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Qatar and UAE – Primary & Secondary Education for Idiotic, Ignorant and Uncultured Slaves

When your enemy praises you, you must certainly search and find where your mistake lies. This ages old wisdom applies now to the ridiculous and worthless education that fake countries like Qatar and the UAE offer to the unfortunate children that attend the local institutions.


These fake countries have been formed progressively when the colonial empires of England and France undertook the destruction of Islam and the dismemberment – dissolution of the great Islamic empires, e.g. the Ottoman Empire, Safavid / Qadjar Iran, and Mughal India.


Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, and Kuwait represent nothing but the corrupt, immoral, treacherous and evil attitude of local ignorant and impotent tribal thugs, who for the sake of little money betrayed the Ottoman Caliph, the Sultan at Istanbul, and accepted to become English protectorates one way or another during the 19th and early 20th centuries.


English diplomacy cheated the Ottoman administrations by asking them to accept these minor territorial issues in exchange with English support against Tsarist Russia, and like this the seceded territories survived until the Ottoman Caliphate collapsed.


In fact, these tribal dynasties, like every traitor of the Ottoman Empire, are also responsible for the rise of Islamic Extremism because this phenomenon is exclusively due to the dissolution of the Caliphate to which they contributed.


The primary scope of an educational system is to strengthen the national identity, the cultural integrity, the religious piety, and the linguistic – literary skills of the schoolchildren; however, this is deliberately prevented in the fake states of Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE where they attempt to turn the unfortunate schoolchildren into mere ‘Arabic speaking US Zionists’. How could they offer a national identity solidifying education in their institutions, since they are not nations in the first place?


These fake countries are not real, ‘ethnic nations’, and they will always be a shameful tool in the hands of their colonial masters. After they became ‘independent’ from England, these lawless realms of anti-Islamic ascendancy have been instrumentalized as per the most vicious needs of the worst enemies of the Islamic Civilization, Culture, Religion and Rule.


Instead of offering solid curricula on Islamic History, Art History, Literature and Sciences, the fake schools of Qatar familiarize children now with robots!


This is quite praiseworthy for a Zionist portal like Green Prophet!


Here is the alarming feature that should make all Muslims rethink several times about the legitimacy of many so-called Muslim countries that promote vicious materialistic concepts and technologies that reject not only Islam and all the other religions of the world, but the entire Humankind as we have known it.


Qatari students take on robots!




Elementary and middle school students from schools across Qatar recently tested their robotics know-how. The mock robot competition was held at the College of the North Atlantic Qatar (CNA-Q). Because science is a good thing!

Besides the social aspects of the event, the aim was to prepare the students for the National Robot Olympiad of Qatar, to be held October 24-25 of this year. The contest doesn’t stop there – finalists will advance to the World Robot Olympiad, which will be taking place this year in Sochi, Russia.

For months, students and teachers alike have been learning about robotics in a school initiative to boost STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, called Go Robot. Teachers were offered up to 30 hours of instruction in robotics programming and utilized that knowledge to train their students. Some 300 Qatari teachers have been trained, and about 200 student teams are now registered to compete in the national competition.

The young competitors surely have some impressive tricks up their sleeve at this stage of the game. They have reached proficiency in building and designing robots, and solving programming challenges. But true mastery will win them a ticket to the international competition.

At the National Robot Olympiad, students will undertake such tasks as “launching a spaceship, collecting space debris, fixing a solar panel array on a space station, and setting up a Mars colony.” They can even enter their robots into a football competition! More details about the specific contests can be found here, on the official website of the competition.

One information technology teacher from the Osama Bin Zaid school in Qatar remarked that he has noticed a greater interest in the sciences and mathematics ever since robotics was first introduced at his school. The growing participation of students in the national and worldwide robot olympiads year after year suggests that his students are not alone, as the contests and STEM education complement one another.

The countdown to Qatar’s National Robot Olympiad has begun! Let’s wish the students luck (Good luck!) at their techie craft. Who knows – some of these students may design the robots that most everyone will be entrusting their household chores to, in a few decades…

Image of students at the practice National Robot Olympiad from Gulf News.

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