued the Greeks and forced them to man his army before mainly invading the Achaemenid Empire of Iran at a moment of evident decline of the imperial authority at Parsa (Persepolis). Alexander did not advance much beyond the Achaemenid borders and then disregarded his own capital, let alone the useless trash of Athens, and made Babylon his capital in Southern Mesopotamia.

Alexander of Macedonia was not as outstanding conqueror as Tiglat-pileser III or Assurbanipal of Assyria, Thutmose III of Egypt, Darius I the Great of Achaemenid Iran, Shapur I of Sassanid Iran, Genghis Khan or Timur (Tamerlane).

No less than 1150 years before Alexander the Great, Pharaoh Hatshepsut of Kemet (Egypt), the first female imperial ruler in the History of the Mankind, sent her fleet to Punt, today’s Somalia, i.e. at a distance of more than 2500 nautical miles, to carry out a commercial-military expedition, which they did reaching the are of today’s Ras Hafun (Ras Xaafuun).

More importantly, ca. 1500 years before Jesus, Pharaoh Hatshepsut was the first human to claim divine origin as daughter of Amun of Thebes, thus posturing as the result of Theogamy, a notion that her high priests, hierophants and scribes created first and analytically narrated on the walls of her mortuary temple at Deir el Bahari, Luxor West.

Isis Temple at the Island of Philae, Aswan: covered entirely by inscriptions and bas reliefs, the ancient temples of Kemet (Egypt) were completed books of unsurpassed wisdom, symbolism, and spiritual energy. In and by themselves they consist in the perfect embodiment of aesthetics.

If people in the Western World consider the Parthenon of Athens as example of architectural aesthetics -and not the ancient temples of Kemet (Egypt), this is purely the result of systematic intoxication with historical forgeries and Goebbels-style propaganda. Nothing more!

The Temple of Horus at Edfu (Behedet); the ancient Egyptian temples (pretty much like the ancient Assyrian, Babylonian, Sumerian, Elamite, Hittite and Iranian temples) were enormous architectural complexes that had larger size than an Ancient Greek city-state. They were the headquarters of the learned societies of those days and they functioned as universities, libraries, research centers, ateliers, laboratories, priestly shrines, sacred spaces, observatories, lodges of initiation, centers of spiritual exercises, and -above all- areas of divine Epiphany. The hierarchy of the Ancient Oriental temples was absolutely incomprehensible for the Ancient Greeks whose lives were plunged in profanity, ignorance and superstition.

The Temple of Hephaestus in Athens: the Ancient Greek temples were true miniatures of the Ancient Oriental temples. The local priests performed minimal liturgies, as they were unsophisticated and tried to excite the imagination of their followers with the paradoxical details of the lives of their ‘gods’. There was not divine Epiphany in those temples and this is the reason a class of philosophers emerged in the Greek cities in striking opposition to the local sacerdotal superstition. It was only normal that disbelief, agnosticism, political corruption, and moral disintegration spread across these unfortunate societies that never understood how far they lived from civilization.


IV. Colonial falsification of History and the fake state of Russia

This point does not concern the various Turkic (or Turanian) minorities in today’s Russian Federation, like the Tatars, the Bashkirs, the Chuvash and others, but the Russian native speakers themselves. The Russian natives are all Turanians, who were progressively -after the middle of the 16th c.- forced to accept Orthodox Christianity and use Russian names or die, due to the terror of the Muscovite colonial expansion across Eastern Europe and, later, throughout North Asia.

The extensive program of Russianization (or Russification: Русификация / Rusifikatsiya) involved also an unprecedented historical forgery, as per which the so-called ‘Russia’ was the hypothetical continuity of the long defunct Kievan Rus (Киевская Русь /Kievskaya Rus), and an unmatched educational indoctrination about the farcical Holy Rus (Святая Русь / Sviataya Rus), which was a rather recent political doctrine of the dystopic and dysmorphic (i.e. Oriental and Occidental or rather non-Oriental and non-Occidental) ‘Czarist’ Empire.  

However, Russia’s distortive portrait was not only czarist expediency but also key point of the Anglo-French gangsters’ colonial agenda, which provided first, for the final, worldwide eradication of all things Turanian and second, for the fabrication of fake opponents. Czarist, Communist and Republican Russia played idiotically this, externally assigned, role for more than 350 years, always losing in key confrontations with the Anglo-French colonials, who fabricated the Moscow-based brainless scarecrow in the first place.



In other words, the Western European academic-intellectual cholera attempted to portray the ancestors of today’s Russians as White ‘Normans’ (or Vikings) and to project this fallacy onto the Russian academics and intellectuals (so that they accept it as ‘their’ History). The paranoid Anglo-French distortion of the historical truth in the case of Russia and the Western fabrication of ‘History of Russia’ attained the level of extreme paroxysm, involving a radical Normanism as per which the Rus mentioned in the Eastern Roman sources were Normans who emigrated from … the eastern coast of today’s Sweden! The evil political interest behind the academic fallacy of Normanism (to turn the History of Russia into an annex of Scandinavian and ‘Western’ European History) is related to the ultimate colonial target to dismember Russia to a multitude of states, and to reduce one of those states, namely the NW state of Russia (to which territories from Moscow to St. Petersburg and from Pskov to Smolensk will be allotted) to a Belarus-level state.

Russians have nothing to do with Normans. That is why the execrable forgery project named ‘Wikipedia’ (i.e. ‘Wicked-pedia’) offers an entry under the title ‘Anti-Normanism’, whereas there is no entry ‘Normanism’, because the Western colonial forgery is ‘sold’ as ‘true History’ by the criminal gangsters of Wikipedia. However, since there are genuine historical references to the evidently Turanian, Rus Khaganate, the disreputable Western historians try to cover them by pretending that the Rus ‘Norman’ ruler only imitated the Khazar Turanian Khaganate’s royal title!

Both, Western European forgers and Russian historians, who desperately try to slavicize their disparate past, fail to hide the only reality: Islam was diffused before Christianity in Eastern Europe. The Volga Bulgars became Muslim in 922, following the visit made by the official Abbasid Embassy under Ahmad ibn Fadlan, whereas the Kievan Rus became officially a Christian state in 988. More importantly, the entire Eastern Europe had been the realm of Turan long before the arrival of the armies of Genghis Khan.

It can therefore be easily understood that the over-magnification of the Rurikid rule and the destruction of every Turanian and Islamic historical source, monument, building or city (like the magnificent Golden Horde capital Saray that was the world’s richest city in the 14th c.) became the primary task for the descendants of Ivan IV, who was a Turanian ruler, subordinate to the Khans of Kazan and Crimea, before he managed to prevail with English help.

Whatever is written or said about the invented ‘Grand Duchy of Moscow’ (Великое Княжество Московское) is fake historiography written under the Romanov with the sole target to eliminate all things Turanian and to erase the slightest trace of Islam. An enormous number of fake maps have been prepared on this purpose to distort the average people’s imagination.

Tokhtamysh and the invasion and incineration of Moscow in 1382; for hundreds of years, ‘Russians’ learn in their primary and secondary education that their enemies were the ‘Turks’, the ‘Mongols’ and the ‘Muslims’. They don’t study anything about the many long centuries of Turanian and Islamic rule across Eastern Europe, and in reality they hate themselves, because Russians are linguistically russified, religiously Christened, and culturally Europeanized Turanians. Russia is indeed a country totally colonized by the English and the French at the educational, academic, intellectual and cultural levels. This created it an enormous dichotomy in the personality of the Russians who are targeted now with destruction, split and decomposition.

An approximately correct historical map that shows the possessions of the Turanian Golden Horde in Eastern Europe.

Moscow in flames: czarist, communist and republican administrations mobilized the artistic genius and the popular imagination to generate ‘fear’ for the ‘other’, which in the case of the Russians does not exist, because the Russian consciousness is fake and in fact the Russians are the ‘other’ that they fear: Turanians.

26 August 1382: the invasion and destruction of Moscow by Tokhtamysh / Russia will face no trouble in the future only if Russians start accepting this historical fact with great joy and see themselves among the descendants of the victorious besieging army.

Fake map constructed to depict that the so-called ‘Russian principalities’ possessed large swaths of territories! They were ‘big’! How silly! Whatever those unimportant and minor ‘principalities’ possessed as land what taxed by the Khagan of the Golden Horde and they were not independent. Curiously enough (?!), none of these ‘principalities’ called themselves ‘Russian’ at the time!

Inaccurate map fabricated to support the Russian version of History

Viciously minimized, the territories of the Golden Horde as depicted on this map allow for a good dose of White Supremacism and Anglo-French academic colonialism because they portray an otherwise nonexistent ‘independence’ of the ‘European’ ‘Russian’ princes!

Timur advances (from east to west) against Tokhtamysh in what is today eastern territories of … ‘European’ Russia!


V. Colonial falsification of History and the fake state of Iran (as ‘Persia’)

All major Iranian dynasties were Turanian: Safavid, Afsharid and Qajar. Pre-Islamic Iranian dynasties involved the parallel presence of Turanians and Iranians. And Zoroastrianism in its original stage was a form of Tengrism whereby the importance of the oral literature prevailed over that of the written texts; that is why the holy ‘book’ of the Avesta was never written in Achaemenid times. The holiest shrine of Iran for almost 1200 years (during all pre-Islamic Iranian dynasties) was Takht-e Suleyman (Adhar Gushnasp), which was located in the high land of Atropatene, i.e. Azerbaijan.

For all major epic poets, greatest mystics, most illustrious scholars, and supreme spiritual leaders of the Islamic times (Ferdowsi, Nezami Ganjavi, Nasir al din al Tusi, Safi al din Ardabili, etc.), Turan and Iran constituted one indivisible entity of ethnic, cultural and spiritual character with various diversifications at the strictly social and linguistic levels. In fact, the divisive effort dates back only to the colonial times, when the Western colonials started deliberately calling Iran ‘Persia’; the situation reached the level of paroxysm at the end of the 18th c., with the establishment of the Western fallacy of Orientalism. Then, the pseudo-science of Iranology was deliberately constituted by the English and French academic gangsters independently from Turkology, as it was scrupulously (but only up to the extent this was possible) purified from every element and notion of Turanian character.

The ultimate attempt to separate the indissoluble Iranian-Turanian nation into two independent entities was undertaken by the English colonials in 1925. Then, they did not only overthrow one dynasty (Qajar) in order to replace it with a soldier, who was made pseudo-king, but they also took absolute control of the Iranian educational system, academic-intellectual life, publishing houses and mass media. It was then that the English and the French colomials structured a new, local, nationalistic, political ideology to propagate the fallacy of Persianism, namely that ‘Iran’ was just ‘Persia’. The barbarian soldier, who was baptized by the English ‘Pahlavi’, was so ignorant that he did not even know what the name ‘Pahlavi’ was meaning!

Consequently, the Iranian Empire, which constituted a Turanian-Iranian cultural high land, turned out to be a chauvinistic and racist Persian bogus-kingdom geared to function only as tool for the promotion of the Western colonial targets. Through parallel tricks, the English colonials also machinated the bogus-Islamic and pseudo-Shia opposition to the filthy and murderous cannibals of the ‘Pahlavi’ ‘dynasty’. The preposterous fabrication of the anti-monarchical Ayatollahs and the uselessly copious, nonsensical diatribe of Ayatollah Khomeini about the Wilayat-e Faqih doctrine would serve the Anglo-American and French colonials as a measure of containment in case the pseudo-king’s ambitions would one day grow. As it happened, after February 1979, the colonially imposed fallacy of Persianism was transferred from the Shahbanou Farah Diba’s overstretched trousers and boots to the Ayatollahs’ turbans, thus perpetuating the Anti-Azeri, Anti-Turkmen, and Anti-Turanian racism of the post-Qajar Tehran-based colonial regimes. Read:




The fact that it appears odd to Western readers and audiences that two distinct languages, namely Farsi and Turkic languages, are to be attributed to one nation is due to the degradation and corruption of their minds following the fabrication of the pseudo-notion ‘nation’ by 18th c. ignorant French pseudo-philosophers of the so-called Enlightenment. The concept and the word ‘nation’ existed since the 3rd millennium BCE and it is attested in all the Ancient Oriental languages. This word’s original, worthwhile and auspicious notion was shared by all the civilized nations until recently.

In contrast to the Mankind’s civilized past, the new notion of ‘nation’, which was fabricated to promote the divisive politics that 18th c. France’s criminal intelligentsia intended to implement worldwide, generates divisions, hatred and interminable conflicts, because the barbarian intellectuals of the French pseudo-Enlightenment despised Human Culture and hated the fact that worldwide the term ‘nation’ was dependent on cultural affinity, spiritual community, and behavioral similarity. Deprived of the aforementioned contents, the new fake term of political nation reduces humans to enslaved and uncivilized beings whose language is entirely fabricated by plotting linguists, grammarians and politicians and whose education is separately from ancestral culture, spirituality, moral values, and time-honored traditions. In fact, the modern notion of ‘nation’ involves inhuman beings controlled by criminal elites and transformed by them at will.

The millennia long union of the Turanians and the Iranians, their multilingualism, their complementary roles in the creation of human civilization and the maintenance of the divine order on the surface of the Earth, their typically alternating traits (Turanians as military and Iranians as literary; Turanians as nomads and Iranians as settled people; Turanians as devoted to spirituality and Iranians as concerned with religion and theology), and their coexistence as members of one family are perfectly well reflected in Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, which has been deliberately misinterpreted in a most divisive manner by the criminal pseudo-academia of England, France and America.

The Slaying of Siyavush is not a ‘fight’ between Iran and Turan (as evil English, French and American pseudo-scholars treacherously ‘explain’); it is the internal story of one major historical family, i.e. a fratricidal event. Even more so, because the Kayanid Siyavush, son of Key Kavus, has an indicatively Turanian name (similar to today’s Turkish ‘savaş’).

Pre-Islamic Iran’s holiest shrine was Turanian: today’s Takht-e Suleyman is the ancient religious capital of all Achaemenids, Arsacids and Sassanids Adhar Gushnasp (known as Praaspa among Ancient Greeks and Romans). Located in Atropatene (i.e. Azerbaijan), Takht-e Suleyman has been the epicenter of Zoroastrian monotheism and Turanian spirituality for ca. 1200 years before the arrival of the Islamic armies. Evidently monotheistic, the site was respected by the early Muslims and was not destroyed during the Islamic conquest of Iran (636-651).

When pre-Islamic Iran was ruled by a Turanian dynasty of nomads, i.e. the Ashkanian (Arsacid) Parthians, and had a capital far from Fars (Persia), namely at Qumis ( قومس‎)…

The Ancient Greek name ‘Persia’ does not mean ‘Iran’, but Fars; the Persians were only one of the nations of the Iranian-Turanian world. Criminal English and French colonials started naming Iran ‘Persia’ only to divide Farsi-speaking and Turkic-speaking people and separate Iran from Turan.

When the English and the French started calling Iran ‘Persia’ in the early 16th c., the Shah of Iran was Isma’il I Safavi, a Turanian who lived most of the year as a nomad and stayed in cities only in wintertime. His capital was Tabriz, an Azeri city. For Isma’il I, Farsi was a cultural and literary language, Arabic was a religious language, and Turkic languages were the means of communication, training and daily life in the army. The lives of the Iranians and the Turanians were always spent in a multicultural and multilingual environment, which is beyond the ability of the racist, barbarian and worthless universities of France, England and America to possibly grasp.

The fight between the Iranian Shah Isma’il I Safavi and Muhammad Shaybani of the Uzbek Khanate (1510); this was not a fight ‘between Persians and Turks’, as the criminal liars of England, France and America pretend, but a decisive battle between two Turanian kings.

The historic battle of Chaldiran between the Ottomans and the Safavids (1514): a catastrophic fraternal rivalry and an opposition between the adepts of a great school of Islamic spirituality and the followers of a nonsensical pseudo-Islamic theological doctrine.

One of the World History’s greatest military minds was Nader Shah Afshar (1736-1747), the Iranian shah who invaded Delhi, the capital of the Mughal Empire: he was a Turkmen whose best examples were Genghis Khan (who was not Muslim) and Timur (who was highly apprehensive of Turkmen and Ottomans)!

Like all his ancestors and … innumerable descendants, Fath Ali Shah Qajar was a Turkmen. Among Iranians, he was an exemplary monarch known for his extremely long beard, his uniquely narrow waist, and his uncountable children. As he had more than 1000 women in his harem, in addition to his official wives, he was known to have more than 100 sons and around 150 daughters; when he died at the age of 62, he left more than 100 children and ca. 600 grandchildren behind. He was by far the most emblematic monarch of the Qajar dynasty, but he was not ‘Persian’.


VI. Colonial falsification of History and the fake state of India

‘India’ is a bogus-historical term that does not cover a surface larger than 1/5 of the area of the territory of today’s India. It became first known during the Achaemenid Iranian times, when the satrapy Hidush (conventionally known as Hindush) was the Iranian Empire’s greatest contributor to the imperial wealth (as the annual tribute paid to Persepolis totaled c. 1/3 of the total taxation income). The location of the satrapy corresponds to today’s Pakistan’s province of Sindh, which includes the Indus River Delta region, and the western parts of today’s India’s provinces of Rajasthan and Gujarat. This is the land that the Ancient Greeks and Romans named ‘India’.

In later periods and more specifically during the early Christian times, the term ‘India’ was used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans alternatively with the term ‘Ethiopia’ (which originally denoted today’s Sudan) and both terms ended up describing vast Asiatic and/or African lands of the then known world’s southeastern confines. But this Ancient Greek and Roman confusion did not reflect the realities of those lands and the situations that prevailed among the different nations and kingdoms that inhabited those vast territories.

The eastern borders of Achaemenid Iran

In fact, the term ‘India’ cannot be used to describe the geographical, ethnic-national, historical or cultural identity of most of the territories of the modern pseudo-state of ‘India’. Beyond the limits of the aforementioned province of Hindush, existed many other nations organized in different kingdoms that were quite different from those inhabiting the regions around the Indus River Delta. Those kingdoms had diverse names and were populated by various nations, but none of them used the term Hind / Hindush / India in any language to identify themselves. There was no ‘India’ far beyond the Indus River Delta. The Magadha kingdom of Bengal had nothing to do with ‘India’. The Maurya Empire was not ‘India’ and not one text has been found to possibly identify Asoka as an ‘Indian’. Pretty much like the state of Gupta that rose 600 years later, the Maurya dynasty ruled a multi-ethnic state. Calling Gupta’s late 3rd c. CE kingdom ‘India’ is tantamount to extreme perversion; it is as if one designates Clovis I’s Frankish state as ‘Roman Empire’.


Neither Gandhara nor Magadha are ‘Hind’ or ‘Hindush’.

The Maurya Empire was a short lived state (it lasted ca. 150 years) with capital in the Ganges River Valley. But it was not ‘India’.

The Empire of Gupta was a multi-ethnic state that included for some time the historical territory of ‘India’ at the Indus River Delta region; the map is quite deceptive, because it includes the land of many vassal kingdoms that were never incorporated in the Empire of Gupta. The founder of the dynasty is however not known from historical sources contemporaneous to his reign, but that of his great-grandson, Samudragupta (350-375).

Various kingdoms are mentioned in the 1st c. CE text Periplus of the Red (Erythraean) Sea across the territories presently controlled by ‘India’; but they are ethnically and culturally distinct and different from one another.


What average people worldwide call today ‘History of India’ is a purely theoretical, colonial reconstruction undertaken by mainly English, American and French Orientalists who, self-styled as ‘Indologists’, carried out enormous distortions, extensive falsifications, and systematic misinterpretations in order to adapt the historical past to their colonial agenda and to make historical evolution look exactly like their political needs demanded; myths have been therefore deliberately stretched over millennia for the forgers to achieve a most desired ‘antiquity’ of the ‘Indian’ civilization, and the importance of several ancient kingdoms was over-magnified. Trickeries, concealment of sources, deceitful presentations, forged maps, and an enormous part of shameless falsehood were produced in order to come up with this monstrosity. 

The bogus-historical term ‘South India’ is even more ludicrous than the above mentioned fallacies, if one takes into consideration the fact that today’s India’s southern part has always been inhabited by Dravidian nations that differ from the supposedly ‘Indo-European’ populations of the North as much as the Chinese are distinct from the Saharan Africans. Important historical kingdoms of the southern parts of the subcontinent were the following: Andhra (Satavahana dynasty), Chera, Pandya, and Chola; the former was a bilingual kingdom whereas the latter three were powerful Dravidian kingdoms. The so-called Sangam period (6th c. BCE – 3rd c. CE) is an entire reconstruction geared to deprive the Dravidians of the South of any historical-cultural-national heritage, to subordinate them to the northern ‘Indo-Europeans’, and to divert them from secession and independence from the modern colonial structure named ‘India’.

What is called ‘South India’ is ethnically, linguistically and culturally so different from the inhabitants of today’s northern provinces of ‘India’ as the Sudanese are from Kyrgyz or Uzbek!

The Dravidian languages of the Deccan (southern part of today’s India) seem to originate from Elamite, the language of Elam which was the major rival of Sumer, Akkad, Babylon and Assyria, east of Southern Mesopotamia (from the 4th millennium BCE until 640 BCE, when Assurbanipal invaded Elam, exterminated the entire population, and spread salt across its territory. Dravidians have nothing in common with ‘Indo-Europeans’.


Similarly, the Oriental Iranian Empire of Kushan controlled for some centuries large swaths of today’s India’s territories without using the name ‘India’ and without reflecting any ‘Indian’ cultural trait; the kings of Bagram, Peshawar, Takshashila and Mathura were the multicultural and multilingual rulers of a Central Asiatic Empire that comprised sizeable parts of today’s India, but they did not have either ‘Indian’ consciousness and they do not constitute part of the so-called ‘History of India’.

After the arrival of Islam in the Indus River Valley, already in the 7th c., great numbers of Turanians started moving from North – Northeast Asia and Central Asia to the South; they settled in many parts of today’s India’s northern half. Similarly with what occurred in Egypt and other parts of North Africa, Turanian Mamluks shaped local dynasties and expanded their states to the South. An enormous ethnic-linguistic-cultural amalgamation took place among the numerous local nations and the Turanian newcomers. Today, many want to forget that the successive Islamic dynasties down to the Great Mughal Empire (1526-1857) consist in mere repetition of the very old historical motif: the region north of Narmada River has permanently been exposed to movements of peoples and invasions coming from either Central Asia or Iran whereas the region south of Narmada remained always the land of the Dravidians. 

Of course, the Great Turanian Emperors (the ‘Gorkanian’) named their vast realm ‘Hindustan’, but this does not consist in an ethnic, linguistic, cultural and historical continuity from the Achaemenid Hindush. Contrarily to Iran, Turan and other lands, South Asia does not offer any sample of historical continuity – except among the Dravidians south of Narmada River; that’s why the Mughal Gorkanian revered so much Ferdowsi’s illustrious epics Shahnameh and always kept their imperial scribes, calligraphers and painters busy with the preparation of new copies of the Iranian-Turanian literary masterpiece. There has never been and there could never be -across centuries and throughout different religions- an ‘Indian’ Shahnameh.

The racist colonial fabrication of Indo-Europeanism and the pernicious construction of a Hindu-based, anti-Dravidian, anti-Turanian, and anti-Islamic, nationalistic ‘History of India’ is a historical-cultural disgrace for Bengal and Deccan and a politically motivated action of rancor, odium and enmity against the entire World of Islam. The vicious academic-intellectual forgery of the English Orientalists and Indologists is perfectly well reflected in the colonial ignominy of the perfidious English. The colonization of South Asia and the destruction of the Mughal Empire by the English had indeed only one purpose: they wanted to replace a major, civilized Turanian Muslim empire with the barbarian Hindutva gangsters who, like Hitler’s SS (Schutzstaffel), constitute indeed South Asia’s worst socio-behavioral misery of all times.  




Fake map prepared by idiotic Afghani nationalists who, under English colonial guidance, portray the Ghaznavid Sultanate as ‘Afghani’! Not even the word ‘Afghan’ did not exist in 1027.


Simurgh healing Rustam: miniature from Mughal manuscript (1719); Iranian – Turanian culture prevailed in South Asia and shaped Islamic Times’ Hindustan, a multi-ethnic empire that was the embodiment of tolerance and cohabitation among many nations and believers of numerous faiths.


VII. Colonial falsification of History and the fake state of Israel

The Ancient Hebrews (divided after the death of Solomon into two states, namely the 10-tribe Israel and the 2-tribe Judah) constituted a marginal nation of lesser importance during the first 3-4 centuries of the 1st millennium BCE; they did not possess the enormous scientific, academic and intellectual resources of Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Cush and Elam, whereas their religious-cultural background paled compared to the magnificent temples and the inexorable radiation of the Ancient Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian and Cushitic spirituality, culture and religion. The supposedly ‘great’ temple of David and Solomon in the small town of Jerusalem looked like an auxiliary annex opposite the vast sacerdotal complexes at Karnak, Nineveh, Babylon, Assyria, Iwnw (Heliopolis), Abydos, and dozens of other superb and exquisite shrines across Mesopotamia and the Nile Valley.

After the entire population of Israel (the major of the two Hebrew states) was transported to NE provinces of Assyria, following the invasion and the demolition of Samaria, capital of Israel, by Sargon II Emperor of Assyria (722-705), there have never been any ‘Israelites’ in the region. The transported populations were lost after the collapse and the disappearance of Assyria (614, 612, 609 BCE) and ever since, they have been called “the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel”. No one can name a state ‘Israel’ in the absence of the Ancient Israelites, and this only demonstrates the invalidity and the criminality of the Zionist forgery and the lawlessness of the modern pseudo-state that the Zionists fabricated in Palestine during monstrous hecatombs and unprecedented bloodshed.

The remaining two tribes of Judah for more than a century constituted an evidently insignificant enclave within the Assyrian Empire; then, they were invaded by Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 BCE), King of Babylonians, and subsequently transported (586 BCE) to Babylon. Released by the Achaemenid Cyrus (539 BCE), they remained always a marginal and insignificant element of the Ancient Orient, noticeable thanks to the precarious forms of their states and to the absolute lack of contribution to local or regional civilization until they were dispersed by the Romans (70 CE). As a matter of fact, we can extensively describe, analyze, document and comment about Ancient Phoenician, Aramaean, Urartu or Neo-Hittite Religion, Architecture, Art and Civilization (not to mention the most illustrious Ancient Oriental nations, i.e. the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Cushites and the Elamites), but we cannot afford to create a term such as ‘Jewish Civilization’.

The aforementioned historical conclusion may generate some discord and various objections, and many may wish to bring for discussion the topic of the world known and undeniably impressive synagogue of Dura Europos in the easternmost confines of today’s Syria; then, such attempt is doomed to fail, because not one ethnic Jew lived in Dura Europos. The artistic masterpieces of Dura Europos’ synagogue and its superb wall paintings, which -after their discovery in the 1920s- have been preserved in the National Museum of Damascus, constitute a great specimen of Aramaean Art (not Jewish Art!) of the Late Antiquity, because the local population was mixed, mainly consisting of Aramaeans, Parthians, Macedonians, Romans and Palmyrene (Tadmor) Aramaeans.






Syria: The ciborium niche in the western wall. Fresco from Dura Europos synagogue, c.250 CE


Actually, many unearthed mosques in Palestine and Syria were not built and decorated by ethnic Jews but by Aramaeans and Aramaized Palestinians who adopted the Jewish faith; this situation is very well reflected in the scene of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well (Gospel by John 4:4–26), because the Samaritans of the time of Jesus were the descendants of the Aramaeans, whom Sargon II of Assyria had transferred from South Mesopotamia to the land of Ancient Israel, after he removed the Israelite captives (722-719 BCE).

Present day Zionist propaganda is genuinely unable to make of the Ancient Hebrews (let alone the ‘Jews’) an important ancient civilization; it only demonstrates that the Zionists are ludicrous, untrustworthy, and faulty. On the other hand, the historical tendency of British Israelitism (also known as Anglo-Israelism) constitutes only one of the possible interpretational efforts and the attempts to identify the descendants of the Ancient Israelites and of the Ancient Assyrians in our times. About:





Compared to Assyria, Babylon, Elam and Egypt, the tiny kingdoms of Israel and Judah were an uncivilized and marginal periphery without the spiritual, scientific, intellectual and artistic resources of the Ancient Oriental Empires. It is therefore useless to bother about them. The most important part of the Hebrew Bible is Genesis; but this is only a poor, abridged form of the ancient Mesopotamian epics of Creation.

Instead of reading Genesis, study the Assyrian-Babylonian Epic of Creation Enuma Elish and the Epic of Adapa, the original first human!

Instead of wasting your time with the irrelevant description of the Flood and Noah in the Hebrew Bible, explore the superior, Assyrian-Babylonian epics Atra Hasis, the Malediction of Akkad, and Gilgamesh!

It is pathetic and inane to care about how the temple of Solomon or the temple of Herod was in Jerusalem; whatever they may have been, they were surely tiny and minor edifices compared to the vast architectural complex of holy temples of Amun, Mut and Montu at Karnak in Niwt, the capital Ancient Kemet (Egypt), today’s Luxor.

Whatever your origin, faith and character may be, only someone who wants to harm you pretends that you have to focus on the minor and the marginal, and not on the major and superior.

Compared to the Temple of Amun at Karnak, the temple of Solomon looks like a kiosk!


VIII. Colonial falsification of History and the fake state of Ethiopia

On this topic I expanded repeatedly in the past, plainly explaining that the historical name of ‘Ethiopia’ was used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans for the Cushitic kingdom immediately south of Egypt in the area of today’s North Sudan. The Ancient Kingdom of Cush did not include Abyssinia, which was a different, later and smaller, kingdom located mainly in today’s Eritrea northern part and few adjacent areas of the Tigray province. The colonial expansion (1850-1950) of the modern kingdom of Abyssinia ended up in the colonial times’ most multifaceted, most enduring, most abominable, and most concealed genocide. Western colonial countries attempted to cover this abhorrent situation by re-baptizing the modern Abyssinian kingdom as ‘Ethiopia’, which is not only a historical forgery but also a shameful coverage of 170-year long genocide perpetrated by the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinian tribes against more than fifteen (15) Cushitic, Omotic and Nilo-Saharan African nations. About:









Cengiz Orhonlu, Osmanlı İmparatorluğu’nun Güney Siyaseti Habeş Eyaleti (İstanbul 1974)
Cengiz Orhonlu, Turkish archival sources on Ethiopia (Roma 1974)

More on Ottoman sources on Abyssinia:






IX. Conclusions

Kemal Ataturk’s Turkey did not belong to none of the aforementioned categories of states, having never been either a colonial state or a colonized pseudo-state. The reason for this is the fact that interconnection between Education and Culture has kept the nation alive, conscious and creative, whereas further discoveries from the various historical periods of the Anatolian Nation have always solidified its culture. Contrarily, in the two other categories of states, the discoveries from the historical past have always been deliberately distorted and adjusted to the local, false historical dogma, which in turn helped significantly strengthen the fallacious doctrine that had been locally imposed. This means that Education in Turkey was geared to bring the average people closer to the historical truth, whereas in the colonial or the colonized nations, it always took them further adrift. 

The diametrically opposed versions of Education have an enormously different impact on the nations where they are applied. In the case of Turkey, the average people are conscious of their past. In the case of the colonial or the colonized nations, people believe a fake historical dogma as History. The same concerns the followers of today’s highly politicized pseudo-religions, which have nothing to do with the historical faiths that we know but serve only the political purposes of the colonial powers and mainly the permanent division and internal strife of the Islamic World. The difference can be highlighted thanks to the following contrast:

– If a pupil in Turkey’s Secondary Education learns about the Hittite King Mursilis I’s campaign in Mesopotamia and conquest of Babylon in the early 16th c. BCE (ca. 1595), the pupil becomes aware of one of Anatolia’s greatest moments in History and perceives the historical-cultural continuity of his land.

– If a pupil in Turkey’s Secondary Education learns details about the Battle of Badr or the Battle of Uhud at the time of Prophet Muhammad, the pupil wastes his time, because this topic is totally unimportant for all national purposes and absolutely worthless for Anatolian Turkish pupils willing to plainly absorb their national identity and acquire their cultural integrity.

This does not mean that Islam was not integral part of Anatolia’s past and constituent element of the Turanian nations’ cultural heritage; on the contrary! But Islam in Anatolia is exemplified by Jalal ad Din Rumi and Haji Bektash Veli or illustrated thanks to the battles of Seljuk sultans like Kaykobad I and Kaykhusraw II – not the useless stories that fascinate today’s idiotic Islamists.

In the span of the last 100 years, after Kemal Ataturk founded Modern Turkey and launched the educational system that helped the country advance, Kemalists, Pan-Turanianists, and Islamists have tried to pull the strings toward different directions; the Kemalists attempted to bring to Turkey elements of the Education of the colonial countries of the West, whereas the Islamists tried to spread across the country the misery of Egypt’s Islamists, the abysmal complex of inferiority of the Syrians and the Algerians, and the academic-educational-intellectual darkness of Al Azhar that can lead Turkey only to national self-destruction.

What mistakes were made and how the educational system of Turkey will help the nation of Kemal Ataturk carry out the vocation that its founder entrusted to all Turks are topics that we will discuss in the forthcoming part of the series.


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China, Turkey, Orientalism, and Black Athena

Turkey and China: an Alliance to Conquer the World – Part II

When Napoleon invaded (1798) the Ottoman province of Misir (Egypt) and when the English and the French undertook the Opium Wars against Qing China (1839-1860), the two great Oriental Empires at the western and the eastern confines of the Afro-Eurasiatic landmass did not face simple enemies, who wanted to invade their territories, conquer their lands, and exploit their natural resources and historical treasures. This is essential for today’s administrations in Ankara and Beijing to fully comprehend, duly assess and understand the ramifications thereof.

The evil colonial states, which -because of their worldwide antagonism- dragged against the Empire of the Middle (Zhongguo – 中國) almost all the other empires and powerful states of the world, had far worse plans in their minds against China and the Ottoman Empire. Their evil schemes were well beyond the intellectual capacity of the Sultan and the Son of the Heaven (Tianzi – 天子) to possibly identify; this situation was not due to them but to their puerile academic systems and inadequate diplomacies that had never before attempted to duly study in depth the uncultured nations, barbaric cultures, and evil empires of Western Europe.  

In other words, the Ottoman Empire and China failed to realize the criminal intentions of the Western sciences of Humanities, Classicism, and Orientalism. The two great Oriental Empires did not timely develop their, truthful and genuine, Oriental Orientalism in order to demonstrate to people across the world how biased and counterfeit the Western Orientalism has been. And in addition, China and the Ottoman Empire did not create a still much needed science, namely an Oriental Occidentalism, which would be enough to enable all the nations worldwide to understand the barbaric nature, the evil character and the murderous intentions of the colonial states of France and England, and to learn in nauseating detail the academic forgery and the historical distortions of racist contents that the elites of France and England had already produced at the detriment of all the civilized nations of Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and America.



Classical Cosmogony (Creation or Genesis): Enuma Elish, not Hesiod, not the Bible!

Classical Cosmogony (Creation or Genesis): the Ancient Egyptian Heliopolitan Ennead, not Hesiod, not the Bible!

Classical Cosmogony (Creation or Genesis): the Ancient Egyptian Hermupolitan Ogdoad, not Hesiod, not the Bible!

Classical Spirituality: the Assyrian Tree of Life – Greeks & Romans did not develop Spirituality

Classical Spirituality: the Ancient Egyptian Book of Gates – Greeks & Romans did not develop Spiritual Sciences

Classical Epics: Atra-hasis, Gilgamesh, Ullikummi – not Homer

Classical Messianic Soteriology and Eschatology: Etana, Horus of Edfu, Illuyankas – not the Bible

Classical History: Hatshepsut’s Expedition to Punt, the Annals of Thutmose III, the Annals of Ramses III, the Annals of the Sargonid Emperors of Assyria, the State Archives of Assyria, the Res Gestae Divi Saporis – not Herodotus and Thucydides


To be succinct, all the Sultans after 1798 and the Qing Emperors of the times of the Unequal Treaties (不平等條約 / 1842-1933) failed to realize that their pernicious enemies wanted mainly to invade their lands in order to

1- extensively distort their own History;

2- falsify their own Identity;

3- depict their great civilizations as lower and subordinated to the so-called Western Civilization;

4- conceal all major achievements, exploits and feats (or minimize them accordingly) of the Ottoman-Turanian-Islamic and the Chinese worlds;

5- viciously incorporate into the colonial academic fallacy of ‘World History’ (in duly distorted and extremely reduced form) the greatness of the Orient, namely:

a) the Ancient Civilizations of Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Egypt, Canaan, African Atlas, Cushitic Eastern Africa, Yemen, the Iranian plateau, and the Indus River Valley, their unmatched epics, myths, symbolisms, world conceptualization, imperial universalism, and sacerdotal hierarchy of education and mysticism, their hitherto unsurpassed sciences, divination, and diachronic perception of World History, and their exemplary contextualization of the righteous human being as God’s superintendent on Earth,

b) the Turanian World’s illustrious past, spirituality, sagacity, heroism and martial arts, which covered originally Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Siberia and NE Asia only to be later diffused further to many other parts of the world, notably the Indus River Valley and South Asia, Iran, Anatolia and the Balkans,

c) the Islamic cultural heritage, the Islamic Wisdom (misnamed as ‘Islamic Philosophy), and all the Muslims’ scientific, academic, literary, artistic and architectural inventions, creativity and expansiveness (which originated only from the Ancient Oriental civilizations, and spread knowledge, science and civilization among the Western European barbarians), and

d) the magnificent contributions of China to World Civilization, China’s 5-millennium long, indissoluble interconnectedness with Turan (‘Central Asia’), the Iranian plateau, Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Egypt, China’s reciprocal cultural exchanges with Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Egypt, and Cushitic Eastern Africa alongside the Silk-, Perfume (Incense)-, and Spice- Routes across lands, deserts and seas, and China’s openness to all types of spirituality, transcendental knowledge, intuition, religion, cosmogony, cosmology, and apocalyptic eschatology that came from the West, i.e. from Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Syria-Palestine, Egypt and Indus River Valley;

6- hide the World History’s top trait, namely the reality that all the Lights, all the supreme human visions and intuitions, all the supreme achievements of human spirituality, civilization, wisdom, myth, world conceptualization, messianic eschatology, knowledge, science, art, architecture and martial arts, and all the major historical events emanated from and took place in the geo-historical axis that links Egypt, Anatolia and Mesopotamia –through Iran, the Indus River Valley, and Turan (Central Asia)- with China;



The diffusion of Manichaeism from Mesopotamia to and Egypt and Anatolia, as well as to Iran, Turan and China reflects the axis around which revolves the World History. That is why Manichaeism was the World History’s first universal religion that spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific. However, Mani’s preaching emanated from Mesopotamia. That is why 600 years before the World History’s greatest founder of religion, Alexander the Great abandoned the worthless periphery of South Balkans and made of Babylonia his capital.

Nestorian Christianity reconfirms the reality that the Center of the World History is the axis between Mesopotamia and China. Without Roman or Eastern Roman armies to massacre the followers of other religions and the so-called heretics, without Spanish and Portuguese conquistadores to carry out genocide against the indigenous nations, Nestorian Christianity was diffused across the axis between Mesopotamia and China. The Eastern Roman Empire and Western European Christian kingdoms cover an minor fraction of the territories where Nestorians worshipped Jesus as son of Mary and not as son of god.

The History of the Silk Roads shows where the true Center of the World lies and where today’s world goes. The secular alliance between Turkey and China will put an end to the barbarians of Asia’s still uncivilized, western peninsula, i.e. Europe, and to the criminal Yankees, who have been alien invaders of the territories north of Mexico.


7- export and project the periphery, misery and barbarism of Ancient Greece, Rome and Western Europe (i.e. the trivial past and the inferior heritage of the Western European colonial powers) onto China and the Ottoman Empire as the world’s leading civilization and as the epicenter of World History, which a monstrous forgery. To do this, they had established a fake version of World History that represents the History of Ancient Greece, Rome and Western Europe in monstrously distorted form, in schizophrenically magnified and exaggerated description, and in fully indecent manner. In other words, the colonial forgers of the English and French pseudo-universities portrayed Ancient Greece and Rome as supposedly ‘Classics’ and as the so-called ‘Classical Civilization’ whereas -in terms of objective historical reality- the European South represents only the following:

a) the most ostensibly attested human incapacity to cope with the true World History’s true classical standards and golden criteria, namely those of Sargonid Assyria, of 18th dynasty Kemet (Egypt), of Hittite Anatolia, and of Amorite Babylonia;

b) the most deplorable deviation from the Ancient Oriental civilizations’ values, virtues and criteria;    

c) the most debilitated form of social organization, involving (in Greece)

i- uncouth, petty kings,

ii- brutish, cruel tyrants,

iii- uneducated fanatic priests, who persecuted the Ancient Greek philosophers,

iv- corrupt and vicious politicians whose sole ‘values’ were their own unholy interests,

v- racist historians, who -by the way- were not even indigenous but Anatolian traitors of their own lands, like the Carian Herodotus who wrote out of hatred against his own country’s rightful choice to accept the Achaemenid imperial rule,

vi- paranoid and vicious demagogues and preachers of division and strife, like Demosthenes, who opposed the Macedonian concept and successful attempt to subdue, unite and civilize the Greeks by forcing them to move to the Orient,

vii- pathetic authors like Thucydides, who idiotically wrote extensively about the civil war of Ancient Greeks (namely the Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BCE) because he did not have the Oriental wisdom to realize that by expanding on evil events one only reproduces evilness and negativity, and

viii- low level students of the Ancient Oriental priests, who after returning to Ionia, Aeolia (Western Anatolia), and South Balkans (‘Greece’), knew very well that what they had learned -in the temples of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Iran- too little to be duly called ‘wise men’ or ‘sages’. That is why they intentionally coined the new term ‘friendliness to wisdom’ (philo+sophia) from which originates the Latin and modern term ‘philosophy’ {and philosopher: ‘friend to wisdom’ (philo+sophos)}; they actually wanted to accurately denote their lower and subordinate position vis-à-vis their tutors and masters, namely the Ancient Oriental hierophants, high priests, sages, and wise elders of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Phoenicia and Iran;

d) the most divided group of tribal city-states spiritually destitute, culturally impotent, intellectually trivial, and tribally incapable to envisage for themselves the possibility to establish an empire (Greece);

e) the worldwide first and most paradigmatic Anti-Semitic (Anti-Carthaginian/Anti-Punic) ‘republic’ (res publica) and the world’s most scathing case of brutish and racist, culturally crude, and religiously insolvent ‘kingdom’, which was unlucky enough to be early degraded to ‘republic’ only to become an ’empire’ after the Oriental example of Assyria in order to oppose Iran, i.e. one of two most civilized, sophisticated and universalist empires of the then world (Rome);

8- put out of sight the pivotal Oriental impact on the formation of the ‘Occident’ (Ancient Greece, Rome and Europe) as civilized land; actually,

– without the numerous settlements of Phoenicians and Carthaginians across Southern Europe,

– without the introduction of the Phoenician alphabet in Greece and Rome,

– without the Hittite Anatolian impact on the Achaeans (one of the so-called ‘Greek’ tribes),

– without the migration of Oriental populations (notably the Danaans) to the South Balkans,

– without the queues that Ancient Greeks made out of Ancient Babylonian, Egyptian and Iranian temples in order to study there the Lights of Civilization,

– without the military expedition of Alexander, king of Macedonia, who conquered the Greeks to take them with him to the Orient and civilize them in Anatolia, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran, Bactria, Sogdiana and elsewhere,

– without the flood of Oriental forms of spirituality, cosmogony, cosmology, soteriology, eschatology, esoteric cults, and mysticisms that swept away the primitive religion and puerile mythology of the Ancient Greeks,

– without the overwhelming spread of Oriental faiths, beliefs, and religions that swept away the unsophisticated religion of the Ancient Romans, and

– without the influx of Mithraism, Ostanism, Chaldean Oracles, Isiac Egyptian religion, Anatolian cults (of Savazios, Cybele, etc.), Syrian and Phoenician faiths (Atargatis – Syrian goddess, Adonis, etc.), Gnosticisms, Hermetism and Manichaeism across Greece, Rome and Europe (where hundreds of Mithraea and Isea have been unearthed), and

– without the arrival of Christianity, i.e. one exclusively Oriental religion, to Greece, Rome and Europe,

…. the western peninsula of Asia (i.e. Europe) would have never gone out of the status of a chaotic and barbaric periphery of the civilized world.

In fact, in the early 20th c., after the demise of the Great Mughal Empire of South Asia, the decline of Qajar Iran, and the engineered by the colonial West, gradual and subversive academic westernization of Russia’s educational system and intellectual elite, only China and the Ottoman Empire could oppose the colonial plan of the Western European powers to diffuse worldwide the aforementioned perverse dogma, its distortion of the World History, its misrepresentation of historical sources and the archaeological material record, and the associated racist political conclusions. Unfortunately for the Qing and the Ottomans, they did not have at the time the necessary spiritual, intellectual, scientific and academic infrastructure to attempt an ingenuous feat of such dimensions, because both empires constituted at the time two decayed worlds.



Dahuting tomb wall painting with representation of a banquet

Wall Painting from Luoyang Museum of Ancient Tombs

Han times’ tomb pottery

Silk-woven fabric

Spring and Autumn Annals of Wu and Yue: a classical historical source for the World History

Weilüe: a classical historical source for the World History

Wall paintings dating back to the times of Han dynasty in China: exemplary classical Art for the History of the Mankind, reflecting moments of spiritual life (the first) and activities of daily life (the second)


Today, Turkey and China must understand that their existence and national integrity is at stake, because of the same plans of England, France and America, i.e. the latest offspring of the colonial powers. Only when Turkey and China will split in many pieces, the colonial gangsters and pseudo-academics of the West will be sure that their Anti-Turkish, Anti-Turanian, Anti-Islamic, Anti-Chinese, Anti-Confucian, Anti-Buddhist, Anti-Asiatic, Anti-African, and Anti-Oriental forgery managed to prevail worldwide. This is obvious because wherever the colonial powers impose and install in power their stooges, i.e. the indigenous, colonized elites, these puppets quasi-automatically accept and locally adapt the aforementioned racist and inhuman dogma of Eurocentric (or Greco-Romano-centric) version of History, which is gravely detrimental to their own spiritual and cultural National Heritage.

In fact, for all the Asiatic, African, Central and Eastern European, and American nation, any governmental-academic-intellectual support, acceptance or even tolerance of the fallacious Greco-Romano-centric version of History and the ensuing colonial racism is tantamount to high treason and must end with the respective punishment upon the heads of the idiotic and bribed local politicians and pseudo-statesmen, who carried out such a sacrilege and national shame.

Therefore, to successfully cancel the destructive work of the colonial academia, Turkey and China today have to join forces and see their common future – not only in the sphere of commercial-economic cooperation across the New Silk Road (One Belt One Ring), not only at the level of military alliance (within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization), not only within the context of bilateral governance and diplomatic partnership, but also – in terms of a vast academic, scientific, educational, intellectual, and cultural coalition and synergy geared to

A- refute, denounce and eliminate the fallacy of the racist Eurocentric (or Greco-Romano-centric) version of History;

B- introduce a combined Oriental Orientalism and Oriental Occidentalism to replace across the Earth the colonial academic scoundrels, who still propagate sick, obscure, and inhuman concepts such as Renaissance, Classicism, Hellenism, Western Orientalism, European ‘Enlightenment’, Libertarianism, Left Liberalism, and other obnoxious nonsensical notions;

C- diffuse the new academic branches of truthful representation of World History, namely Oriental Orientalism and Oriental Occidentalism, across all continents by launching a great number of bilaterally organized, bilingual Turco-Chinese “Silk Road Universities” across the world; 

D- overthrow the present status quo in UNESCO, which is controlled by the academic-intellectual cholera of racist France;

E- awake all the previously politically-militarily subjugated and still academically-intellectually-educationally-culturally colonized nations of the world and offer them the chance to better study their own past once liberated from the deeply colonial and absolutely racist Eurocentric (or Greco-Romano-centric) version of History, which moved across the world due to the Western colonial expansion;

F- establish, provide and promote a vast academic, educational, intellectual, and cultural inter-exchange worldwide on the basis Oriental Orientalism and Oriental Occidentalism, thus obliterating once for all the inferior, barbaric and catastrophic misrepresentation of Ancient Greece, Rome and Modern Europe from the World Cultural Heritage.

Turkey and China will prevail worldwide at the levels of governance, economy, and defense, only if they impose academically-intellectually-educationally-culturally the Oriental Truth over the Falsehood the colonial dogma of Eurocentric version of World History. Otherwise, even if China, Turkey and their allies prevail worldwide, due to the advanced decay and decomposition of the European Union, USA and England, they will be ultimately and calamitously held captive of the colonial fallacies and of the racist Eurocentric forgery, which have long been spread across the world. Then, the destructive forces, which have been unleashed by means of this evil, colonial academic-intellectual system of distortion of the World History, will vehemently turn against China, Turkey and their allies, duly corrupting them and in turn destroying them. 

After all, what did the colonial powers try to do, by diffusing the falsehood of the Eurocentric (or Greco-Romano-centric) version of History?

– They attempted to make of uncivil and unholy rascals like Pericles and Alcibiades the example for all the humans.

So, it is easy to conclude to the colonially imposed, academic-intellectual tyranny of the Western gangsters is tantamount to sacrilege, profanity and barbarism; the Eurocentric (or Greco-Romano-centric) version of History is not only a desecrating lie and an inhuman deception; it is a straightforward insult against the Cultural and National Heritage of all the civilized nations of this world.

If the atrocious fallacy of the colonial, Greco-Romano-centric dogma of History is not utterly eliminated, the only possible ensuing result will be the engulfment of the entire world into ceaseless divisions, bloody conflicts, civil wars, interminable strives, and permanent crusades undertaken in the name of Christianity by the most Anti-Christian states and forces of the world. This is only normal after all; when your model for ‘historian’ is the author of a civil war narrative, you are definitely plunged into civil wars without even understanding it. Then, you idiotically or hypocritically state that you ‘study’ Thucydides to ‘draw the lessons of History’ only to be plunged into one more war – one of the many for which worthless, garish, barbarian Europe has become historically famous.

That is why it is compulsory for Turkey and China and their academic and intellectual elites to duly focus on the pioneering work of leading scholars who, although they studied in the Western world and were part of the Western elites, had the honesty and the courage to reject the Western colonial fallacy and the villainous pseudo-historical Greco-centric dogma. Then, Martin Bernal with his legendary Black Athena and Edward Said with his renowned Orientalism, as well as the contents and the concepts of their contributions, must become known  to all the pupils across the Earth, replacing the hitherto prevailing colonial, Greco-Romano-centric dogma of History. The racist rascals of the decayed Western European and North American pseudo-universities must be left without audience and close down.


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Turkey and China: an Alliance to Conquer the World – I

Part I: Turkey must withdraw from NATO and become Member State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at once!

The forthcoming death of the West is inevitable. The monstrous and inhuman conquistadores, who went out of Spain to commit genocide in Mexico and Peru, the barbarian Portuguese, who left their land to make war on the civilized and peaceful Somali and other East African Muslim sultanates, the primitive French, who moved out of their cursed land to invade the world for the benefit of their incestuous bogus-kings, the savage English, who turned their useless island into a butchery of other nations (Scots, Welsh, etc.), before attempting to colonize the Earth, and the vulgar Dutch, who -being unable to live in their Nether Lands- turned the islands of the Indonesian nations into a real Nether World on the surface of the Earth, are about to get extinguished as nations and demolished as states. And English will soon cease to be an international language. No one needs it; Chinese Mandarin is richer, better and more eloquent.

The corrupt, sick and evil nations of France and England, after enslaving numerous nations in their territories-cemeteries (Basks, Catalans, Occitans, Corsicans, Bretons and Alsatians in France; Irish, Scots and Welsh in England), set up a long plan, stretched over centuries, and achieved to successively destroy the Mughal Empire of South Asia, the Safavid-Afsharid-Qajar Empire of Iran, and the Ottoman Empire. Their plan would have been completed, had not the greatest statesman of the 20th century, Kemal Ataturk, prevented them from doing so. The existence of the secular state of Turkey means -for the Satanic capitals Paris and London- that the barbaric targets of their academies, administrations, diplomacies, and armies have not been accomplished.

The same evil colonial empires, mobilizing others after the typical manner of hyenas and wild dogs, attempted to also invade the Qing Empire of China. Their ‘allies’ in the project, namely Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Japan and US, were gullible enough to be cheated by the French and the English by means of ‘sharing a big pie’; this is so because the completion of the evil plan would surely be beneficial to the naïve allies of the Paris and London criminals, but it would catapult England and France to world dominance. At the end, similarly with what occurred in Asia’s westernmost confines thanks to Kemal Ataturk, the colonial forces failed to occupy China; despite all the Unequal Treaties (不平等條約), the Concessions and the Boxer Protocol (辛丑各國和約), which involved England, France, Japan, Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, the US, Holland, Belgium, and Spain (indemnity was paid by China also to Portugal, Sweden and Norway!), the historical nucleus of continental China remained independent.  

Consequently, thanks to only Turkey and China, the colonial powers failed to achieve their targets in Asia; quite contrarily, in Africa, they colonized the entire Black Continent, due also to the cooperation with their local criminal stooge, the Amhara-led Abyssinia, which annexed the kingdoms of the Oromos, the Kaffas, the Sidamas, the Hadiyas, the Afars and many other African nations, notably the Ogaden Somalis. One has however to bear in mind that the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians are not Africans but, being Semitic of origin, they originate from Yemen.

Drawing on anti-colonial traditions, convictions and struggles, but being too unsophisticated to possibly resist the European colonial powers’ infiltration, the United States was gradually transformed, during the 19th c., from beacon of anti-colonialism to a colonial instrument that diffused darkness, lawless laws, inhuman theories, monstrous ideas, and savage practices worldwide.

As Germany and Italy participated in the colonial competition only briefly and only because of their rightful antagonism with France and England, one cannot take them as historical colonial powers. Germany does not belong to the West, but has been after 1945 under permanent Western occupation, and the present political system does not represent the German identity and the wishes of the German nation. The eternal return of the Drang nach Osten every now and then, as fundamental concept of the German intellectual, cultural and spiritual identity, constitutes full proof of the fact that Germany is an Oriental nation. Wagner,  Goethe, Fichte, Athanasius Kircher, Friedrich II von Hohenstaufen, and Friedrich I Barbarossa have nothing Western in them. Italy may be the cradle of Renaissance, but in the 3-millennium long History of Rome and the Italian Peninsula, this must be considered as a deviation and an exception; as a matter of fact, the Roman Empire competed for hundreds of years with Arsacid and Sassanid Iran for prevalence in the Orient. An unprecedented cataclysm of Oriental cults, religions, cultures and theories swept the Roman Empire during and after the 1st c. BCE, duly obliterating every notion of the Roman Republic and every element of non-Oriental (i.e. barbaric) nature. Christianity is an Oriental religion par excellence.

Today, the Western World, after diffusing its 5-century long falsification of the historical past, scientific forgery, theoretical aberration, ideological distortion, cultural abnormality, socio-political corruption, economic ravenousness (all the colonial countries’ achievements are due to wealth stripped from other nations), and overall inhumanity, is doomed to implode, explode and disappear. Deeply plunged in internal strives that reflect the opposite concepts, spiritual practices, material targets, and worldwide agendas of the Western World’s major components and secret orders, the West is predestined to disintegrate and go extinct. Little matters whether France and England will collapse differently from, or prior to, the US. Their situation is very well known to the panicked gangsters, who rule these states that are engulfed in a multitude of internal and external conflicts. That’s why the colonial masterminds, in their confrontation with one another and with all the other sound nations of this world, try persistently and desperately to do what they have always done: export their problems, conflicts, mental sickness, moral corruption, and inhuman monstrosity, thus triggering worldwide chaos and disasters.  

Only an idiot and a liar believe that the derelict states of US, England and France will longer exist. However, although in such miserable state, the various criminal cliques that rule these countries are still highly dangerous. This is so because they will try to destroy states and spread a conflagration of wars in order to survive; this is surely a delusion, but the entire world may face a nuclear conflagration until these evil states and ruling classes get lost.

All Turks must imperatively shift their thought from the silly stereotype “Kemal Ataturk wanted Turkey to be a Western or Western European country, state and society”; this is a lie. He did not. In 1919, when Kemal Ataturk started his gigantic feat, he wanted to make of the new state, which he finally launched officially in 1923 with Turkey’s First Constitution, a powerful, modern and technologically advanced state that would at the same time enable the Turkish nation to preserve its Anatolian historical continuity, moral integrity, and cultural identity.  

Right or wrong, at the time of Kemal Ataturk, the technologically and militarily advanced countries of the world were located in Central – Western Europe and North America. In only two decades, the ashamed, defeated, backward and useless Ottoman Empire was spectacularly transformed into a victorious, expanding, advanced, well-systematized Turkey that fostered discipline, order and national unity because of the existence of one party only. Women were socially equal to men in Ataturk’s Turkey and therefore voted in elections, two years before women were endowed with this privilege in corrupt and perverse France. It is therefore quite clear that ‘modernization’ was not meant as ‘westernization’ in Ankara.

In this regard, the distinguished Prof. Erol Manisalı, widely considered as Turkey’s foremost Kemalist but in reality consisting in Turkey’s most genuine interpreter of Kemal Ataturk’s mindset, concepts, choices and decisions, reminded Ataturk’s true words to everyone in an excellent article that was recently published (1/12/2020) in Turkey’s most acclaimed newspaper Cumhuriyet under the meaningful title “Erdoğan’ın ‘Avrupa çıkışı’nın arkası” (Behind Erdogan’s ‘European exit’). After a brief but very convincing analysis, the venerable academician made a sentence only to include a most crucial statement made back in the 1920s by Kemal Ataturk: «”İstikametimiz Avrupa değil, bilim ve çağdaş uygarlık değerleridir” dedi». («”Our destination is not Europe, but science and contemporary civilization values”, he said»). https://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/yazarlar/erol-manisali/erdoganin-avrupa-cikisinin-arkasi-1795152

Post WWII Europe abandoned the values of contemporary civilization and now, along with America, will get decomposed and disappear. Kemal Ataturk would never accept homosexual marriages, adoption of children by so-called homosexual couples, and all the other evil notions and inhuman concepts of the American ‘Democrats’, Western European libertarians, cosmopolitan leftists, and cultureless Marxists.

Today, in striking contrast with the decayed colonial states of US, France and England, China is the embodiment of technological advance, anti-colonial struggle, cultural value preservation, historical heritage promotion, and unbiased academic life. Starting with Deng Xiaoping (邓小平), the Chinese realized that they should act in the manner Kemal Ataturk did six (6) decades earlier as regards earlier forms of Western non-hereditary states. They therefore selected and retained those among the elements of Mao’s Marxism-Leninism that could be locally adaptable, culturally adjustable, and consequently useful to the Chinese tradition, heritage and identity.   

In the beginning of the 21st c., China and Turkey are the world’s most solidary empires; the two states are complementary to one another in a unique, historical, cultural and geo-strategic way. Turkey is the most indispensable state for the promotion of China’s universal interests in the western confines of the Afro-Eurasiatic landmass. China is the most indispensable state for the promotion of Turkey’s Pan-Turanian and Pan-Islamic interests worldwide. As both empires can expand and triumph worldwide only on the basis of Kemal Ataturk’s concept of and approach to governance, Turkey can evidently help China with the modernization of the education, culture, mentality and way of life of Uighurs, who did not have until now the chance to understand Islam in the way Kemal Ataturk did and organize their education, cultural life, and socio-economic advance accordingly.

Pretty much like China, Turkey cannot tolerate the present state of fragmentation in Western Asia, i.e. the former territories of the Ottoman Empire that the colonial gangsters of the West baptized with the nonexistent term “Middle East”.

Pretty much like Turkey, China cannot tolerate the present state of fragmentation in the inner, central parts of Asia, i.e. the vast territories of former Timurid Turanian empires that were pulverized due to multiple colonial schemes only to be terribly transfigured and misrepresented by English and French colonial academics and Orientalists, who invented the meaningless term “Central Asia” for these lands of high civilization. Central Asia is Turan.  

Pretty much like Kemal Ataturk was a paradigm for Deng Xiaoping’s elimination of useless theories that contradict World History, distort Human Culture, prevent peaceful development, and guarantee worldwide advance for all the nations, today’s China must become the perfect example for all Turks, who must unite in a new, single party, composed of all tendencies, return to Ataturk’s practices, and come up with Türkiye Cumhuriyeti 2.0, namely reinstate the Constitution of 1923.

If all Turks unite into a new, one-party Republic like at the time of Kemal Ataturk, it is certain that Turkey’s worst enemies (France, England, US, Israel) will immediately realize the catastrophic consequences that such an act will have for their existence. Before the idiotic Brussels bureaucrats interrupt Turkey’s contacts and negotiations with EU (https://www.ab.gov.tr/), Ankara must issue an announcement declaring the negotiations as forever terminated and all hitherto valid agreements as canceled {the infamous Customs Union agreement (1995) included}.

Turkey will complete 70 years of NATO membership only at expense of its territorial integrity, internal stability, and national safety. The different groups of power that determine NATO long-term decisions and practices have great differences among them and they are in permanent and terrible clash against one another, because their agendas differ greatly either worldwide or specifically, about the future of NATO. However, the common denominator of all agendas and schemes is the destruction of Ankara, the dismemberment of Turkey, and the subsequent formation of Greater Kurdistan, Greater Armenia, one Turkish secular state in Western Anatolia, a Turkish religious state in Central Anatolia, one moderate Muslim Turkish state in Thrace, and one Christian Orthodox religious state in the “island of Constantinople”.

This will be a geographical reality in case a totally idiotic or treacherous government in Ankara goes ahead and self-disastrously implements the paranoid Istanbul Canal plan (creation of an artificial canal between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, beyond the western suburbs and outskirts of today’s Istanbul (Lake Küçükçekmece). This shows that the Treaty of Sèvres represents something much more important than just the English, French and Italian caprices in the aftermath of WW I. Six states instead of one is the punishment that awaits states that were ruled by ignorant idiots, who were not qualified even to be shoeshine boys for their whole lives long. The only way for Ankara to avert its forthcoming split and final elimination is to leave at once the place where all Turkey’s enemies are gathered: NATIO.

In 2021, Turkey must suddenly, unilaterally and unequivocally withdraw from this wasp nest and instantly become member state of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization).

The reasons that force Turkey and China to become today’s world’s closest allies are numerous. The common targets that Ankara and Beijing must set encompass everything from elimination of lethal threats to worldwide prevalence to the long awaited Pax Turco-Sinica! The present world needs to be erased from the surface of the Earth and China and Turkey are up to the task!

The present article is the first of a series that will help all Turks-Turanians-Muslims and all Chinese understand that the merge of the two worlds, the Chinese and the Turco-Islamic spheres, is the only means of survival for the entire Mankind, enlightened by the Oriental Light that today only China and Turkey still represent, preserve, protect and radiate.


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Africa, China and Eurasianism

The following is made out of a series of comments I wrote on a post by Dr. Bischara Ali’s  in Linkedin as refutation of a video’s contents and news about China’s rising influence in Africa. The comments can be found here:


The video in question can be viewed here:

“It’s Game Over for Europe in Africa, China has taken the upper hand”


The brief conclusion has been added herewith.

confucianism (1).jpg

China has not taken the upper hand in Africa and that’s why!

There can’t be more erroneous statement than the above as regards Africa, Europe, USA, and China! The Chinese already had a setback in Africa due to the evil Zionist conspiracy ‘Arab Spring’ (it was not a Spring, and there are no ‘Arabs’ outside Saudi Arabia). The Chinese think that, by spending more money, they will have a success, by they will fail again, just like the Soviets failed and Russian influence in Africa is now as important as Polish or Spanish influence. Contrarily, the American influence is stronger, because the US came as a continuation of the colonial powers, England and France, and consciously acted on the well prepared track. What the Soviets / Russians and the Chinese fail to understand is that in Africa they don’t face a reality, but a fake fabrication mounted for more than 200 years (since Napoleon).

So, anyone who comes to Africa (as well as to the fake area called ‘Middle East’, to India, to Indochina – Indonesia) meets people who lost their identity, integrity, cultural – historical consciousness, spirituality and humanity, being turned by the colonials into ignorant, pathetic and inhuman puppets or robots fixed to permanently perform as per the colonial interests. As long as the Chinese do not realize and do not outmaneuver this situation, they will fail. To mark a success in Africa and other parts of Eurasia, China must first eliminate today’s fake islam of the trashy robots, demolish all desecrated, Satanic mosques, drive all indigenous nations to a recovery, reassessment and rehabilitation of their lost spiritual and cultural identity and integrity, and second arrange an alliance with the reborn nations on parity basis.

But China will not be able to even envision – let alone implement – such a strategy, because China is also a victim of the European colonialism not only following the Opium Wars, but also because of the diffusion of two colonial ideologies, namely nationalism and communism, on Chinese soil. These vicious systems have been devised by the colonial powers to be self-destructive for any adherent, as inhuman, fake and Satanic. Taking into consideration the fact that Karl Marx was a filthy, jobless, Ashkenazi fake-Jew and a homosexual who lived his useless and cursed life on the expenses of his boyfriend Friedrich Engels, one may ask how a product of the Western Cholera like Communist China can be possibly expected to destroy the Western powers’ deeds and imposed conditions of spiritual, cultural, intellectual and socio-economic slavery?

For China to do this, the Communist Party of China (CPC) must be re-baptized Confucian Party of China. Only when one is spiritually awaken, culturally self-conscious, and historically integer, can one wake up the others; this is valid for people, societies and states alike. Those who expect China to solve the problems of Africa not only daydream but also export their problems and responsibilities to others. And so, like all the rest, they have now to expect only the terrible disasters that will rightfully befall on the debased and degenerated, materialistic, consumerist and inane human race which will soon be extinct. The few survivors will only reconfirm the truth that every rule has its exceptions.




The Simplicist Equation ‘China – Eurasianism’ must end!

Thank you for the interesting article that I will read carefully. Do not be ecstatic about everything that is said as regards Eurasianism!

Eurasianism can be all things to all. Some use Eurasianism to reinvent, reassess, unite, construct and expand and others mount their own versions of it to alter, divide, corrupt and destroy.

Eurasianism does not need Hegel, Marx, Heraclitus and the rest of the European philosophical dementia.

Eurasianism, if true, has to show that Europe is only a geographically mediocre and culturally low peninsula of Asia, and not even Asia’s most populous or most civilized peninsula.

Eurasianism, if useful, has to demonstrate that Europe or the ‘West’ is not either independent from or opposite to Asia or the ‘East’.

Eurasianism, if successful, will prove to all that Europe or the ‘West’ have only been the alteration, the deformation and the corruption of Asia or the ‘East’.

So, urgently abandon anything related or considered to be related to the so-called European culture and civilization! It is either a deliberate falsehood or a degenerate element.













The conclusion is simple: only a Confucian China can mark a real success in China, Eurasia, Africa and worldwide. The Quest for the Confucian China must now start!


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Africa, China and Eurasianism

Cognitive Science & Ancient Egypt: What did Pharaoh Narmer’s times’ Egyptians know and how?

From my correspondence with an African American who intends to study Egyptology and learn Egyptian Hieroglyphics in order to explore issues related to African Originality, Identity, Integrity and Spirituality. Although I am Muslim, I am convinced that Ancient Egypt, Egyptian History, Religions & Divine Sciences, if sought after in an unbiased and non-colonial academic manner, constitute – for any African – a more direct path to Truth than today’s decayed Islam.


After all, the monotheistic aspects of Ancient Egypt were tantamount to real and true Islam for millennia before Prophet Muhammad was born, and this was the quintessence of his preaching. Ancient Egyptians’ Sacred Texts revealed the same spiritual and material reality as the Holy Quran. And this truth was concealed by both, the Jesuit – Freemasonic – Zionist elites and today’s ignorant, idiotic, fake Islamic, and Satanic sheikhs, who are the globalist elite’s most dangerous tools.



The Triple Anubis: the Divine Aspect of Justice in the Nether World

Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest, consideration and patience!

There are still unanswered points in your letter about Pharaoh Narmer. You said: “I have many questions about this Great Man and his successors. I want to learn where did they draw upon knowledge from?”

This is a subject related to Cognitive Science; in fact, it is as if you ask how the Ancient Egyptians of the first half of the third millennium BCE knew the right method to efficiently build the great pyramid, the correct procedure to transform the body of a deceased into a mummy, the best technique to illuminate cavities hewn deeply inside the rock, and plenty of other similar exploits.

Modern Academic Scholarship’s Ignorance and Widespread Confusion

Modern Egyptologists solemnly declare that they have no answers to questions about similar topics. I still remember that my former professor in Sorbonne and the College de France, the late Jean Leclant, a leading Egyptologist and  Permanent Secretary of the French Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, once in a rather recent interview said that the technique used for the construction of the great pyramids was “a secret of the Ancient Egyptian state”. This says much and nothing at the same time.

In fact, the constituent elements of the Modern Western Science do not allow anyone to respond to the above questions and to many other similar queries. This is irrevocable; you can be sure that there will never be an answer to those topics, without an overwhelming rejection of the foundations of the Modern Western Science.


No modern scholar can describe the magnificent use of Djed, because of the prevailing materialistic fallacy.

When I refer to this system (‘modern western science’), I don’t hint at Humanities alone; I involve all disciplines: Natural Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Music, Mathematics, etc. I also include very important sciences of which the modern academic establishment does not accept their reality, ingenuity and identity. As example, I offer you the entire aggregation of Spiritual Sciences (‘Divina Studia’ in Latin) that the modern materialistic academic establishment obstinately denies to accept.

Of course, the limited scope and the inherent fallacy of the Modern Western Science are basically due to the fact that it is the product of a simplistic, materialistic viewpoint that not only considers the separation of the material universe from the spiritual universe as possible, but also denies the existence of the spiritual world.


Venerating the magnificent Djed

Inseparability of the material and the spiritual universes

There are two points that you must take always into consideration:

 First, all major ancient civilizations down to the Islamic Golden Era (8th – 12th c. CE) accepted as indispensable element of science, knowledge and wisdom the inseparability of the material and the spiritual universes, and identified as supreme enquiry for humans the exploration of the existing parallels between the two universes.

For the Ancient Egyptians and for all other civilizations’ leading explorers, wise elders, and spiritual mystics, the modern western science is indeed a villainous antihuman deception. I don’t say ‘would be’ but ‘is’, because this is a fact and not an eventuality; the remaining evidence of the ancient civilizations, in and by itself, denies the purpose, the scope, the approaches, the methods and the essence of the modern Western scientific establishment, definitely viewing it as the useless result of a low level fallacy.

In other words, the great pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) in itself is a proof that modern scholarship is devious, self-deceiving and deceptive. It is not a matter of quantitative but qualitative difference; the modern scientific establishment is lower, went adrift, and will never be able to deliver the great masterpieces that the Oriental Antiquity did.


Balancing electromagnetic fluids by means of Ankh

Not only today’s scientific establishment cannot achieve what ancient scholars did, but in its totality it is genuinely unable to understand how the great mystics and the erudite priests of the Oriental Antiquity managed to deliver the masterpieces that they did. The impediment of the devious modern establishment is the disregard of the spiritual universe and the erroneous, calamitous assumption that it does not exist.


Representation of the celestial part of the universe perceived in its analogies with the respective part of the spiritual universe

Deviate Modern Science opens the Way to Confusion

Second, because of the mistaken nature of the modern scientific establishment, many real questions are left unanswered, as you already know, and this contributes to an enormous confusion that brings forth only disaster to all humans. We know very well that any time in History confusion prevailed, the civilization collapsed and disaster hit the land in confusion. In fact, confusion is sick and evil; however, confusion is overwhelming in our days.


The celestial part of the universe in its vitality

There is an incredible amount of confusion about the ‘knowledge’ of the Ancient Oriental scholars, wise men, and high priests. Due to this disorientation, various men exposed to negative spiritual activities come up with evil and inhuman theories, which further damage our collapsing societies. I cannot herewith provide a list of fake interpretations concerning the pyramids and their constructors, but I am sure that you have an idea about the theory of the extraterrestrials which appeared only in the last century; according to this evil and nonsensical theory, non-humans are accredited with the construction of the pyramids.

Given that for many long millennia of civilization and spirituality not one man advanced this aberration, but when the corrupted Mankind entered the final stage of its collapse (20th c.), everyone started writing absurd and silly novels or fake academic work to possibly ‘prove’ that the extraterrestrials built the pyramids, created the humans by means of DNA manipulation in monkeys, and similar nonsense, I conclude that a gigantic fraud is underway and that these inhuman theories are promoted by vicious circles implementing antihuman plans and the extinction of the Mankind.

Your question still remains unanswered and I have now to first illuminate the major stumbling block that prevents you and others from clearly assessing how the spiritual, priestly, academic and intellectual establishment of Narmer’s Egypt knew what they knew and whether they needed to literarily learn what they knew.


Late Antiquity Egyptian Study and Interpretation of the Heliopolitan and the Hermupolitan religious – theological systems

Today’s Mankind: Sunken & Drowned in an Ocean of Evil Evolutionism

Darwinism has indeed affected far more sectors than Natural Sciences and Anthropology. It affected History and History of Religions; it reduced Mythology and Metaphysics (Philosophy) to low level fairytales for children. Even worse, it produced a fallacious diagram about the historical evolution. This is a major trouble.

According to this fallacious diagram, which is accepted by Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics and atheists alike, man knew few things in the Neolithic (and even fewer in the Mesolithic and the Paleolithic). I must now say that these three terms are fake and they originate in the vicious desire of materialists, evolutionists and atheists to impose the sick theories of their perverted minds and their historical forgeries as a worldwide accepted dogma. I don’t expand on this, as it is vast and irrelevant to your question. Subsequently, these academics interpret Ancient History as a scheme whereby man progressed from lower civilizations to higher throughout the last five – six millennia. For the needs of their forgery, ‘earlier’ meant ‘lower’.


Revealing the spiritual power to the initiates, the Hierophant acted as a vessel of transmission.

This is the most monstrous distortion of the Ancient Oriental History, because we know very well that the Egyptians of the times of Akhenaten (ca. 1350) were not in a position to construct a pyramid as great as that of Khufu (Cheops). And this is one example out of many possible. So, there was an evident decline, a fall, and a decadence in Egypt from the 3rd to the 2nd millennium BCE and this continued onwards to the 1st millennium BCE. Vicious materialistic pseudo-historians are not ashamed in taking fake measures, when establishing their theories according to which there was progress and not decay in Egypt (or Mesopotamia) from the 3rd to the 2nd millennium BCE; they argue that for instance Thutmose III developed a strong army and was able to acquire vast lands in both, the Sudan and Canaan, i.e. territories that were out of the ‘smaller’ kingdom of Khufu and Khafra (Chephren). Same for Ramses II! But they fail to explain why no pharaoh dared to choose again Khafra (‘His Radiation is Ra’) as his name in the 2nd or the 1st millennium BCE!

On the other hand, when it comes to Senwosret (Sesostris) III, Egyptologists reject Egyptian and later sources describing in detail the military campaigns of the Pharaoh who reached deep in Sudan’s South and also campaigned far beyond Canaan in Anatolia (Turkey) and Scythia (southern Ukraine). How do they proceed? When it comes to genuine (: contemporaneous) historical sources in Egyptian hieroglyphics, they misinterpret them, playing with toponyms. When it comes to posterior historical sources in Ancient Greek and Latin, they pretend that those texts are mythological and not historical of character. Shameful but regular for colonial academia: they don’t want to accept the reality that numerous Oriental monarchs occupied large territories or campaigned in Europe.

Even worse, they link the fallacious diagram of constant progress and rise across three millennia of Oriental History with another, colossal falsehood, the so-called Greco-Roman world, which they describe as ‘Classical’ (from Latin ‘classicus’ meaning ‘of higher class’). Classics is a fallacy that antedates the formative years of Orientalism; it goes back to the Renaissance, when heinous and Anti-Christian intellectuals shaped the erratic idea that the pre-Christian Antiquity of the Greeks and the Romans was ‘superior’ to the Christian civilization. This is another vast topic, but I will not expand, because it is unrelated to your question.


Positive (right) and negative (left) electromagnetic fluids

Linking the evolutionist diagram of the Ancient Oriental History to the distorted presentation of the Greco-Roman civilization and then adding to the diagram the Christian times’ period, the Renaissance, and the Modern times is the way modern scholarship composed a monstrous, bogus-historical dogma only to serve the purpose of preconceived evolutionism. Hidden behind all lies, inaccuracies, inconsistencies, concealments, and forgeries elaborated within all branches of Humanities, and more particularly History and History of Religions, lies the supreme target: the imposition of the evolutionist theory on the entire mankind. That’s why History looks so inconsistent to many. For this reason people don’t find the whole diagram as trustworthy, and scholars fail to respond to simple questions.


The Undeniable Truth: the Lost Great Past – ‘Earlier’ means ‘Higher’!


Even worse, all authentic historical sources directly contradict and categorically reject the modern academic establishment’s false representation of facts and mistaken interpretation of textual and archaeological evidence. And this is systematically concealed by all historians and historians of religions.


Channeling or containing the energy

Ancient Greek and Roman poets, philosophers, historians, and writers considered the Ancient Orient as the origin par excellence of all valuable forms of Knowledge, Science, Erudition, Wisdom, Spirituality and Potency. And they were very right in their conviction, because the ancient Greek and Roman temples were mere kiosks, if compared to the immense temples of Assyria, Babylonia and Egypt.

The Oriental temples were at the same time high places of cult and faith, universities; monasteries for theological disputes; seminars in Symbolism, Mythology, Eschatology, Messianism and Transcendental Wisdom; research centers; laboratories; observatories; libraries; museums; oracles and centers for divination studies; administration centers for agricultural and urban planning; artistic ateliers; philosophical schools; conservatories; meditation venues; and spirituality circles whereby – and in absolute contradiction with lesser and later edifices of posterior civilizations – the Great Hierophant used to make full revelation of the Sacred Spiritual Power (‘the mysteries’) in front of the selected apprentices who had passed their initiation with success.


Analyzing the spiritual matrix and the five elements

Contrarily, ancient Greek and Roman temples were tiny buildings dedicated to cult, with no spirituality, no mysteries, no knowledge, and no hierophants. That’s why the first Greek philosophers went all to the Oriental temples to study: in order to return back to their cities and oppose the ignorant, uneducated, dark and evil clergy of their low, small and useless temples.

In either Mesopotamia or Egypt, the identification of the site where a new temple had to be erected was the result of extensive research in geographical determinism (in order to understand the particular nature and traits of the place) and the outcome of high level spiritual studies and investigations that specified the exact correspondence between the topographical location and its spiritual counterpart. Nothing of the sort occurred in the case of the Greek and Roman temples, because those priesthoods did not have a clue about the sciences and the knowledge of the Oriental priesthoods.

And yet, when we study Ancient Assyrian, Babylonian and Egyptian texts of the first half of the first millennium BCE, we are immediately confronted with the veneration and the respect with which the then authors spoke about their past that they always identified as higher, better, more powerful, more luminous, and utterly golden. The great grandfather of Assurbanipal became Emperor of Assyria in 722 BCE, after overthrowing Shalmanaser V, and selected as his own imperial name that of Sarrukinu (Sargon) of Akkad, who had reigned 1600 years earlier. In fact, all Assyrian Emperors and Babylonian Kings in their rivalry attempted to reconstruct the ideal, superior and perfect Empire of Sargon of Akkad.


Sargon of Akkad & Sargon of Assyria (below right)


Throughout all the sacred texts in either Mesopotamia or Egypt we get the impression that the antediluvian times were a period of greater strength, intuition and prosperity. The distinction made by modern Western scholarship between mythological and historical texts is overwhelmingly annulled by all the historical texts of the Ancient Oriental nations that make it very clear that their authors viewed as also historical the texts that modern Western scholarship categorizes as ‘mythological’ and that they considered the spiritual and divine realm as inextricably inherent to the material world.

The greatest of the Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian Emperors compared themselves with the Epic hero Gilgamesh and tried to duly train themselves to stand as strong opponents of the maledicted hero, who in turn failed forever to reach the paradisiacal level of Ut-Napishtim, the archetypal figure of Noah, the vanquisher of the Flood.


Gilgamesh as represented in Neo-Assyrian bas-reliefs and Cuneiform tablet with the Flood Epic Atrahasis (another name for Utnapishtim)


The search for the ideal, higher, sublime past marked not only the first but also the second millennium BCE. The Narrative of the Shipwrecked is a great mythical text of the Ancient Egyptians, written at the times of the Middle Kingdom (ca. 2100 – 1750 BCE), that consists in the first worldwide mention of the mythical Atlantis. The term ‘Atlantis’ is used by Plato almost 1500 years after the Ancient Egyptian text was first composed, but the concept of Atlantis (the Utopia before the Deluge) is identical and its origin is found in the Narrative of the Shipwrecked. The text sets the story at the times of the antediluvian Old Kingdom (ca. 2750 – 2250 BCE); the description concerns the ideal, perfect and infallible world before the Flood, which ended abruptly.


Hieratic text & Hieroglyphic transliteration: The Narration of the Shipwrecked


The Reconstitution of the Oriental Myth: the Semiotics of the Spiritual Truth

With the above introduction, I intended to show that, if we try to read original ancient texts, without projecting onto them our world’s preconceived aberrations, mistakes and deceptions, we will discover clearly the reality that I shared with you in my earlier emails: the History of the Mankind is a History of Falls.

This automatically answers your question about the knowledge that Narmer and his times’ wise elders had and how they acquired it. Earlier means higher, better and stronger. Advancing backwards, we will reach the Assyrian – Babylonian Adapa, the first Man. The name itself is at the origin of the Biblical – Islamic Adam. Adapa was created by Ea, the divine aspect of Wisdom and Love (among the five elements, this aspect corresponds to the Soft Waters).


The Assyrian – Babylonian Epic of Adapa (Adam)

In Egypt, as I said in a recently published correspondence, there was never one religion but many different religions that only misleadingly are presented by modern Egyptologists as just one religion; this is due to the fact that the spiritual, cosmological and theoretical differences among these systems were definitely greater than the divergences between Christianity and Islam  (https://www.academia.edu/34439637/In_Ancient_Egypt_at_any_given_moment_there_was_never_one_Egyptian_Religion). However, none of the main Ancient Egyptian religions (the Heliopolitan, Hermupolitan, Memphtic and Theban systems) expanded much on the Creation of Man, and quite rightfully. Even within the Biblical context, the Creation of the World matters; the creation of the Man is a secondary episode. The religious – theological system that gives greater focus on the Creation of Man in Ancient Egypt is that of Khnum, the ram-headed god of Elephantine island at Aswan. For the Creation of the Man, it involves clay and the potter’s wheel. To help you understand what this means, I only state that it clearly shows that in reality the potter’s wheel antedates the first physical man!


Khnum creates the First Man

However, irrespective of the spiritual and theoretical background related to the myths about the Creation of the Man, it was always clear to the Ancient Oriental peoples that the early life in the Garden of God(s) was the supreme stage of the Mankind, which was lost when the early humans were forced out (the first fall). The vicinity of the Holy Tree (the Tree of Life) was a condition that always characterized the ancient Oriental nations’ effort to recapture and reconstitute the early, ideal stage.

We can therefore fully understand that both the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians viewed the Creation of the Man and the Mankind’s early stage as the supreme condition that humans ever experienced. And this is how it truly happened.

holy tree.png

Scene around the Holy Tree

God did not create a silly and scared humanoid who (or that?) had to incessantly be on the run in order to avoid the leopard and the lion, the wolf and the jackal. As created, Man had supreme spiritual power and ability to live at a totally different level. Indicatively, although animals were created before Adam, it is he who was asked by God to name them! Giving the name to an already created being is tantamount to having absolute power over it; the early man did not need to study about the trees and the plants that surrounded him, because absolute knowledge of everything was inherent to him as per the code of the Creation.

Full knowledge of, and absolute power over, natural phenomena and meteorological conditions were only some of the early man’s capacities. Complete understanding of the structure of the universe and of the Earth, communication with all the spiritual hierarchies and the material beings, and impeccable moral conscience were some of his characteristics. The early man was able to live without eating, sleeping and having sexual intercourse. His spiritual and material power was formidable, and this was exactly what great mystics, high priests, and wise elders of later periods tried to recapture after the series of early setbacks (as symbolized by the expulsion from the Paradise, the Flood, the Babel Tower, etc). Every setback and fall meant always a direct loss of spiritual potency, knowledge, and intuition, and this brought about loss of intellectual accuracy and confusion.

Not only the man was different at that stage, but also the animals, and they did not eat one another – at all. In Kom Ombo, they managed to keep domesticated crocodiles until very late. We can safely infer the aforementioned, because it is known that, after the End of Times and the anticipated re-constitution of the early ideal world by Etana – Ninurta – Horus – Tasmisu – Shosyant – Maitreya – Messiah – Christ – Mahdi (and any other mythologized or theologized figure of Ultimate Savior), the wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling[a] together; and a little child will lead them. 7 The cow will feed with the bear, their young will lie down together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox. 8 The infant will play near the cobra’s den, and the young child will put its hand into the viper’s nest. 9 They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah XI, 6-9). If the re-constituted ideal society after the elimination of the Evil comprises of this description’s details, we can assume that this was also the ordinary life before the falls started.


The Assyrian – Babylonian Eschatological – Messianic Myth (:Prophecy) of Etana

horus seth.jpeg

The fight between the Messiah (Horus) and the Antichrist (Seth) as depicted …


on the walls of Horus’ Temple at Edfu: The Antichrist is depicted as crocodile …


or hippopotamus.

Please notice the excerpt’s last sentence! Isaiah’s reference to waters (: soft waters) covering the sea makes surely no sense to you. But it would definitely make sense to Pharaoh Narmer and his times’ wise elders, high priests, and average people. This is due to the fact that the world was very different before the Flood. That’s why it makes sense that you ask me about the stars playing a role in Narmer’s decision making process. This will be the topic of my next response.

Best regards,


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Cognitive Science & Ancient Egypt P

The Yet Untold Truth of Ancient Egypt: Africans’ Best Path to Identity, Integrity and Spirituality

From my correspondence with an African American willing to undertake studies in Egyptology in order to contribute to the his community’s need of cultural and spiritual betterment.


Edfu Temple of Horus

============= FIRST LETTER ============


Пятница, 3 ноября 2017, 20:43 +02:00 от K P <xxxx@xxx.edu>:

Dr. Megalommatis,

As an African American, I would like to focus on the culture of Ancient Kemet. I want to use aspects of Ancient Kemet culture in a modern sense to uplift the self-esteem and perspectives of my community. I believe history repeats itself and we can learn from it to modify the present to shape the future for the better. African American community in the USA is in dire need of an economic, cultural, spiritual, and worldview revolution that is African centered. I know I must learn the mdu ntr to be able to interpret the culture more accurately as well. Thank you again, Dr. Megalommatis.




============ FIRST RESPONSE ============= 

Dear Sir

Thank you for your interest and letter!
You are right in using the real name of Ancient Egypt (Kemet), and even more so in searching in one of the world’s two oldest civilizations (the other being Sumer, Akkad, Assyria & Babylonia in Mesopotamia) the spiritual – moral – cultural – societal elements that could save today’s fallen world from final annihilation.

I have always been convinced that what one does matters not; what truly matters is the totality of the conditions and the circumstances under which one does what he does.

Your statement about history repeating itself and about the necessity to learn from it – and for the purpose that you state – can be co-signed by practically speaking everyone – even those who would wish to kill you!

Why do then so opposite elements agree on this?


1. Real History and Fake History made of Personal Concepts, Principles, Ideas, Theories, Thoughts, Feelings and Desires onto History


Because when trying to learn from History, most of the people, who try to do so, do not really do so, because they project onto History their prefab concepts, principles, ideas, theories, thoughts, feelings and desires. Then, they don’t learn History itself, but the version of History that pleases them and which drives them of course to failure – the failure that you see around you in the US and worldwide.


To truly learn History, one must be ready to drastically and resolutely reject what he likes, what he knows, what he loves, what he believes, and what he desires.


The first and worst obstacle in the path of one person willing to truly learn the real History (and not the silly version that pleases him and thus destroys him) is today’s overwhelming materialism.


Do not think that this evil, villainous and criminal materialism is limited only among self-declared materialists, atheists, communists and consumerists! It is omnipresent and prevalent also among all the people who say they are religious, whatever their religion may be.


Of course, as you already know, there has never been one single religion in the world that tolerated / accepted materialism of any form. How now have the followers of all religions become distorted and compact materialists?


That’s simple: over the span of the last 500 years, all the religions (with the exception of those of few – lucky – remote societies that remained untouched from technology and political developments, like some Oromos of Eastern Africa and few others) underwent the final stage of their corruption and they progressively became totally fake, dead systems that their founders and their earlier believers, before 500 or 1000 or 2000 years, would vehemently reject, if they came back to life today.


Yes, it is very correct; nothing can be expected from all the so-called religions of today, except their official Act of Death Certificate.

What will this Act of Death Certificate be like?


2. Today’s Fake, Materialistic Religions & Spiritual Omnipotence

This will be precisely an evident demonstration of Spirituality, which has always been the focal part of all religions, and …. of which today’s fake religions are totally, irrevocably, and lamentably deprived.


Yes, medu netsher (both, the writing and the sound of the Ancient Egyptian language) will greatly help you access original sources. You must then study them carefully and systematically.


But ……….


There is no guarantee that you will understand their real meaning, if you – like most of the Egyptologists of the last two centuries – project onto them your belief, your Weltanschauung, your background, and your thoughts, feelings and desires. You, in parallel with your studies, must clean yourself from all this stuff.


Contrarily to opposite theories and pathetic assumptions, there was none else but the Ancient Egyptians who before more than 4500 years built the great pyramid. It was a definitely easy task.


They did not carry the burden of thoughts, emotions and desires that makes all of us collapse now and be heavier and therefore weaker and unfit for that simple task. Edward Leedskalnin proved this already with his great work; why don’t you visit his masterpiece which is open to the public, since you live in the US?

Only compact, villainous and Satanic materialism distorts the minds of the people and makes them unable to realize that the Man that God (or Gods – there is no difference; it’s the same!) created was not the fallen trash of today, but greatly capacitated in ways so miraculous that no one today would believe. That’s why it was easy for the Ancient Egyptians before 4500 years – despite the(ir) original fall / sin and expulsion from the Paradise – to perform the tasks needed for the erection of a monument and for many other today incredible tasks.

But I am digressing.

You say that the African American community in the USA is in dire need of a multifaceted revolution ….. that is ‘African centered’.


3. Identity and Integrity

I fully understand your need and your drive for identity and integrity; I respect it.

But do you really believe that the present continents existed before the Flood, which took place after the erection of the great pyramids?

Did the Ancient Egyptians call their land a ‘part of Africa’?

Do you really believe that there were ‘black skin’ and ‘white skin’ and ‘red skin’ and ‘yellow skin’ before the Flood?

We are all the children of the same father.

And are only African Americans those who are today in “dire need” of a multifaceted ‘revolution’ that I should rather call ‘alternation’ and ‘return of the Spirituality’?

All men are indeed in dire spiritual need – worldwide.

And is it the humans or the Spiritual Realm that arranges who leads and who follows this – much needed for all – alternation?

That’s why you must not view your effort as limited only within the circle of your community.

Perhaps your community will have to lead the world.

It is then a universal effort.

This (: the decision about who leads and who follows) is not something that humans can arrange; it is already difficult for us to comprehend the will of the Divine.

I am willing to discuss with you these issues in the depth and the width that you may wish.


4. Being & Becoming / Being & Non-being

Who knows? We may have met in the distant past, if it truly exists! I say so, because for many (and for the Ancient Egyptians) there is no time at all. Everything is an eternal recapitulation under different forms.

That’s why Being and Becoming were for the venerable Kemet people the two axes of the Existence always in indissoluble unity and in absolute independence.


And out of the wisdom of the Five Elements, they realized that Being and Non-being (or Nothingness) were the two axes of the Creation. 

KHEPRI 1.jpg

Do you know the Brethren of Purity? 300 years after the Prophet Muhammad they lived in Basrah (South Iraq) and they reinstated the reality that Being is merely an emanation of forms – exactly like the Ancient Egyptians knew 3400-3600 years before the times of those Muslims. Did these Brethren live in Asia, in Africa? Were they Black, White, Red, Yellow?

Khepri Scarab.png

Where to find the best explanation of the spiritual – material process of the emanation of forms?

Only modern criminal gangsters, impersonating the ‘Egyptologists’, dared malignantly and malefically ‘translate’ the Holy Texts rw nw prt m hrw (The Book of Coming Forth into Light) as ‘book of the dead’.

Nun & Khepri.jpg

This happened because most probably those ‘Egyptologists’ were already dead (while they appeared as alive) and wanted the entire mankind to be dead.

That’s why Jesus was right saying ‘Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God’.


5. The Kingdom of Heaven: Personal Transformation into Ethereal Body

Even this sentence of Jesus was translated erroneously, because the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ as term is conveniently vague and unclear.

In Greek, Βασιλεία των Ουρανών (Vasilia ton Uranon) means ‘the kingdom of the skies’, but in reality it means ‘the Kingdom of Ether’ or ‘the Prevalence of Ether’, i.e. ‘the ability (of one human) to act (or prevail) at the ethereal level’. This involves a higher spiritual proceeding (or exercise, if you want) in which the human manages to achieve the full elimination of the other four elements (Soft Waters, Air, Earth, and Salted Waters) at the very material level of his own body.

This proceeding is tantamount to absolute personal control of one’s own Ether and subsequently to complete transformation of one’s body (which is made of five elements) into a material body made of purely Ether. This is achieved through abstinence, imagination, fasting, prayer, and meditation, i.e. faith!



============== SECOND LETTER ==============


Понедельник, 6 ноября 2017, 6:07 +02:00 от K P <xxxx@xxx.edu>:

Dr. Megalommatis,

Thank you, for you in-depth response. You have much knowledge and wisdom. I am willing and open minded person on a journey to seek truth and knowledge. I would be honored to learn from you.


I believe in paying respect to Nature and the honorable Ancestresses and Ancestors who sacrificed so much for future generations.


Kemet is my passion and something I have been studying for the last decade on my own. I really want to dedicated my life to study the culture and history of Kemet.

Thank you again for your willingness to even hear me out and take time to respond to me.




============= SECOND RESPONSE ========

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your response ….. !

I have been in the States several times back in the 60s and the 70s (with my parents) and in the 80s.  ……………

I know that the first foreign language that Americans have the tendency to learn is Spanish, and this is normal due to the vicinity of the Hispanophone world.


6. Important languages for Egyptological Bibliography

However, when it comes to Orientalism, Egyptology and African Studies, Spanish is of lesser importance, because only recently Spanish specialists delved into the different branches of Humanities that focus on Asia and Africa.

More particularly about Egyptology, the main languages that one must learn in order to have access to the enormous modern bibliography are: French, German, English, Italian and Russian. Even before 1850, there were chairs of Egyptology across today’s Italy (which was not one country at the time), but a Spanish Egyptologist is something that comes with the 2nd half of the 20th c.

You can’t therefore compare Italy to Spain when it comes to Egyptology; the latter is an academic dwarf, and the former a giant. And I don’t even mention the still colonized countries south of the US. Not one of them was allowed to develop Orientalist departments. The worst case of all is the fake country Brazil whereby archaeological excavations have been prohibited by law for the entire coastal zone and for a 50 km distance. You may want to ask why; the answer is simple. Numerous archaeological teams would excavate more Ancient Phoenician, Carthaginian and Egyptian antiquities than those unearthed in today’s Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. Hundreds of temples! Thousands of inscriptions! As a matter of fact, History as ‘officially’ taught is a well-orchestrated, total fallacy.

I would say that for Egyptology, the three languages, namely French, German and English, are the minimum.

Some other European countries do indeed offer departments of Egyptology in their universities, so Dutch, Danish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Swedish and Finnish can also help. Of all the other countries of the world, only Japan, Israel, Egypt and Sudan have specialized departments of Egyptology, so Japanese, Modern Hebrew and Modern Arabic can be useful too though to lesser extent.

I believe that the first thing you have to do is to find where close to your place you can find a university with a dept. of Egyptology or Ancient Near East.

Would it be possible for you to pursue two curricula at the same time?


From now on, you can also set your own targets and start reading about Ancient Egypt. In this regard, I could come up with suggestions, if you let me know your very specific interests in the matter.

But I have to warn you from now!!!!


7. Hindrances in the Path of Studying the Oriental Past

Reading is one thing and truly learning is a totally different thing.


The world is filled with people who read much during their entire lives and still learned nothing or almost nothing; this is valid indeed for professional Egyptologists who teach in different universities across the Earth.


In this regard, you will surely face (like everybody else) two major obstacles:


First, if you compare today’s scholars to those of the 19th c. – early 20th c. academics, you will realize that there are almost no pioneers anymore. There are few real explorers; most of today’s specialists lose their main topic’s overview because of their over-specialization. They think that ‘academic achievement’ must be sought only in the specific, far-fetched detail that was not noticed before and not in 1) a fresh interpretation of the material record or 2) a new standpoint / look over their topic. Today’s academics became conventional administrators and the disciplines of Humanities look rather like divisions of a ministry whereby no particular initiative is tolerated if coming from the bottom or the outside, and not from the top. In other words, today’s university staffers look like Chinese Mandarins who care only for the preservation of an enormous bureaucracy. Quite unfortunately, wherever bureaucracy starts, Humanities go extinct, civilization collapses, and societies disintegrate.


Second, and even worse, the 19th c. Western European search for Ancient Egypt and the subsequent birth of Egyptology were flawed since Day 1. The same happened to every other Orientalist discipline. Egyptology, as a matter of fact, is an Orientalist branch, like Assyriology, Hittitology, Iranology, Hindology, Sinology, etc. Quite unfortunately, even before sailing to Somalia, India, Egypt and other parts of the Orient (Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe), Western Europeans – academia, explorers, diplomats, agents and adventurers – had a very wrong, preconceived idea (and every preconceived idea is wrong) about the Orient.


8. The Divide ‘Orient vs. Occident’ is a Fake!

What is even worse is that they also viewed the entire world as a divide between the Occident and the Orient (West and East). which is preposterous and cannot be accepted as world understanding among those days’ Western Europeans, because they had not yet traveled, explored and studied the world – so they were expected not to form any idea in advance.

Even worse, those who traveled and explored parts of the Orient proved only to be the victims of their own preconceived ideas and schemes, of their own sources {Ancient Greeks and Romans understood the Orient only too little too late – because when Greece and Rome were formed as civilizations, the Orient (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Anatolia, Canaan) had already and for much time entered into a long phase of decadence}, and of the image of Orient they had shaped when back home. To add perjury to infamy, the early Orientalists projected their vision of the Orient onto the real, non-imaginative Orient that they visited and which – too bad for them and for us – they failed to even see!

The above mentioned grave trouble continued from generation to generation of scholars, and the system was reproduced down to our days. Few were perspicacious enough to spot the terrible problem and describe it to the extent that they realized. Edward Said was one of the these few scholars. I don’t know to what extent you are familiar with this scholar and intellectual, and whether you read his illustrious book ‘Orientalism’. This is a must read. It is an essential tool in understanding how critically you must stand toward modern egyptological publications.

Bear in mind that this inherent Western European effort to see the Orient as degraded (and therefore posterior and lower than the Occident) was later transferred to America – a country that gradually moved away from its clearly and overtly anti-colonial foundations only to become a nasty replica of Western European colonialism at all levels. It goes without saying that the aforementioned academic / intellectual standpoint (that can be categorized as ‘racist’ even when it does not concern one specific races but the entire Non-Western World) fully corresponded to the imperial plans of the Western European imperialist countries against the Oriental World which they misrepresented viciously even at the very simple level of … country names.


9. Orientalism – An Invention to Destroy the Oriental States

A friend reminded me yesterday of the fact that the Americans used to call the USSR (Soviet Union) …. Russia!

That was true, but the origin of the distortion is not American; on the contrary, it is French and English; for centuries, the criminal Western European colonial elites used to call
– the Ottoman Empire (i.e. the Islamic Caliphate) ……. Turkey
– the Safavid / Qajar Empire of Iran ………………………. Persia
– the Empire of the Great Mongols ……………………….. India

So, while studying Ancient Egypt, you have to predispose yourself in a way to undergo an initiation – that of your own.

While studying, you will have to reject many times what you earlier learned in order to adjust your mind to clearer or plainer truth.


10. Access to Truth is possible only through Initiation

The Truth all and at once is for God alone. Forget it! Even if one person knows it, he cannot transfer the knowledge to you, because humans are not computers whereby 1000 data can be transferred from one to another. The depth, the width, the height, the color, the tone and the feeling of the understanding differ from person to person, because there is no fabrication or machination or evolution of humans.

In this manner, even if someone had told you the totality of the Truth, this would have been totally useless to you, because you would not have been able to understand it beyond the simple and low level of a mere narrative.

Acquisition of real knowledge, access to truth, and aspiration wisdom are purely personal processes, involving initiation and many other methods and approaches, academic and spiritual.



A point of great interest for you would be Waaqeffannaa, the monotheistic traditional religion of the Oromos of Eastern Africa; it does indeed contain many elements of original Ancient Egyptian religion, world view, and ethics.
Here you have an introductory approach:

I published several articles, pinpointing the similarities between the two systems and explaining the survival of Ancient Egyptian beliefs and rituals down to our days.

There is also another point that I have to highlight to you.


11. Studying History is tantamount to Exploring the Fall of the Man

At any moment of your search and path, you must keep this very clear in your mind! The study of Ancient Egypt (and the study of Ancient Orient) is the study of a Fall – the Fall of the Man.

The Fall was never due to anything else except the fight between the Good and Evil at all levels. All Ancient Egyptian Myths are not ‘myths’ (as the word means today) but the Foremost Narrative of the Supreme Truth, i.e. what the highest among the humans contemplated out of the Spiritual World. And this supreme truth is the diachronic battle between the Good and Evil, in all its details that concern their and our past, their and our present, and their and our future, which for the Ancient Egyptian High Priests and Hierophants was just an infinitesimal second because time does not exist in itself.

You will therefore face always the same motive:

In every later period, in every more recent epoch, the top of the wise people and the spiritual leaders, who sided with God and opposed Evil, knew that they were ‘lower’ that they had fallen (comparatively with the earlier stage) and that, because of this, they had lost in terms of clarity and of understanding of the Myth.


12. Ancient Oriental Myth: the Foremost Narrative of the Supreme Truth

This means that the same text of an Ancient Egyptian Myth was understood differently in moments like 2600 BCE, 1450 BCE, 650 BCE and 100 CE. And in every later period, ‘differently’ means ‘lower’.

We even find many attempts to reconstruct the myth, to recapture the earlier meaning (which was lost), and to return to a higher understanding.

The effort was spread among other people who moved to and settled in Egypt: Phoenicians, Kushites from the Sudan, Aramaeans, Berbers, Palestinians, Hebrews, Carians, Lydians, Greeks and Romans.

This effort was overwhelming among the Gnostic systems, the Gnosticisms of the Late Antiquity. Many different schools were then formed and picked up different Ancient Egyptian myths and tried to reconstruct them – even out of the structure and the context of the then decayed Egyptian religion, which although in fall and decomposition influenced Romans, Illyrians, Dacians, Greeks, Celts and many European nations within and out of the Roman Empire.

The above is key to our effort of reconstruction.

These topics are difficult, and many modern schools of mystics think that what they do now was also done among Gnostics in Ancient Egypt! Well, things did not happen that way, but never mind! Modern schools of mystics fail to understand that the spiritual exercises, methods and contemplations of the Late Antiquity Gnostics were already a failed effort to understand and reconstruct Ancient Egyptian and Babylonian Mysticism, Spirituality and Transcendental Wisdom.

Modern schools of mystics fail to realize that the fundamentals of the Late Antiquity Gnostics’ Royal Art were distorted and misplaced, and as such they prevent them from achieving again (as they had wished) the authenticity of Egyptian and Babylonian Antediluvian Spirituality and the ensuing absolute spiritual potency. In fact, living in the times of Late Antiquity, Jesus evidently showed another path for the recapture of Human Originality.

Perhaps, due to the above, later periods of the Oriental Antiquity will be more difficult for you to understand, but who said that easy tasks ever matter?


13. African Spiritual Originality and Black Panthers

Black Panthers were right in their demands, but they failed to understand three points:

– what was done against Africans in America was decided not in America but elsewhere; even worse, it was envisioned by others, before the inception of the US.


– on present US territory, the worst and cruelest persecution did not indeed take place against black-skinned people, but against red-skinned people (: the ‘American Indians’). Failing to admit this reality, to repent for the atrocious crimes committed against the sole owners of the territories present occupied by the US, and to carry out the ensuing tasks is a crime and a disgrace.

– hatred, rancor, rage and revenge are all expressions of evilness; for any simple Ancient Egyptian, if you asked him or her about Seth (Satan) and his manifestation at the material level, it would be easy to tell you that ‘Seth is rage’. Any person expressing rage is invaded by Seth. This may at times bring damage to an opponent, but in fact rage destroys the person that harbors it. On the contrary, millennia before the Biblical figures, Jesus and Muhammad, the Ancient Egyptians knew that Creation – and therefore Prevalence – is tantamount to Love. And Man was created with the purpose to create.

Please, do not misread me! I don’t mean what most of today’s people think that Love is; no sex, no personal feeling involved – at all. In reality, people today have no idea what Love is and can’t even imagine what Faith is; and what they call love is not Love, and what they imagine as faith is not Faith!

But Love is as strong as Death; and what Death destroys Love can bring back in force again.

Closing my response, I have to remind you of another Ancient Egyptian concept. Man was created as a King; therefore royalty is the supreme value of all humans, but again it is not what most believe today. And there are not kings left anymore among those who sit today on thrones or pretend to do so. But there are in our times many kings who are not known to the rest. But they are known to Primordial Atum, and this is quite enough.

As you see, the rediscovery and the recapture of the original meaning of many key words of our present vocabularies is also part of the effort to reconstitute Ancient Egypt in our minds and hearts. Egyptologists study Hieroglyphics, read ancient texts, translate correctly, render Meriamon  as “Beloved by Amun”, and think they know, whereas they fail to capture the real meaning of that Ancient Egyptian name.


============== THIRD LETTER ==============

Dr. Megalommatis,


The era I want to mainly focus on in Kemet is the Founding Father Narmer and the 1st Dynasty. I have many questions about this Great Man and his successors. I want to learn where did they draw upon knowledge from?

And what drew Narmer to say it is time to unite the two lands and take on the Scorpion King for Kingship?

Did the Stars play a role in his decisions?

I would love to commit the rest of my life to the true study and understanding of Kemet.


============= THIRD RESPONSE =============

My dear friend,

You ask difficult points that ordinary Egyptologists would have hard time to answer! Let’s take them one by one!


14. Narmer: the First Pharaoh

What is known of the first Pharaoh of the 1st dynasty?

Just one brief inscription on his commemorative ‘palette’ and few other artifacts! Plus an overwhelming and catastrophic desire of colonial Orientalists to project onto Narmer’s times the political needs of their own times; this is tantamount to an enormous volume of misplaced modern bibliography. One must go however through it, keeping himself clean and uninfluenced.


Archaeological data from Narmer’s times are unearthed, but Egyptologists have the tendency to mostly associate them with earlier periods and the Neolithic, viewing only material culture continuity. Focusing on the material culture, they fail to detect the enormous spiritual, mental and intellectual endeavors that were surely undertaken at those times, and not to the benefit of anyone. By this, I mean the emergence of the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic writing.



15. The Hieroglyphs

One thing we can all agree upon is that writing in Egypt appeared at the times of Narmer. But few historians have made the necessary comparisons between Mesopotamia and Egypt at the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 3rd millennium BCE.

Yet, there is a tremendous difference which is quite telling! In Mesopotamia, namely Sumer and Elam, two different systems of writing appear few hundreds of years before Narmer, around 3250 BCE. These are the very early forms of the Cuneiform Writing; in the beginning, both Mesopotamian writing systems were ideogrammatic, and only after several stages of transformation and adaptation to practical needs, they took the typical, early 3rd millennium, cuneiform shape. The practice of writing and the material on which they wrote were successively adjusted. Each sign, each ideogram took therefore many different forms, before becoming a typical 3rd millennium Sumerian or Elamite ideogram, and then later a cuneiform sign.

But in Egypt, everything was very different. The Hieroglyphic writing system appears to have been first conceived, studied in almost all its aspects, details and design needs, developed, and then publicly used and diffused, never to be adapted to any later practical needs. The same Egyptian hieroglyphic signs remained intact for almost 3400 years!

Of course, the hieroglyphs are ideograms (a more modern attempt is to call them logograms, but it does not change much); the word comes out of the Ancient Greek term ιεροί γλύφοι / hieroi glyfoi (in Plural) which means ‘the sacred glyphs’. From their earliest appearance at the times of Narmer and his successors, the hieroglyphic signs did not change at all for millennia! But were the hieroglyphs holy or unholy?

It is only 1000 years after Narmer that we find the first evidence of the Ancient Egyptian Hieratic writing, which is a cursive form of the Hieroglyphic writing and which was basically used in drafts, on papyri, ostraca, etc. However, on architectural surfaces, we always attest only hieroglyphic writing.

Such is the nature and the scope of the hieroglyphic writing that it is difficult for anyone to assume that it was the product of a intellectual endeavor undertaken during a brief period of time or by one person or by very few people. Even more importantly, the entire Ancient Egyptian Weltanschauung in its entirety seems to be found in this writing all at once, and this appears at the times of Narmer. With my previous sentence I mean that the inception of the hieroglyphic writing, far beyond of being merely a writing system, is mainly the solemn declaration of a fundamental ideology, theory, and worldview that marked the world like no other theoretical or intellectual system.


16. Hieroglyphic Writing: the World’s Foremost Theory, Ideology and Weltanschauung that impacted the Mankind like no other system

Without the Hieroglyphic Writing, there would never be Egyptian Art (Painting, Sculpture) as we know it, because the art forms are in reality hieroglyphic signs that are personified as per each case.

Without Hieroglyphic Writing, there would not be any idols, icons, and representations elaborated for either religious or artistic purposes.

Without Hieroglyphic Writing, there would not be Greek civilization, Roman civilization, Christian civilization, Islamic civilization, Western civilization and Modern ‘civilization’.

Without Hieroglyphic Writing, the three driving forces of the Modern Western World and the Modern World in its entirety, namely the Jesuits, the Freemasons and the Zionists, would never come to existence.

The invention of the Hieroglyphic writing is not the equivalent of the simple and low process of formulating an easy writing system like an alphabet. The Hieroglyphs are the foundation of the Universal Theory and Ideology of Image / Idol. All the signs are ‘images’ or at least are thought to be so.

In fact, no idolatry would ever occur and no need for representation, painting, sculpture, architecture, theater, photograph and cinema would ever exist without the Founding Fathers of the Hieroglyphs, all those deviate and misfortunate magistrates who thought it possible for ‘representation’ to ever exist within the material world.

The colossal task must therefore have been the result of the work of an early college of priests and spiritual potentates. But which one? The Hermupolitan, the Heliopolitan or the Memphitic priesthood? We will probably never know for sure. And yet, this would be of great importance! However, we have the tendency to ascribe the gigantic undertaking that impacted the world like no other system, theory or ideology to the Memphitic priesthood, its earliest form or its predecessors.


17. Hieroglyphic Writing: at the antipodes of the Ancient Egyptian Spirituality

On the other side, the unified field of semiotics that are the Images – Elements of the Hieroglyphic Writing was obviously at the antipodes of the cardinal points of the Ancient Egyptian Spirituality, according to which – and similarly with the Sumerians, the Assyrians and the Babylonians in Mesopotamia – “as above so below”. As a matter of fact, “as above so below” means that the only representation that can exist is the material world itself; it is indeed the representation of the spiritual world. So, this is the Order of the Creation.

Since every item of the material world is the living representation, the reflection and the mirror of its spiritual counterpart, any attempt to fabricate another representation, a fake image within the material world, is an act of counterfeit creation, and as such an abominable deed full of blasphemy and sacrilege.

And this reality (that the hieroglyphs are a form of creation) would be utterly confessed by all Ancient Egyptian priests, scribes, architects and artists; it is actually very well documented. They believed that the hieroglyphic signs, carved as bas-reliefs on the walls of their temples or painted on the walls of tomb chambers, ceaselessly emitted their energy across the material universe.

– What were the Ancient Egyptian temples the architectural structure of which remained unchanged for more than 3000 years?

– A micrography, a miniature of the Universe.

So, covering the miniature of the Universe with signs that emitted their energy and electromagnetic fluids across the universe was indeed an act of Black Magic and an evil effort to alter the Creation and hinder its purpose.


18. Spiritual conflicts, religious wars, theological polarizations

In fact, Ancient Egyptian History was the result of a ceaseless fight among the aforementioned three priesthoods. Only around the middle of the 2nd millennium, the Theban clergy emerged in the South; although totally distinct, Theban theology appears to be the next stage of the old Memphitic system and as the world’s earliest Trinity.

So, if we were able to fully and accurately identify which priesthood invented the Hieroglyphic writing, we would manage to have a superior understanding of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. This is so because the Egyptian royal ideology and spirituality seems to have been composed by the opponents of the priesthood that launched the hieroglyphic writing, after elaborating the theoretical background that supported its invention.

What was Narmer’s role in relation with the priesthoods?

Calling him a ‘Father’ and a ‘Great Man’ will only prevent you from getting an accurate understanding of who he was and of how important he was. You can never project your thoughts, feelings and desires onto a historical subject and then hope to ever be able to understand it. You will never manage to do so. History is frozenly cold; it is totally void of thoughts, feelings and desires. You find all the true events that occurred worldwide only beyond the level of – 274 Celsius. Am I understood in this?

History is an interminable process of acts. Acts have no thoughts, no feelings, and no desires. The persons who carry out these acts do have indeed thoughts, feelings and desires; but these are their mistakes and their sins, and their reason of failure. Do not add your mistake to theirs!

Narmer appears indeed as a mighty warrior and a determined fighter leading an early, miniscule army to battles. At those times, there were almost no armies and no battles. With so limited numbers of ‘soldiers’ (the term is even improper; these were rural laborers, who only paused their daily work for few days or weeks in order to participate in the skirmishes or the expeditions needed), you understand that those military bodies were embryonic.

As a warrior and fighter, Narmer has little chance to possibly be the powerful figure that you imagine and you attempt to venerate. In rare cases, kings and emperors led their armies, engaging in front battles, and when back in their capitals, they acted as high priests, spent time in their libraries, and were versed in spiritual exercises, intellectual endeavors, and academic – educational affairs. This combination of diverse activities is not impossible, but these emperors were truly very few, and they seem to have been common only in the civilizations peak. But Narmer was not a Thutmose III, a Ramses III or a Psamtik (Psammetichus)!

Materialist or senseless Orientalists interpret the emergence of the early states and the appearance of the first armies as mere responses to the material and the economic needs of the inhabitants of a certain land. Little do these Orientalists care about the spiritual and intellectual, cultural and religious concerns, activities and convictions of those people!

There is an undisputed reality; a battle and a war denote the existence of a certain problem, namely that of weakness and impotency. Otherwise, Narmer and his successors could solve their problems, utilizing their spiritual force and avoiding wars and fights. Worse, even his high priests and hierophants could not achieve something in this direction, and they wanted him to fight and engage in battles.

It is true that, across three millennia of Ancient Egyptian History, sometimes few Pharaohs used their spiritual resources against enemies whose material / physical strength was not a match for the spiritual force of the Egyptian high priests. Ramses III and his terrible land and sea battles against the Sea Peoples were an example at the very crepuscule of the Egyptian spiritual might.

During the battle, they called upon their spiritual force and duly expressed it, thus causing immediate disarray in the enemy lines. The Annals of Ramses III, sculpted on the walls of his mortuary temple at Medinet Habu (Western Thebes, Luxor) bear witness to this fact. But the spiritual power of the early times had gone.


Medinet Habu – Mortuary temple of Ramses III

We don’t have similar textual references, when it comes to the various skirmishes of the early dynasties’ ‘armies’ and to all the battles during the entire period of the Old Egyptian Kingdom.

On the other hand, as a pharaoh, Narmer must have had the complete series of five names that each pharaoh was invested with since the day of his coronation. We don’t have full five names for all the early pharaohs, but the prevailing sense of continuity and traditionalism makes us believe that Narmer too must have had five, divine and royal, names.

This suggests automatically that he was also viewed as living Horus when alive in the material world and as living Osiris when in the Nether World. The divinity of the Egyptian Pharaoh was the undisputed cornerstone of the Egyptian royalty for millennia. Contrarily, the Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Hittite and Elamite kings or Emperors were humans blessed by the Divine Powers, elected by God or Sons of God, but never Gods.


19. Royal Ideology – determined by the Heliopolitan priesthood

With every Pharaoh recapitulating the Heliopolitan dogma (of which Osiris and Horus were two of its foremost elements), we realize that the Egyptian royal ideology was always controlled by the Heliopolitan priests. But how early was Heliopolis (Iwnw in Ancient Egyptian) instituted as a venerated center that shaped part of the local History?


Heliopolitan Ennead

Did it exist at the times of Narmer in the form which made it known in the 2nd half of the 3rd and during the 2nd millennium? We don’t know. If not, where was located its predecessor and earlier form?



Was it Henen Nesut? Possibly. Its name means the House of the Royal Child, and this represents already an element of the Heliopolitan theology, as Horus was at times viewed as Hor pa hered, which became more widely known after its deformation to Harpocrates in Ancient Greek.

When the Greeks visited Egypt and heard the local stories, they called Henen Nesut Heracleopolis (i.e. the City of Hercules), which illuminates the divine nature of the location that was inhabited already before Narmer.

Was it Nekhen that the Greeks called Hierakon polis (‘the city of the hawks’) and which evidently existed for centuries before Narmer?


Hermupolitan Ogdoad

Was then the Heliopolitan royal ideology of Narmer in total disagreement or relative compromise with the theological system of the Memphitic priesthood that most probably invented the Hieroglyphics?


20. Egypt was never unified; it existed for millennia as ‘Tawy’ – the Two Lands

And was the federation of the two lands (Upper and Lower Egypt) by Narmer a necessity, a compromise or a victory for some and a defeat for others?


Ptah – main god of the Memphitic priesthood

I use the term ‘federation’, because this modern political practice better corresponds to what the royal practice was in Egypt during three millennia; the two countries never became one and they remained always two. There were never one Ancient Egyptian flag, one Ancient Egyptian emblem, and one Ancient Egyptian crown for the Pharaoh: there were two flags, two emblems and two crowns.


Theban trinity

But why the federation was launched we may never understand. Was it ‘good’ (positive) or ‘bad’ (negative)?

And how different was Narmer’s federal kingdom from the earlier smaller kingdoms at the level of royal ideology, spiritual leadership, and cultural background?

Were all of those small kingdoms before Narmer ruled under the earliest form of the Heliopolitan royal ideology or only some (or one) of them? This is difficult to answer.

Set speared Apep.jpg

Seth fights in favor of Horus and against Apophis.

There are several Ancient Egyptian stories that relate to the pre-dynastic period. But modern historians, after rejecting their own preferences and concepts, values and principles, world perception and background, must also reject those of the Ancient Egyptian scribes and of their mentors, namely of all those involved in the composition of these narratives. This must happen because they too projected their own preferences and concepts, values and principles, world perception and background onto the pre-dynastic period that antedated them by 200-400 years; they viewed in it not its pure reality but what they wanted to view, thus disfiguring and altering the true conditions of life that prevailed in that early and unknown period.

Only then, we will have a clearer understanding and an accurate evaluation of Narmer, his exploits, and his times. It was surely not an easy time.

3rd millennium BCE Egyptians used to see the times before Narmer as a chaotic period. But what does this really mean?

Most probably nothing. We know that there were strives, skirmishes and wars at the times of Narmer and his successors, and certainly in later periods, the wars only increased in number. So, shall we conclude that those periods were also times of chaos?

How objective can one be when he considers the lesser chaos as ‘worse’ than an extended and generalized chaos? It makes no sense.

All accounts made, anytime anywhere any Ancient Egyptian scribe, priest or high priest was the product of his times. All of them were subjective enough to project their mindset, values and interests onto earlier times, when describing them in rather short stories; and the same attitude continued unaltered down to our times. Those scribes and priests are therefore untrustworthy, like all the posterior historiographers, who repeated the early historians’ attitude. In fact, what we can find as reason for their attitude is an effort to ‘justify’ and to ‘beautify’ their own fall. In other words, they were confused enough not to see their fall as proper fall, but as an advancement and a progress.


Temple of Wadi es Sebua – Ramses II offers to Theban trinity

And because they failed to accept that the earlier society without a king, and more particularly without a divine king, was better, they brought incessant disasters to themselves and their societies got disintegrated only for others to come to the forefront, but always at a lower level; and the age of the assured reciprocal and total nuclear annihilation is the very bottom of the entire process.

So, the proper response to your question “and what drew Narmer to say it is time to unite the two lands and take on the Scorpion King for Kingship?” is that Narmer was probably instructed to do so by the high priests of the temple where he belonged. Those high priests were in conflict with those who controlled other smaller states alongside the Nile; they therefore assumed that by controlling the lands of their opponents, they would prevail.

This is a very perilous assumption, for many times across History the winners at the military and material level became the prisoners of the spiritual choices advanced by their opponents. So, the early Heliopolitan priesthood, by using Narmer as a tool, prevailed over the early Memphitic clergy only to be subsequently held captive by the evil founding fathers of the Hieroglyphic Writing and of the Camp of Idols.


Temple of Derr – Ramses II under the auspices of the Holy Tree offers to Ptah

Three millennia of Spiritual Captivity and Decadence is the only pertinent, yet brief, conclusion about Egypt’s real history.

The above are only few thoughts about the existing circles of interests and fields of exploration concerning the times of your beloved Narmer.

I terminate my response here, leaving your last two important questions (I want to learn where did they draw upon knowledge from? / Did the Stars play a role in his decisions?) for another time.

Best regards,



Philae Island – Aswan, Temple of Isis

Download the text in Pdf

The Yet Untold Truth of Ancient Egypt P


About the Islamic Veil and the related False Dilemma & World Deception

From my last year’s correspondence with a London-based African Muslim Lady



I – About today’s Fake World

II – About today’s Prevailing Materialism and Total Lack of Spirituality

III – About the Global, Full, Deception

IV – About the Islamic Veil (Hejab)

V – About today’s desecrated, fake mosques

VI – Reminiscences from the war front between Iran and Iraq


Dear XXXX,

This letter will displease you – greatly! 

You may even consider me as a brutal and heartless person; and perhaps I am to some extent.

But if don’t tell you what I intend to, I will certainly be held as liar by God.

So, I definitely prefer that you view me as a heartless and brutal person than Allah holds me responsible for deliberately concealing reality and truth from you. 

The critical part comes at the end, but before that I will answer to your email.

Воскресенье, 10 апреля 2016, 22:03 +02:00 от xxxxxxx


Dear Prof S


Your Somali friend is right about it being on social media. It was sent bymy sibling who was sent the video (not link) via Facebook.


I – About today’s Fake World


I am afraid that, in a society mainly characterized by an extraordinary imposition of total deception and delusion, you have to be extremely attentive in order to avoid falling into the numerous traps that Freemasons and Zionists incessantly set up for the rest of the world and for one another – so, some of these traps are very sophisticated, because they are addressed against people who know the reality of the world 1000000 times better than you and others do.  

There is another show discussing this issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIhTtbqkMNM

My goodness! This is a YT channel that does not show the number of its subscribers – probably because they are few. If you even check the views received on all of the channel’s views, you realize that they are between 2 and 3 million – only! This is next to nothing in the world of YT.


To give you an idea, my friend, who uploads many of many articles as videos (www.youtube.com/user/peiraiotis56) is a single person, not an entire community, and he is at the level of 5.3 million!

So, when you have this sort of YT channels set up by communities of Somalis, Oromos, Baluch, and any other, you have corruption. If someone pays US$ 50000 to any of them, asking for intriguing compromises that will not be easily discerned by many, they will cash the filthy, cursed money immediately.

Do not be criminally naive to believe that others are as good as you are or that they have a label “crook” on their front.

You only daydream and you do so self-calamitously, if you think that people, who suffered, lost their property, saw their relatives dead, and were persecuted, have still the strength to say ‘no’ to some little money, which is enough to buy them and thus turn them from ‘good’ to ‘evil’ – particularly if they live in the West and specifically in the US, the world’s most execrable materialistic tyranny.

The outright majority of all the Somalis, the Oromos, the Ogadenis and all the rest are bought up in profane manner and very often without them even understanding it. Things happen at times in a very subtle and concealed manner; the bribe is not always addressed to the concerned person but to wives, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, friends or associates. They do the rest of the job. So, to imagine that there is a difference in evilness between George Soros and one of the aforementioned is either a tragic mistake or mental self-amputation. 


Unfortunately, the Somalis love to view political speeches of worthless people than look into real issues.

No, this is common to all. In a so-called ‘global’ society (the term is very fallacious by the way), all are affected. Except the privileged few who have the courage to incessantly and indiscriminately reject whatever comes from today’s world.

And this is the cataclysmic difference:
– any Somali in Minnesota belongs to ‘today’s world’, and
– any Somali in a remote village in Somalia, a person whose house has no electricity and whose family has no money, does NOT belong to ‘today’s world’ – but most probably he/she does not understand this reality, because to him/her ‘today’s world’ is virtually unknown.

I have attached the translation.

Thank you for your effort! 

Estakhfor Allah! You are an adult! You could understand the language; there are explicit indications of forgery. I will reveal them separately. You could understand them. 

You are right worse things are happening. My sister in law told me of poor people in Egypt who are taken off the street and falsely treated well (e.g. given bath, new clothes etc. and then taken somewhere to be harvested for their organs). Of course, we have also discussed the atrocities carried out by the Freemasons.

Yes, but I see that this was not enough.


II – About today’s Prevailing Materialism and Total Lack of Spirituality

The Somali community knows about this issue, since it has been discussed and rumored for many years. I think I mentioned a friend of my father who is now an old man, who finally disclosed to my father that on his voyage to the UK women were raped in front of him in Libya and he could do nothing. This was at the time of Qaddafi – imagine it must be 200% worse now.

With this and with all the aforementioned, you still fail to understand what the truly “worse things” (that have been and are still being carried out in this world) are.

As a matter of fact, your thought, mind, reactions, mindset, and attitude reveal – quite unfortunately – a consummate materialist whose concerns are limited within the material realm and focused on whether this person was unjustly slaughtered, the other person was secretively raped, the third person was illegally sold as slave, and another person was gravely injured and thus submitted to extreme (material) pain.

In whatever comes to your mind, there is nothing called ‘soul’, nothing related to the Spiritual Universe, nothing pertaining to the origin and the center of our existence – the Spiritual Order. Any person, who proceeds in your manner, successfully manages to keep him/herself far from the real essence of the problem; then, magnifying secondary aspects, that person fails to understand the origin of the problem and thus automatically becomes part of the problem. This tells me that, when the problem will be resolved, this person will vanish in the eternal fire that transforms the Being into the Non-being.

The foremost atrocity undertaken against the Mankind of our times is the disconnection of the material part of every human (i.e. the body and the mind) from his/her spiritual part, e.g. a tragic event due to which the complete fall of the mankind has been achieved in a way that today we are able to identify it with textual references to the world of Al Yom al Ahar (the End Times).

The persons, who were raped, tortured, amputated, killed and dishonored in any sense, had already been spiritually dead; before their exposure to the atrocities that so much fascinate you, they had been disconnected from their souls, they knew nothing about what their soul is, where it is, how it feels, what it does or can do, how they can reconnect with it, by what other spiritual beings their souls are surrounded, impacted, helped or endangered, what our destination in life is, to what extent our tasks and responsibilities hinge on our souls and on our re-connection with them, what other spiritual beings exist in the Spiritual Universe, how they are manifested in the material world, and – above all (which is what the filthy Satanic sheikhs of today’s cursed pseudo-Islam ignore) – what the price of our disconnection from our souls is.

This atrocity is zillions of times worse than the materialistic pictures and videos that you have provided me with and also zillions of times worse than your narratives about the execrable lives of unfortunate women, who happened to be relatives of any type to pseudo-Muslims whose character happens to be more barbaric than that of the wildest pig.

Not only the atrocity of the spiritual disconnection of the men is worse, more critical, more tragic, and more ominous than all the material atrocities of all times counted together, but it is the reason for them. In fact, it is the only real and irrevocable death of the humans. What you think as death, i.e. the separation of the soul from the body, is not death.

That’s why today’s soldiers fail to fight like the illustrious fighters who followed the Greatest African of the 19th and the 20th centuries, Mohammed Abdullah Hassan.

– Oh, if I were lucky enough to ride a horse, run behind him, and get engaged in one of his battles, even for only one minute, I would not need to live anymore in this world!

That’s why today’s politicians and statesmen fail to get the slightest portion of the magistrates and the officers who followed the Most Illustrious African of all times, Emperor Ahmed ibn Ibrahim in his epic battles against the Satanic Abyssinian cholera. No one can achieve today to emit from his face the light that dispersed the incestuous and evil Amhara and brought the armies of Somalia up to the sources of the Nile. Those were the fighters, who fearlessly crossed the most abominable and cursed part of the surface of the Earth, an arid and mountainous land that afflicts with evilness anyone who happens to cross or live in it – a territory that Allah will eliminate soon from the surface of the Earth and will return it to its place, i.e. the Nether World.

– Oh, if I were lucky enough to ride a horse, run behind him, and get engaged in one of his battles, even for only one second, this would be the greatest favor I can ask God.

Your thoughts, concerns and endeavors, as long as they are materialistic of purpose, have unfortunately only one result: they turn you into a part of the problem – a morally conscious part of the problem, but still part of the problem.

Yours is also a grave ignorance of the History of the Mankind. Similar situations (with the atrocities attested in the documents that you sent me) existed in many places and most of the times. Freemasons, Jesuits and Zionists used – for a period covering many millennia – to customarily kill children, women and men in ritualistic ceremonies offered in honor of fake deities that were all personifications of Satan.

Useless to add that they also used the organs of their victims and sacrifices in their ritualistic ceremonies! Only today’s ignorance and barbarism drives people into total darkness; an Ancient Egyptian and an Ancient Somali before 3500 years knew very well the different types of use – either blessed and positive or cursed and negative – that each organ of the human body can have. Similar details are abundant in the supreme texts of the Golden Era of Islam.


These texts are far more important than the currently useless Quran and the presently worthless Hadith that you cannot understand – except in the light of the texts that I insinuate and which you never read, because you don’t know. Yet, these texts are unknown to the uneducated, illiterate, trashy sheikhs and imams of today’s Islam. So barbaric, idiotic and pathetic they are that, if they come to know about these texts, they will immediately attempt to discredit them, because they will feel the danger that these leading texts of Supreme Human Wisdom herald a) their most demanded death and b) the disastrous end of today’s religious prostitution that is called ‘Islam’.

Only today’s worthless Mankind that cares about football, dance, night life, cars, races, sports in stadiums, free time in malls, sex, porno-videos, cinemas, expensive clothes, electrical appliances, luxurious properties, advanced technology in gadgets and mobiles, lavish vacations, etc. does not know that in Ancient Egypt, when they carried out the mummification process – and this was the matter for every deceased person -, they removed the organs, they did not throw them away, but separately placed them inside differently prepared vases that are called by today’s Egyptologists canopic vases.

Read now this basic reference https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canopic_jar

Look at what the Ancient Egyptians (and the Ancient Sudanese – and I have reason to believe that also the Ancient Somalis) did, while scrupulously working to complete a mummification process! In fact, the human body is the Supreme Architecture delivered by Allah. In and by itself, it constitutes a miniature of the Universe.

Of course, if one is stupid enough (like most of today’s fake Muslims) to believe that Einstein was an intelligent and well-educated professor (and not a vicious gangster, a repugnant criminal, and a filthy, profane liar aiming at besotting you personally and everyone else as well) or to think that the Earth is a Globe that revolves around the Sun, one will never achieve to get a small portion of the magnificence of the Ancient Intellect, which was far closer to the Eternal Truth than the decayed world in which you find yourself.


The article that your friend sent is also very revealing of the dire situation of all illegal African immigrants. It is ridiculous that they escape to Europe when the wealth of the world is dependent on the natural resources of Africa which has every precious gem and material on earth.

Very right indeed! I am glad to notice that you identified this critical point. It is quite telling.


III – About the Global, Full, Deception

You know I have nieces, and the video really upset me since under different circumstances that could easily have been us which reminds us of our responsibility to end this practice. 


Of course, we are human and feel sorrow for those who have been persecuted or abused, but Allah also granted us intellect, and we must think properly, correctly and creatively, and thus avoid being deceived.


You know, I have not finished the e-book you sent me a long while ago on ritual abuse. I know I must read it but I am not spiritually strong to go through it yet and I am concerned I will have many nightmares for quite some time.


Of course, you have to read Frabato, and complete the reading. Give it a priority! Later, I will suggest you further readings from Franz Bardon. 

I will read the descriptions of Egypt articles you sent me tomorrow. I read your articles (via the update you provided on your work uploading all those documents and videos). The one on the Brussels bombing was very precise and to the point and underscored the key elements of the issues we face. Of course, there is more detail, but for an absolute beginner the areas to focus on were very clear (1) Hanbal, (2) Taimiyah and (3) Abdulwahab and (4) introversion and (5) reductionism.


In all three cases of names, please do not forget the word ‘ibn’ before the names that you mention. Without it, the names are wrong, although most Muslims will understand you.


You know my sister told me of a Somali girl who appeared on Somali TV without a hijab, who was discussing the real problem of young Somalis being lured into gangs in Toronto. The comments focused on her not wearing a hijab rather than the real issue affecting he children of the people posting those ignorant comments.


Pathetic! In all cases, contents matter more than form! Typical case of reductionism – which is a most evil and inhuman ideology and behavioral system!

If a woman is raised to a level of respectability and nobility, hijab is meaningless.

This said, I must add that the issue is risky, because there are many traps in it; however, the traps are not inherent to the subject, but due to the external involvement and the unprecedented maneuvering and manipulation that took place in this regard.


In fact, the outright majority of those men, who demand of a woman today to wear hejab, are filthy criminal gangsters, infidel trash, ignorant and uneducated idiots, e.g. all those who bring forth the total destruction of Islam in a precipitated rhythm.

As I told you, the effectiveness of today’s world deception hinges mostly on the establishment of false debates or false dilemmas in every single case and issue. You must always have this in mind. It is the indispensable, structurally Satanic, element of the Zionist, Jesuit and Freemasonic lies and propaganda. 


Why is it ‘structurally Satanic’? Because Satan’s rebellion against God, as documented in any major literature and religion, particularly the ancient Oriental religions of the world’s greatest civilizations, was in itself a ‘false dilemma’! Of course, it was a dilemma first presented to himself and then to the spiritual hierarchies that he drew to precipitated fall. Useless to add that a false dilemma is the most sophisticated manner of rejection of Truth!

If the dilemma is ‘A or B’, and A is truly A and B is truly B, then those setting the dilemma in front you (Jesuits, Freemasons, Zionists, etc.) will have only a small chance to draw to their side the majority and to thus achieve their goal as per this subject / issue. If they manage to get it done in one case, it will take them too long and it will consume too much of energy. Last, it will not be sure that it will be achieved in the next subject / issue.

If now the dilemma is ‘A or B’, and A is truly A but B is misrepresented and, although you consider / see it as B, in reality it is -B or C, the chances of the deceivers to get it done (and cheat you) are stronger, because this is in real terms a confusion and not a dilemma. Nonetheless, with this situation, we have not yet reached the level of ‘false dilemma’ properly speaking.

However, if the dilemma is ‘A or B’, and A is in reality -A or Z and B is in reality -B or Y, then you most probably are lost and the deceivers will easily achieve their goal. This is now called ‘full deception’ (an accomplished false dilemma) and to oppose this, you need exceptional intellect, vast knowledge, moral integrity, and spiritual intuition. Few exceptional persons can outmaneuver this fabrication.


This is the nature of our world in almost every issue. 


IV – About the Islamic Veil (Hejab)

Back to hejab now! Ancient Assyrian and Egyptian, Sumerian and Hittite, Phoenician, Aramaean and Hebrew, Iranian, Greek, Indian, Chinese and Roman women wore either always or under different social circumstances various types of hejab. In pre-Biblical Antiquity, we know that the use of hejab was more widely spread in collapsed societies whereby pan-sexualism and pan-sexuality, immorality and perversion, corruption and materialism had already increased tremendously.


In later ages, Christian women wore hejab; Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian women did so too.

My grandmothers were both Christian Orthodox and they both wore forms of traditional Christian hejab covering most of their hair. This occurred as recently as the 1930s and the 1960s. To their viewpoint, an uncovered woman wearing a bathing suit and exposing her mostly uncovered body to the general public in the coasts and the beaches was certainly a ‘prostitute’ – perhaps not a professional prostitute but a viciously immoral trash.


Back in the 1950s and 1960s, perfidious distortions and pathetic lies were already systematically propagated without anyone opposing them; swimming would supposedly be very good for the health, sunbath would eventually guarantee longevity, etc., etc., etc. All these silly and nonsensical activities, which had never before been practiced within the context of any civilization, are cancerogenic indeed, and – which is even worse – absolutely calamitous for the spiritual and the physical health of the human being.


Then, the Christian Church was already corrupted from inside, having been infiltrated by Freemasons and Zionists (though to lesser extent than now), and only few marginal priests, who were low in the hierarchy, dared to oppose the scheme. As you can easily guess, they were easily discredited by the monstrous and criminal forgers.

As a matter of fact, only modernism crushed the Christian hejab, and this ominous development was quite recent.

Look now! Up to a certain point, the colonies (Egypt, Somalia, India, Cambodia, etc.) followed the colonial metropolises. This was very evident in the 1960s. Independent Somalia meant also uncovered women – not because there was a sociopolitical movement and activists promoting this policy, but because gradually under the Italians, the French and the English, the Somali society advanced on the path of early modernism.

And here comes the ominous false dilemma – on this subject.

Of course, the rejection the Christian (and Jewish) hejab in the West was not a one-step / one-stage movement. As a matter of fact, this rejection did not consist in an innocent concept. At the time, it was certainly marketed as a symbol of carefree life, as an acquisition of postwar peace and freedom, and as an indication of aesthetic concern; but you have to view all this literature as a sophisticated marketing campaign whereby the most atrocious was smoothly, gradually and systematically presented as quasi-divine.


From the moment of making the first step in the effort to remove the Christian hejab until the time one woman appeared ‘topless’ in the beach and nudist beaches started being organized in Freemasonry-/Zionism-controlled tyrannies of the West, many decades have passed. For the same scope, every few years, another immoral, paranoid, and worthless ‘innovation’ was being heralded; and everything was planned carefully and from the beginning, long before being executed in a multileveled effort involving art (cinema, TV, video, music), mass media, and other tools of corruption. The end target was what you see now in the West and what you will see in ten years’ time: profanation of the human body, pan-sexism, homosexual marriages, pedophilia, and incest. This is the first part of the false dilemma. Unveiled woman is here finally a consummate prostitute.

The second part of the false dilemma is the internal development that took place in the fake Muslim societies over the past five – six decades; if the Freemasons and the Zionists wanted it, the same evolution would take place in all the Muslim countries. But for different reasons, Freemasons and Zionists did not want it so. Consequently, they started promoting other situations and supporting different developments. By agreeing that civilized Egyptians, Sudanese, Somalis and other African Muslims go to the Hell of Satanic Arabia to …. “study Islam” (which was tantamount to an abomination), the evil colonial powers ensured that

 a) every remnant of civilization gradually but steadfastly disappears from every Muslim country and

 b) every remnant of Islamic faith gets progressively replaced by the filthy, Satanic theology which was prevailing in Saudi Arabia, i.e. the anti-Islamic, evil and inhuman pseudo-theories of Ibn Hanbal, Ibn Taimiya, and Ibn Abulwahhab.


At the same time, and for many successive decades, systematically the Freemasons, the Zionists, the Americans, the Europeans and others took great pain to show, through the world’s mass media that they controlled, a totally false image of the reality, misinterpreting the moderate political stance of Saudi Arabia, which however formed a tandem with the barbaric, backward, terrorist, extremist, radical and overall inhuman, religious education which was imposed across the Satanic realm in a most tyrannical manner and diffused to all the countries of Islam through the foreign ‘students’, who used to go to Barbaric, Satanic Arabia to get barbarized in the cruelest possible manner.


Like this, as second part of the false dilemma comes not the historical hejab (which existed often though not always across the Islamic World over the past 14 centuries), but the fake hejab of the successive reductionist evil dogmas of Ibn Hanbal – Ibn Taimiya – Abdulwahhab. This is, truly speaking, the anti-Islamic hejab of Barbarism, e.g. the foremost symbol of Women’s Slavery that the outright majority of the Satanic sheikhs, imams, muftis and qadis support.


For the imminent clash not to be averted, the vicious, Satanic Freemasons and Zionists deliberately accept as ‘Islamic’ the veil, whereas in reality

a) the veil has not been Islamic but Universal (it existed in almost all the ancient civilizations, as well as in the Hebrew Religion and in Christianity) and 

b) the veil never consisted in a rigid obligation of Muslim women – once (as I said in the beginning) a woman is raised to a level of respectability and nobility within the context of her civilized society.


And this is the truth of my words that the vicious mass media have always made a great effort to conceal; I will offer one example, but there are numerous.


Before exactly 179-178 years, the Scottish painter David Roberts traveled down the Nile up to the borders of Sudan and immortalized scenes of the places where he passed by. Here you can get general information about him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Roberts_(painter)

He went as far as Abu Simbel at a time the great temples of Ramses II and his wife Nefertari were not excavated, but were still sunk in the desert sand (as they had been during most of the Late Antiquity already). David Roberts left impressive drawings of the location. In addition, he depicted many Nubian men and women from diverse places south of Aswan and up to the Sudanese border (few kilometers beyond Abu Simbel), i.e. Qertassi (Kardasy), Korti, Wadi as Sebua, etc.  


Nubian women at Korti – by David Roberts. 1838-1839

Wady Kardassy.jpg

Nubian men and women at Qertassy (Kardassy) – by David Roberts. 1838-1839


Abyssinian slaves at Korti – by David Roberts. 1838-1839


Dancing girls in Cairo – by David Roberts. 1838-1839

See for yourself how much ‘uncovered’ or how much ‘covered’ these decent, moral, innocent, clean and impeccable Nubian women were. They were living far from the Satanic sheikhs of Wahhabism, and – thank God! – the filthy, villainous and inhuman teachings of the vicious heretics Ibn Hanbal and Ibn Taimiya had not yet reached their noble land.


To the Ottoman Caliphate, their region was a rather marginal circumference, and among the Nubians at the time, only a minimal impact was exercised by the vicious colonial slaves, i.e. the uneducated sheikhs of the worthless, fake Al Azhar mosque of 1840. The vicious, fake sheikhs of 1840 Al Azhar idiotically adjusted their trashy theology to the political orders of the time. They consciously served the villainous, dirty, criminal, anti-Islamic and anti-Egyptian needs of the profane, servile political class of vice-royal – khedival Egypt that was a Satanic tool of the Anglo-French Freemasonry and the Khazarian Zionists against the Ottoman Empire – Islamic Caliphate, and therefore against Islam in its entirety. The fake sheikhs of 1840 Al Azhar were at the very antipodes of the true, authentic sheikhs of the Ottoman times’ Al Azhar whom Napoleon’s puppet Muhammad Ali had earlier (in the early 1800s) executed in a monstrous crime that represents one of the darkest pages of Islamic History (which is of course concealed in most of the books by the Freemasonic-Zionist censorship).


Back now to David Roberts’ paintings! In fact, they never caused a doubt about their veracity – except for the case of his drawing of the sunset behind the Sphinx of Gizah, which has of course has artistic compromises. David Roberts’ great Nubian ladies of Qertassi, Korti and other locations did not indulge in materialism, consumerism, and liberalism. They were authentic humans and genuine Muslims, like millions of other African and Asiatic women of those days, who, living in hot climate zones, did not need to wear the silly, strict hejab of the barbaric and idiotic theologians, the likes of Ibn Taimiya and Ibn Abdulwahhab.


And this concludes the case of the nature, function, usefulness or uselessness of the Islamic veil.


The aforementioned is enough to demonstrate what a truthful Muslim woman must do today: it will however be a difficult task, but there is not going to be anything easy in our days.


Speaking to Westerners, a truthful Muslim woman today has to castigate – through acts and words – their present attitude, highlighting the fact that the Westerners dishonor their own ancestors and traditions. Only if the West returns to Christianity, the West will be saved.


Under no circumstances has the West to accept today’s filthy, trashy, evil, Satanic pseudo-Islam, which in reality is the other side of the Freemasonic-Zionist coin of our modern(-ist) times in the aforementioned evil dilemma.


Self-rectification is therefore needed for both, Christians and Muslims (when limiting the discussion to only these two religions). Their tasks are indeed parallel; the Christians must discover their lost Christianity and the Muslims must seek and find their lost Islam. The tasks are separate, so an immense program must be set up as to just how the entire Muslim populations of Europe will be gradually evacuated and relocated back to their respective countries of origin.


And then, addressing the Muslims, a truthful Muslim woman today has to castigate – through acts and words – their present attitude, underscoring the fact that their barbarism, ignorance, and materialism dishonor the Islamic Faith and Heritage because Ignorance in Islam is tantamount to Intellectual and Spiritual Prostitution.


Quite unfortunately, the undeniable truth is that today’s average Muslim woman’s lack of education, ignorance, insistence on ‘strict hejab’, and submissiveness to men of their societies (which is by itself an execrable sin), if compared to the great role played by Muslim women in the formation and the development of the Islamic Civilization, makes of the strict hejab a Satanic device and an excellent tool in rendering all Muslim women useless, worthless and evil. This ends up as a sheer promotion of homosexuality, pedophilia and incest within today’s fake Muslim societies of decayed Islam.


At the very practical level, this imposes on today’s truthful Muslim women a very difficult path; wearing a non-strict hejab, making their veil evidently lenient, offering an emollient outlook and a propitiatory appearance to the public, a Muslim woman must make today a remarkable achievement that hinges on Aesthetics, Morality, Intellect, and Intelligence.


In fact, there cannot be anything moral in Islam that is at the same time ugly. Ugliness is an expression of Evilness. And every strict hejab is utterly and disgustingly ugly. This attitude for a Muslim woman today is tantamount to standing on the blade’s edge. Unfortunately, this is the only free space left today, but it is the only indicated by the Truth and dictated by the Faith.


At this point, I have to also offer a practical example; it concerns a great and brave lady, a leading personality of the Islamic World that dwarfs the ignorant, uneducated, uncultured, and therefore useless sheikhs of Al Azhar, Mecca, Madina, Jerusalem, etc. She was a splendid stateswoman, who paid with her life her unique courage and her unshakable intention to firmly state the truth – and not the idiotically considered as politically correct lies of the execrable political microcosm of our days. She had the courage to say in public that Osama bin Laden was assassinated in the last months of 2001, and she said this quite early, when the world was inundated with fake videos prepared by the Mossad and the CIA that the idiots of this world – and all the profane, Satanic governments of the Muslim countries – believed for more than a decade!


This great lady offered a perfect example to all Muslim women and in general to all the women of the world: the assassinated Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto!


(Read the following article that I published in less than 48 hours after her assassination – the following link is a republication: https://www.academia.edu/24418253/Who_is_Responsible_for_Benazir_Bhuttos_Assassination_-_By_Prof._Muhammad_Shamsaddin_Megalommatis)


Certainly, today’s truthful Muslim women have to defend the perfect right of every Muslim woman who wants to be fully uncovered, warning her at the same time that materialism is inhuman and acceptance of Western modernity, technology, and consumerism is not only a sin for a Muslim but also a real spiritual death for any human.


On the other hand, today’s truthful Muslim women have to permanently reject the vicious, anti-Islamic and totally Satanic imposition of the totally un-Islamic strict veil, denounce as worthless and valueless trash the filthy, hypocritical prostitutes who wear it, and call for the formation of Civilized Islamic groups that will systematically fight and irrevocably demolish Saudi, Wahhabi and Hanbali Islam in the most determinant manner and with the rules that these groups will find best, rejecting all previously existing Sharia-related laws of any country as evidently inapt to face the Darkness and the Barbarism in today’s decayed, fake Islam.


A last point about the hejab: if you search for the textual references, you will automatically realize that the hejab is recommended strictly and exclusively to women with menstruation. An 8-year old child and a 53-year old woman (and all the older) must NOT wear any hejab at all. Those who wear it commit certainly a sin, because they are hypocrites and want to show to the others that they conform to the rule! That’s silly. Those who care about the opinion of the other members of the society are Satanists. One must care about ONLY the opinion of God concerning him-/herself.


Allah gave us a brain but if we do not want to use it that is a fault on our part. Too quick to judge, ignorant and proud and impoverished and divided and ill-willed!


Right! You have got it very right! Reductionism turns humans to primal, visceral animals.


This is the situation of the Somali community at least that I have seen in the UK.


It is general all over the world – an indication of irrevocable decadence.


Of course, you have those that act selfishly and, when I find such people, I hang on to them like precious rubies. If I volunteered and tried to help expecting thanks, I would be dead by now. More often I have faced envy from the people I have sought to help, and this is when I can sense the ill-will. 


“Why did this have to be me and not you”, “why do I have to beg you for help”: these are very key questions that can be read on their faces despite the expressions of gratitude.  


You are right; this attitude is due to lack of education and lack of culture or – to put it otherwise – because of the disintegration of the traditional culture of these people. Again, this is general.


I remember Allah, and how He has allowed me to focus on what is important, which is within my knowledge (principally fighting the social services to return the children, if the mother has done nothing wrong or to have them placed with a reliable relative / community member, so that they do not lose their identity and religion).


May Allah reward you for this work! –  ! جزاكم الله خيرا


You know, Prof S., it is difficult to stay positive, and then I remember our Prophet has informed us the only one, who should despair, is Satan.


This is a great truth, but people are usually weak in the time of distress; and this process quite unfortunately weakens them even more!


I am put off from going to the mosque now in order to avoid the hateful stares of the ignorant masses that know nothing about me and imagine themselves to be better because they wear an Abaya or Niqab, and I have chosen to wear trousers or jeans.


V – About today’s desecrated, fake mosques


You lose nothing! The reason for this is the fact that almost the quasi-totality of today’s mosques, particularly in major urban centers (be they in the West or in the Muslim countries), have turned out to be desecrated locations whereby the evilness of the fake worshippers invites all sorts of demons and evil spirits that disastrously impact on the souls of the fake Muslims. Those materialistic idiots gather there ignoring the fact that wherever egoism, arrogance, material interests, negation of the truth, hatred, jealousy, rage, concern for financial profit, and other similar attitudes are expressed, the location immediately becomes spiritually contaminated, being thus rendered completely worthless. A negative person brings always a plethora of negative spiritual beings with him/her.


The silly sheikhs and imams, who teach their unfortunate followers that you can pray next to a hateful and earlier enraged villain and still remain spiritually intact (!), are filthy liars and foremost Satanists, who work for the propagation of evilness within Islam. As per the materialistic, nonsensical and absurd beliefs of these false sheikhs, the humans are nothing more than pathetic robots whose prayers comprise of just some meaningless utterances and of few repetitive movements. Quite contrarily, we know that Allah did not create trashy robots, but thinking individuals able to ensure full communication between their soul and body.


These fake Muslims and criminal sheikhs must be assassinated on the spur of the moment; in any case, their spiritual punishment at the very bottom of the Hell is ferocious. This is due to the fact that, by calling Muslims to pray in desecrated, Satanic mosques, these Satanic sheikhs incessantly and massively perform spiritual assassinations. This is how the Evil spread across the Muslim World. Every mosque desecrated by fake believers, who are full of negative attitudes is a cursed location emanating negativity, demoniacal vibrations, and catastrophic electromagnetic waves that permeate the ignorant idiots, who frequent the ominous building and are thus turned to sinners and disbelievers.


I myself take great pain in finding mosques proper enough for praying. Compared to you, I have the great advantage that I live in a country which in the past belonged to Dar al Islam (this notion simply does not exist anymore), and I can therefore find old mosques that are not so much frequented by people today. There, you can feel the positive vibrations of great, faithful people who were spiritually alive and truly communicated with their souls, with the spiritual universe, and with God. In Cairo, I prefer Ibn Tulun Mosque, to cite an example. Equally positive are small mosques in poor, remote villages whereby the inhabitants are mere farmers with few material interests, with disregard for the money, and with distrust toward the evil, Western, modern technology and way of life. Distance from today’s urban centers is priority no 1 for any true Muslim and any true believer of any religion.


For you, who live in a city of a non-Muslim country whereby so much hatred and rage are expressed by the fake Muslims – all those who care only about material benefits and goods and have a total disregard for, and ignorance of, their souls – the best solution is to pray at home.


God forbid what they would do, if I was not wearing a hijab (probably attack and maul me). When I think of those hateful people, I think of reductionism.


You are right; reductionism is the supreme stage of Satanism, because it consists in direct negation of the Creation, and of the Universes (spiritual and material). When you don’t comprehend the Entire Universes, when you fail to realize the magnitude of forms of Faith, when you don’t primarily care about how you will manage to comprehend the Universes and their interconnection, and when you fail to see your entire life as an ongoing exam in Morality, Knowledge, Judgment, Discipline and Wisdom, you end up limiting your mind in few simple tasks, duties, thoughts and practices. This is a direct, aggressive insult of Allah – either you understand it or not. This is what most of today’s ignorant, faithless, fake Muslims do systematically with their daily lives. Their punishment will therefore be unprecedented.


In a mosque, a Muslim woman must wear a hejab – even in the way I described earlier. In this, their attitude is similar to that of Christian women, who also wore a veil inside a church in the past, which is still a tradition for queens and noble ladies today.


This sticks out to me, because eventually there is only compulsion, because you become intolerant of difference (everyone must look the same, move the same, breath the same, and eventually they must die the same).


You are right! There is no compulsion in religion (Al Baqara, 256) – Supreme Rule of Islam.


The situation that you describe is an explicit uniformism, which is an appendix to reductionism, while it also reflects the evil Western geological – cosmological theory of Uniformitarianism, which is a sheer postulation, and yet it is still accepted by all sorts of evolutionists. Yet, Abraham Gottlob Werner with his Neptunism was closer to the truth than his opponents, the Plutonists who were the early Uniformitarians.


Whatever goes to the direction that you denounce is sheer Satanism. The plurality of forms is inherent to Being, and the uniformity of forms is intrinsic to Non-Being. You need Mohyieldin Ibn Arabi to understand these concepts as elaborated within Islam.


I think, I told you my brother said he could not listen to a speech of a young woman I knew speaking about the plight of the Palestinians, because she was not wearing a hijab and yet he believes he is going closer to his ‘Deen’, because he goes to ‘Islamic’ lectures and classes.


!! You make me laugh at!!


I know, it will take some time, which is made difficult with my indoctrination through the British education system, but I want to be free in my thoughts, free and distant of such ignorant people, spiritually strong and connected with my heritage, and at the service of Allah to help do justice and alleviate the suffering of His Creation. This is what I focus on now, and I am truly grateful to you for your time and effort in assisting me.


Thank you! More distance you take from all forms of decayed thoughts and beliefs, farther all these pernicious forms of thought will look to you. You will finally see – so I hope at least – that between a) the modern English evolutionist education and b) the Wahhabi – Ibn Taimiya – Hanbali Islamist doctrines, which are taught in today’s fallacious, Satanic medresas, there is no difference. They both are in fact one doctrine and they both follow the same, archetypal opposition to Creation and to God as expressed by Satan.


But it will be only after many years and numerous efforts that you will finally reach the accurate understanding of the world and of the concealed reality. You will then realize quite well what is truly at stake in our days, i.e. an issue that goes back to the times before the Creation.


As always wishing you the best



However, your progress will be hindered, and serious obstacles will appear in your path, if you fail to control yourself and stay intact, phlegmatic and terribly cold in front of any possible atrocity that you may come across. This is not a joke! It is a very serious problem. And this is the point that I made at the very beginning of this long email, anticipating that it will displease you.


In front of any external, material adversity, it is imperative for any person aspiring to higher understanding, wisdom, intellectual potency, and spiritual forcefulness to withhold all of his / her feelings. Certainly, all humans have their moments of weakness and they would not be humans otherwise.


My previous sentence in itself offers you an opportunity of double reading; as a matter of fact, it also implies that non-humans do not have this sentimental weakness, and there are actually non-humans on this world – and not only among the elites.


If it takes you 50 years to put your feelings under iron mastership, you will have lost your life, the armies of Evil will have conquered the world, and you will be held responsible for being unable to contribute to a successful aversion of the danger.


VI – Reminiscences from the war front between Iran and Iraq


I was in your age, when I covered – as war front reporter and journalist – Iranian attacks against Iraq either against Sulaymaniyah (in the area of Iraqi ‘Kurdistan’) or in the invasion of Fao, across the river that the Iranians call Arvand and the Iraqis Shatt al Arab, which is formed by the merge of Euphrates (Al Furat) with Tigris (Dijleh / Dicle), thus becoming their common estuary in the Persian Gulf.


In the former expedition, we were inside Iraq within hours after the Iranian attack against the sizable Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah had taken place; we first flied to Sanandaj, and from there we proceeded to Baneh by helicopter – at times of absolute Iraqi supremacy in the skies! We had signed a paper for this in Tehran prior to the first flight, taking full personal responsibility for our integrity and life. From Baneh, we continued with military jeeps inside Iraqi territory.


We reached at a distance of 2 km (bird’s eye) from the Northeastern suburbs of Sulaymaniyah or – to put it otherwise – we were behind the mountain that surrounds the Sorani (‘Kurdish’) Iraqi city from the east. We were on the next mountain in the east (on the mountain’s western slopes), and there was a narrow valley between the two mountains. The Iraqis had withdrawn their forces and emptied the valley, but they were on the opposite mountain (on its eastern slopes), and they were in a position to watch our movements and shoot us, as we visited formerly Iraqi military outposts that Iranian soldiers had attacked and occupied earlier in the morning, let’s say five hours before our arrival. The attack was such that many Iraqi soldiers were killed, and as you can imagine, the dead bodies were not buried by the time we arrived.


Blood was spilled all over the place, and the spectacle of the corpses was far worse than the material that you sent me by email, due to explosions that caused the dismemberment of some of Iraqi soldiers’ bodies. Other soldiers were killed by just bullets. The overall sight was the Hell on Earth. We were few journalists; I don’t remember how many, but certainly less than 6 or 7; Iranian military officers were in charge of us. We had received early morning telephone calls at the very time of the attack, and those, who accepted the offer, had only half an hour to get ready, until a separate car would pick up each one of us to drive us to a military airport in Tehran from where we took off immediately. After one hour of flight (or even less), in Sanandaj airport, we walked only few meters from the airplane to the helicopter. It took another 20-25 minutes until we landed in Baneh, at the spot where the jeep drivers were awaiting us.


In the outposts with the dead bodies, next to me was the director of Tanjug (Yugoslavian News Agency), a very nice guy (named Zorz Crmaric) whose friendship I really miss, because we did not contact one another after the early 90s, when his country split in a most spectacular way (as you know), and I moved from Germany and Iran to Russia, Turkey and Egypt. When I was in Iran, he constantly invited me to his villa, because he needed my academic background in Iranology and, when I was speaking, he used to take notes ceaselessly. In addition, I had already traveled to far more places in Iran than he had (and not just major cities but remote villages and uninhabited mountains with archaeological sites off the beaten track), and I was a trustworthy source at the journalistic level as well. I was not Muslim at the time, but Iran was a land that brought me very close to Islam and I used to attend seminars conducted in Farsi by Ayatullah Alameh Yahya Noori, a pacifist and a humanist.  


As soon as my Serbian friend saw the dismembered corpses, he became pale and started trembling. I was exactly 30, because this story dates back in 1986. Zorz was slightly older than me, he was married, he had two children, and he was trembling like a 10-year old girl! I stopped working and taking pictures or notes, and instead of talking with the Iranian soldiers and officers in my elementary Farsi, I tried to support, strengthen and re-consolidate that poor guy. Soon two Iraqi military airplanes appeared shelling around us; we tried to hide behind the trunks of trees, so open that mountainous slope was. The two Iraqi military airplanes were shelling at a distance, and thank God they did not drop bombs! We were exactly underneath!! Finally, we returned by jeep to Sanandaj, in order to avoid the helicopter for security reasons, and late in the night, we flied back to Tehran safely.


The story left me with a conclusion: when you cannot avert the evildoing, you must have at least the courage to see it face to face, being frozen, calm and steadfast.


I never regretted for my conclusion. Now, it is not 1986 but 2016. The sun has set and the little light still left will soon disappear. Your attitude will only kill you and this can happen very soon. You have to train yourself as soon as possible in order to eliminate this weak side of character. You must force yourself to become courageous and resolute, able to face adversity, and capable to support others in adversity. This is your caliber; I would not say this to all the women whom I know, but I say it to you, because it suits your fundamental standards. You can be stronger than most of the men of this world, if you try. The predisposition is inside you, and this already means that you have to follow the path opened to you by Allah. You have been sent with a purpose here, and I am confident of what I am telling you now. Escaping from your role will not bring any recompense, believe me!


If you want my advice as to just how to overcome this weakness of your youth, I will say that you need to open the Wikipedia and start watching pictures of entries about serious contaminations and diseases. Some of them are so harmful that those affected would really be willing to take the position of the children of your pictures – wherever these pictures may have been taken.


If you want I can send you this terribly unpleasant material but, you know, you will have to study closely the awful pictures of people affected by bubonic plague, yellow fever, typhoid, and cholera to see what truly exists on this world.


If you fail in this, you only justify those fanatic Wahhabis saying that women are only for the kitchen. The choice is yours.


A last point! The most unpleasant one! You seem to daydream about this world, and this must take an irreversible end as soon as possible – for your sake alone. Have you thought for instance how wonderful it was for these little angels to be out of this murky, filthy and disgusting world and what service their killers offered them – without knowing it? Or is it that we only live here, at the material level, and there is nothing afterwards – as per the instructions of the Zionists?


I truly confess to you that, in just few years, most of the people in this world will envy the destiny of these young children-angels. Numerous will then find other persons’ tombs and will go to stand out and call them to get out so that the living ones go inside. Do never judge before the complete end of a story!


Far from all these fake Muslims, spiritually present more than ever, Prophet Muhammad prayed for these lucky souls, who had the privilege not to know the poisonous truth of our miserable lives. This is the reality.


Best regards,


Iranian Qajar dynasty Art Gallery (mainly 18th – 19th c.)

Qajar tile, Persia, 19th century.jpg

A Large Qajar tile, Persia, 19th century

Of rectangular form moulded and painted in under-glaze cobalt blue, pink, turquoise and brown, outlined in black with a prince and attendant on horseback visiting a courtesan, set amidst a leafy glade with fish pond and palace in the background, with a border of birds and floral scrolls
39.5 by 52cm.


Khusraw discovers Shirin bathing 








amorous couple.jpg






44a7dc1e7ca97a16814cf3007331f87c--t-shirt-art-iranian-art (1).jpg










How subtly Colonial Orientalists and Egyptologists promote the Evil Theory of Pan-Arabism

Excerpts from my correspondence with an ignorant Pan-Arabist Tunisian reader about Ancient Egypt, Punt (Somalia), and ‘Arabia’, a nonexistent land in the 3rd and 2nd millennia BCE


Many thanks dear Friend for your long email,

I’m from Sfax, and by chance I worked about Ramsenites a kind of stories widely spread in north africa. You are specialized also in old languages and I have a question about the representation in old egypt about Amoon sun-rise coming from the east Arabia? with smell of perfume and myrrh, is it true that rulers of old egypt were from yemen? So by the way what is the new traduction of this word in hieroglyphic (Cf. enclosed)

Amon commandant d'Arabie.png


The picture that you sent me shows how vicious the colonial, Egyptological – Orientalist academics of France can be; they write a fake translation to confuse the readers and the students, and in the footnotes they try to say indirectly the truth, but end up in other lies! It is hypocritical, inane, inhuman and Satanic.

There is no ‘Arabia’ in any hieroglyphic text of the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st millennium BCE; and there is no Arabia in the text that you provide me with. The footnote includes another wrong word, e.g. Orient, but the vicious and criminal French pseudo-scholar writes ‘Arabia’ and ‘Orient’ in order to avoid the bitter truth. The word written in Hieroglyphics is not Arabia and is not Orient. It is Punt, and Punt is today’s Somalia. Exemplary dishonesty and premeditated confusion! I keep the document to include it in a denunciation of the Western pseudo-scholarship! Great example of viciousness!

If you want to familiarize with Classical Egyptian, please download the Pdf and use it extensively; there may be few minor amendments but the concise and systematic work is unmatched.


If you want to personally crosscheck the word, go the second section of the dictionary (English / Classical Egyptian) and turn on page 658 (of the Pdf document)!



The first mention of Arabs goes back to the Annals of the Assyrian Emperors of the 9th c. BCE, Same for the Sabaean (Sheba) Yemenites, who are not Arabs, but clearly distinct from them. As a matter of fact, the northern part of the peninsula belonged to the Assyrians and the Babylonians; as ‘Yathribu’ was on the mountains, the last Babylonian kings (6th c. BCE) had their summer palace there.

You also mention other topics; frankincense and myrrh were imported from the Red Sea coast and Somalia (Punt). There was strong Egyptian presence in 2nd BCE Somalia and the Hatshepsut’s Expedition to Punt highlights the importance of that land, which was also called Ta Netsheru (Ta Netjer), i.e. ‘the land of God’.

Some translate Netsheru as Gods, and the grammatical form is truly plural; but it does not mean ‘gods’ (except for the Egyptian polytheists like Queen Hatshepsut herself whose Satanic Theban high priests were the first in the world to conceive the evil theory of Theogamy); Netsheru means ‘the divine powers’.

Last, the Egyptians as Hamites did not originate from Yemen. Of course, there is a time honored Ancient Egyptian tradition as per which the Egyptians originated from Northern Sudan and more specifically Karima, which was Napata, the capital of the Cushitic state. But I reject this; it is merely Theban, anti-Heliopolitan propaganda of the 2nd and 1st millennia BCE. You can’t find the idea earlier.


Many thanks for your mail,

The most important thing in your email is that in your point of view in old Egypt there was no geographic word for Arabia an eastern land at less than 200 km. Perhaps it can confort the hypothesis that actual Egypt and Arabia were the same land !



Second  Response

If you want, we can continue our conversation in French or Arabic (I am ashamed that my Berber is rudimentary) because I realize that to some extent you misread. I did not write that “in my point in Ancient Egypt (I never use the false term ‘Old Egypt’) there was no geographic word for Arabia”. I stated a fact. You cannot find any word in Hieroglyphic, Hieratic and early Demotic Egyptian about Arabia or Arabs. In late Demotic texts, you may find a few.

It seems that your ignorance of History matches your cluelessness in Geography! You make nonsensical considerations about distant lands. Basics in Historical Geography – which you also never studied – are enough for anyone to understand that people move to faraway places (like Somalia for 2nd millennium BCE Egypt), if there is an interest, whereas they don’t move to nearby places (like the arid, empty and useless mountains of Hejaz) when there is absolutely no interest.

As we know that the territory around Yathribu belonged successively to 1st millennium BCE Assyrians, Babylonians and Iranians, we realize that the Egyptians would have to make wars against greater powers in order to reach that land which for them was useless, whereas of the Asiatic empires it was merely an extra territory at their circumference. This covers the period 8th – 4th c. BCE.

As I told you, the first mention of tribes called ‘Aribi’ and known to be moving in Northern Hejaz dates back to the times of the Assyrian Emperor Shalmaneser III. At that time, there was no land called Arabia, and no text dating to those days or before mentions that name. It became later known as geographical term describing part of Hejaz, when those barbarians settled. Even Alexander the Great, who went as far as Siwah in the West, as far as Niwt / Thebes (Luxor) in the South, and as far as Central Asia and India in the East, did not give a damn to invade the useless, arid and cursed land of those barbarians.

Then the Ptolemies did not find any reason to act otherwise. In the Ptolemaic period, the geographical term by extension covered the entire peninsula but the northern part of the Hejaz belonged to the Aramaean Nabataean Kingdom of Rekem / Petra (down to the area which is today called Madain Saleh and whch was the great Aramaean Nabataean necropolis – nothing the contemporaneous Arab barbarians could ever build even in their wildest dream!), whereas from the whereabouts of Najran further to the South, Southeast, East, and Northeast were located the different Yemenite states, i.e. Qataban, Sheba (Sabaeans – not ‘Sabians’), Himyar, Awsan, Hadhramaut and Oman.

In the second half of the 1st c. CE, the famous text ‘Periplus of the Erythraean / Red Sea’ (at those days, ‘Red sea’ meant a) what we call now ‘Red Sea’, b) the Persian Gulf, and c) the entire Indian Ocean) describes extensively the chaotic and barbaric situation of central Hejaz (proper Arabia), offering warning to navigators and merchants to sail far from that cursed coast. You will find it translated and commented here:
Prof. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, Colonial Biases in Support of Barbaric Arabia, and Against Civilized Yemen

The above explains what was difficult for a non-specialist like you to grasp.

My Kenya-based Greek friend had long discussions with me about these topics, and came up with an interesting question; as soon as I answered and explained the point, he composed an excellent article about this issue. Here it is:
If Yemenis are Not Arab, why did the Romans call Yemen ‘Arabia Felix’?

As regards your last sentence, namely that Civilized Egypt, which has always been located in Africa, and Barbaric Arabia, which has always been Asia’s most worthless and useless spot, ‘were the same land’, I can guarantee to you that this is the world’s most ludicrous, most mendacious, and more Satanic sentence ever uttered, and I urge you to liberate yourself from this paranoia as soon as you can. Otherwise, from neuro-scientist you will turn to neuro-patient. It’s a pity!

This sort of distortions have been subtly diffused by Zionists among the idiotic, ignorant and uneducated masses of the colonial constructions in order to faster bring their dismemberment, destruction and ultimate elimination. As all these useless and fake countries were cut off the Ottoman Empire and created to prepare the elimination of their populations, their end comes now close. You surely need to go through the following:






En français:


Bien cordialement à vous,


In Ancient Egypt, at any given moment, there was never one Egyptian Religion

Excerpts from my correspondence with a Tunisian reader about the ‘Ancient Egyptian Religion’


Many thanks dear Friend for your long email,

I’m from Sfax, and by chance I worked about Ramsenites a kind of stories widely spread in north africa. You are specialized also in old languages and I have a question about the representation in old egypt about Amoon sun-rise coming from the east Arabia? with smell of perfume and myrrh, is it true that rulers of old egypt were from yemen? So by the way what is the new traduction of this word in hieroglyphic (Cf. enclosed)


You ask me about Ancient Egypt and Amun of Thebes.

I believe sometimes many Orientalists trying to do the best did the worst! And the result is that they confused the rest of the world.

So, I fully agree with Edward Said’s criticism and even I wrote about it.

I feel sorry that Egyptologists flooded the world with wrong terms, really! No bad intentions involved, but when someone is not attentive and watchful, misreading is caused with incalculable consequences. Very simple terms are very mistaken indeed. You say ‘Ancient Egyptian Religion’ (I don’t speak of you but in general): first mistake!!!!

Today, we distinguish Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.

In Ancient Egypt, at any given moment, there was never one Egyptian Religion.

Different priesthoods developed tremendously divergent interpretations of the Divine Order, the Spiritual Universe, the Creation, the Material Universe, and the human society; in doing so, they had contradictory world views, moral and spiritual principles, and narratives; they then conceptualized the reality in opposite manners.

Yes, there is one Egyptian Civilization, one Egyptian Culture, but many Egyptian religions; and by this of course I don’t mean Aten, Akhenaten and the Atonic Religion, but the systems that antedated Akhenaten for more than two millennia and which survived the Amarna revolution.



There were different religious (and imperial) capitals, opposite centers of spiritual-religious systems, and conflicting priests and followers.

It is very wrong to describe the totality of the Ancient Egyptian religions as polytheistic. There were several monotheistic systems for which there were no gods, but one God and many attributes of God. This is very different from what modern concise presentations of the Ancient Egyptian faiths state. And of course there were also polytheistic systems in Ancient Egypt, and there were constant clashes among the followers of the opposite systems. In those fights, all the monotheists sided together against all the polytheists, but this does not mean that there was just one monotheistic and one polytheistic systems; there were more.

Because of this, initiation rites helped all those priesthoods solidify and perpetuate themselves through the ages by hiring new adepts who would then become high priests, generals, land lords, prominent noblemen, top administrators, and pharaohs.

And by using a sophisticated language, which contained a vast field of semiotics, they set up systems of perception and understanding that were impressively and incredibly multilayered: these supreme spiritual and mental constructions that are unmatched by today’s top scientific disciplines, philosophies and ideologies were the original forms of the Ancient Myth.

Then, an agricultural laborer perceived one myth as x; but an initiated priest, scribe, general, administrator perceived the same myth (i.e. the same narrative) as x2; then a higher initiate perceived the same myth as x3; an even higher initiate as x4; a great mystic as x105; and the great high priest as x100.

The Heliopolitan system (Ennead) was a markedly monotheistic system in its origin and until the crepuscular times of the Egyptian civilization.


If one only studies the names of the divine aspects that are the elements of this system, one understands immediately that they were not conceived as ‘gods’; example: Osiris, Wser, meant ‘the Well Being’. Of course, it was cut to pieces by Satan, i.e. Seth; and it disappeared among men. This is exactly what the Bible and the Quran describe as our Forefathers’ expulsion from the Paradise. The Well Being is not anymore with us. But the Biblical and Quranic descriptions are lower, poorer and weaker.


Ignorant or devious scholars of our times insist that Hathor is a … goddess! How silly! This aspect of the Divine Order may well have been perceived as a ‘goddess’ in late times of the Egyptian civilization (such as the 1st millennium BCE), but in the original myth – which represents the absolutely truthful perception of the spiritual and the material reality – Hathor was not a goddess. How silly is it to consider as ‘goddess’ an entity whose name in Egyptian Hieroglyphics meant exactly “the House of Horus”?


The same concerns the Hermupolitan system (Ogdoad).


Contrarily, the Memphitic theology (around Ptah) was totally polytheistic.


And so was the Theban Trinity, which is the aboriginal Trinity in the History of the Mankind.


As I already said, there were many clashes among the various Ancient Egyptian systematic theologies; as the different religious – spiritual systems were structured with impenetrable temples, initiates, adepts and followers, the only chance to harm an opposite system was either to elaborate composite forms of the Divine (in order to acquire the credibility of another theological system’s element and in the process alter the original faith of the system in which the targeted element belonged), such as Amun Ra (of the Theban priesthood), or to attribute deviate characteristics or different, degraded perception to an element of the opposite priesthood’s system.

In this manner, and with the progressive rise of polytheism, the earlier aspects of the Divine ‘became’ gods for most – but all – of the Ancient Egyptians during Ancient Egypt’s later periods.

But at the very original stage, anthropomorphism and zoomorphism in the conception of the divine world related to the lower spiritual (or astral) sphere and had nothing to do with primitive tribes’ totems and polytheistic rituals, as materialist propagandists claim while impersonating professors and academicians to the detriment of the Mankind.


Only deep and extensive experience in the spiritual spheres can allow someone understand what it means – as example – that the Divine Aspect of Wisdom (i.e. the Wisdom of God) has to represented as a human’s body with an ibis’ head (like Djhawty – Thot). Material(istic) scholarship is genuinely incapacitated to understand – let alone explain – this theoretical approach, which originates entirely from spiritual spheres.


So, what you ask me about Amun Re is a later (dating back to the times of the New Empire at the middle of the 2nd millennium BCE), composite form and has no originality in the 3rd millennium. In its origin, Amun as a Theban polytheistic god has no relationship with solar ideologies. When the Theban priests composed the form Amun Re, they did it in order to set up an imperial ideology and doctrine, while at the same time isolating / alienating the Heliopolitan monotheistic priesthood from the imperial headquarters at all levels, spiritual, theological, administrative and local. During most of the 2nd half of the 2nd millennium BCE, Iwnw (Heliopolis) was a marginal and destitute religious center; however, it managed to keep polytheists at bay.

Amun Re certainly appropriated solar attributes of the Heliopolitan Ra, and was therefore said to rise in the Orient.


La Grèce entre l’Europe et le Tiers Monde

La Grèce entre l’Europe et le Tiers Monde

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Chams Ad-dın MEGALOMMATİS